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Posted 7/12/09 , edited 7/12/09
You already know who is definitley going to survive in the end. Six are already dead and thirteen sacrifices are supposed to be there in the end.

who is already dead and who's supposed to die:

I wonder how they'll try to keep up tension throughout the anime and I can't stand battler.
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Posted 7/21/09 , edited 7/22/09
Epitaph text:

Ok Umineko got screwed up hardly by Deen and/or censorship.

Deen left out many relationsships, the Epitaphtext (the worst thing!)

Maria isn't scary at all. In the first 3 Episodes Battler should have freaked out 3 times because of Maria and one time after reading the epitaph.
1. Maria scares him with a story about Beatrice on the beach before giving the talisman.
2. The scene when Battler gets back to the guest house is comepletly wrong. He doesn't tell her that people died. He accidently mentions it Jessica warns him, and Maria goes to Battler in a Rena manner;" Who died?Their faces were torn off, they were just chosen by .... as ...... Be lucky you had a talisman that protected you or else you would have died *kihihihihihi*"
3. They Butler tries to figure out what was the symbol written in blood before they found the corpses and Maria interrupts him show that she knows about the symbol of the sun, meaning of sacrifice etc. and starts to laugh again." instead of talking to him in a cam manner.

The main idea Umineko ist based on the idea of Tatarigorishi-hen.
Whether Magic exists or it doesn't.

Even without the first anwer arc beeing released I guess, that most of the characters aren't magic but the island is.

The biggest flaw is the censorship of the anime because of the hatched murdering, since it doesn't leave much room for speculation.

My theory is that Hypnotizing characters is the key of the series.

So here is my theory.

Beatrice and Maria meeting:

The first Night+Second Night.

I don't know how hard the censorship will be but in the second and third arc you get some really bloody/images ot even full of gore.

For example you get explained why Maria didn't start to cry after
because some time ago, Rosa created a stuffed animal for Maria and Maria gave him a name and it was her only friend, she imagined? him as young boy.
After Maria got 9, Rosa snaps out and "kills" that stuffed animal by smashing it against a wall many times ripping the throat and stomach etc. with the same text after Maria said "ummmmn" many times in the gardenand Maria only sees her friend getting killed by her mother in a brutal bloody manner.

This hint clarify that much stuff isn't magic but there is stuff you can't explain yet.

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Posted 8/24/09 , edited 8/24/09
I'm loving this anime so far. I hope it surpasses Higurashi's greatness.
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Posted 9/30/09 , edited 9/30/09
on the contrary.... i think this anime has gotten a little... weird.

not sure whether i know what is REALLY happening anymore...
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Posted 11/9/09 , edited 3/25/10
In umineko no naku koro ni it bean said for it to be fantasy vs ant- fantasy but in umineko no naku koro ni chiru is fantasy vs mystery remember
it's from Ryukishi07 the story has huge twists
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Posted 6/21/11 , edited 6/21/11
I'm really trying to get into this one, but I seriously can't stand Maria at all. O_O
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Posted 11/8/12 , edited 11/8/12
I started watching this cause it seemed interesting. As i kept watching it, it became interesting on who could be doing the killings, then it was just plain amazement on the rules of the game. I mean, he is either very smart or just plain stubborn to a point that I thought Beatrice would just kill him off completely. Still, i just found it an interesting logic anime. While one fought to prove magic, when the other firmly denied it even when it stared him right in the face. It was just too too wow.
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Posted 2/9/17 , edited 2/9/17
"Umineko No Naku Koro Ni" story explanation.
#Umineko #UminekoExplained
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