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Posted 7/11/09 , edited 7/11/09

This is a place where we can introduce ourselves to the group, & share what our fav kinds of funny photos & stuff are! If u like other things that make u laugh, please tell us what they are!
(we're laughing WITH u, not AT u, we promise!!)
Posted 7/11/09 , edited 7/11/09

Hello!! I'm Adriani, & I laugh at all kinds of things!
I have to laugh at myself a lot, cuz I'm a dork & a klutz. One time at work, I dropped an empty box, then tripped & almost fell over boss was laughing for a week!! (of course he was there to see it...>.<)
At another job, I went to a backroom door. The boss' Dad told me it was UNLOCKED, so I went to open it and walk thru.....but it WAS instead of walking thru, I walked into the door, hard, face first!! (& I bounced off, too....) I've never seen that old man laugh so hard.....

Like I said, I like all sorts of funny stuff, but I'm sorta famous (at CR) for collecting LOL cat pix...they're so funny!

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