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Posted 7/11/09 , edited 7/12/09

Raymond Lam as spokesperson for Alicafe attended the promotion activity and autograph session in Kuala Lumpur (KL) 2 days ago. He will visit Penang, Ipoh and Singapore later on for his promotion activity. While he was in KL, he attracted over thousand people who wanted to see him and the scene was described as chaotic. Raymond was planning to sign 3 hundred names, but the fans were pushing forwards and backwards, nearly causing an accident, he had to stop the session.

Raymond was very worried about the safety of his fans. He urged them to keep calm so that he could continue. Raymond told reporter afterwards that he was worried that accident might happen, but he was very happy to see his fans hospitality. This is his 4th visits to KL, the local TV station is showing "Moonlight Resonance", that makes his fans even more excited to see him. When he had his "Let's get wet" concert in Hong Kong earlier on, the local fans asked when is he having another concert? Raymond said he is hoping to have one in KL.

During the activity, Raymond picked 5 lucky winners among his fans. They all have his signed autograph as a prize. Raymond disclosed he gets good fees for being a spokesperson for Alicafe. He was given a few boxes of coffee by the commercial company. When he was leaving the event, a lot of fans wanted to shake hands with him. Raymond didn't want to cause any chaotic scene again, he only smiled and waved at them. Somehow he was hit on the head on his way out, although he said it didn't hurt, he felt it was a bit sudden. A mainland fan who suffers from cancer recorded a message to encourage Raymond. The fan asked his Malaysian friend to give it to Raymond. Raymond said the fan is so ill, but still gives him such encouragement, he is so touched.


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Posted 7/11/09 , edited 7/12/09
awww poor raymond, no matter what WE WILL ALWAYZ SUPPORT YOU & LOVE YOU TILL FOREVER <33
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