Post Reply What have you all been up to?!~
Posted 7/11/09 , edited 7/11/09
Haha. This group hasnt been as active or well hasnt been active at all for the past yearXP Or well ever since school has begun!
But right now we are half way through the summer already! Or at least where I live. I havent been able to come on CR for quite a while and that was because of school and my personal lifeXP <--*cough* I have no life! *ahem*
as I was saying.. since we all havent really been active I just wanna say how is everyone? And what have you been up to? Anything new you would like to share?:D

I dont know if much people will come back to this group and read this but hey I just wanted to post it!^^

(My comp died on me and I had to delete everything on my compT^T so sad:P)
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