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What Kind Of Family Do You Want?


- JEJUNG, how many children do you want in the future?

As for how many, I think it depends on the health of my wife. But I want a lot of them.

- That’s like JEJUNG’s own family. Because there are many people, everyday feels so fun?

It’s really fun. The fight might be a lot as well, but since there are many members in the family, when there's something happening, we can always rely on each other, we unite. It’s amazing when a family ties together like that.

- Certainly encouraging.

Yet to feed (T/N: take care) such a large group of people, I need to work hard. I don't want it to become a burden on my wife. If the health condition is not too good, three children only will still make a good fit.

- Mixed boys and girls?

Two girls as elders and the youngest one is a boy.

- Why?

It’s just cool to have a boy as the latest child.

- It’s so JEJUNG (eldest son, the youngest child of nine siblings)

No, no (laughs)

- But if the boy turns out to be someone like you, it will be a right thing!

No no (laughs). Not to be someone like me, it’s still good too. But if he looks like my wife, then it will be great.

- So your wife has to be someone who is beautiful.

The more important thing is not the looks, but the beauty of her heart.

- What will you say if your kids want to be like their Dad?

If my children seriously want to sing, then I wont be against them. But I won’t force them to be. My priority is I want to support them more than anything else.

Source: Pati-Pati August issue
Credit: [email protected]
Trans: [email protected]
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