18 Boys' Journey Together
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That year’s winter, 17 boys, smiled and laughed while filming the MV although it was so cold.

That year’s winter, 13 boys, cried so hard without caring about their image.

This winter, 5 boys, could do nothing but look at the country across the ocean even though they missed it. (dbsk was in Japan at that time, Japan is adjacent to Korea)

2009 Next year’s winter, 18 boys, I hope they will be together.

Year 1998
A 12 year old boy called Kim Jun Su passed the audition. He begins to wait patiently for his debut to come.

Year 1999
That 13 year old boy by the name of Kim Junsu entered SM, bringing his and his friend’s dream, bringing their admiration for HOT.

Year 2000
Lee Hyuk Jae entered SM at 14 years old. Henceforth he and Kim Jun Su brought their childhood habit of left- HyukJae right- Junsu to SM( hyuk is always on the left and junsu is always on the right when they walk or stand together), perhaps they did not know it then, but they would let left Hyukjae and Right junsu, become known to the whole of Asia.

The same year, a young boy of 17 years called Park Jung su entered SM. He was as hardworking as all the other trainees, but if there was anything different about him , he was spotted by a talent scout.

Year 2001
This year, a 15 year old named Lee Sung Min joined SM, he was very different, because he was picked by HOT leader Moon Hee Jun after he won first in SMbest youth competition appearance category.

The same year, a 17 year old called Kim Jong Woon entered SM, others came in bringing their dreams, but he brought along his mother’s love. He wasn’t the most good-looking, he didn’t dance well either, but he was the best in singing. That’s right, he was also number one, chosen at the same time as Lee Sung Min, the first in the singing category.

See, fate loves to manipulate people. First in singing, first in appearance, and then there was the first in dancing, yes. This year, a 15 year old boy with protruding canine teeth by the name of Jung Yunho also joined SM.

haha, that year, SM organized 3 of those contests.

Thus the winner of the second appearance contest, 15 year old Kim Jae Joong entered SM. The different thing about him was, he had to work, earn money for himself, because his parents were not young, and he had 8 older sisters.

The same year, the winner of the 3rd appearance contest, 15 year old Lee Dong Hae, held on to the note that his father had stuffed into his hand and came to Seoul, just so he could debut.

3 winners of best appearance, one first place in dancing, one first place in singing all entered the company in this way.

Year 2001
SM organized its first audition in China, a 17 year old boy named Hangeng was dragged by his friends to participate, he never thought, he would have been chosen.

Year 2002
There were the three that won best appearance, naturally there would be a fourth.
That year, the winner of the fourth best appearance contest was 17 year old Kim Young Woon.
The same year, 19 year old Kim Heechul entered the company, he was the first higher aged trainee. (as in, he joined when he was of older age, not like the other boys who joined at ages 13-17)

See, there was a boy from China, naturally there would also be one from America.
A boy named Kim Ki bum, 15 years old, was spotted by an American scout. He only came to Korea for one reason, to earn money. Because he knew, his mother was having difficulty.

There was a boy called Shim Chang Min of 14 years, he entered the company. He did not have exceptional looks, excellent dance moves, but he had a voice that could touch people’s hearts.

That boy from China, as well as 3 others from China, came to Korea together, He did not bring any money, yet he brought along a dream that was even more precious than money.

Year 2003.
This year many things happened.
Since there was one from America, there would definitely be another one
This year, 17 year old YooChun, came from America to Korea, and entered SM.

That’s right, one more person came, he was called Kim Ki Bum, he passed the audition earlier, this year he came to korea.
That year, one 17 year old called Choi Siwon joined SM, he was different from all the others as he was well to do, he had to spend alot of time convincing his parents.

This year DBSK debuted in December.

Bringing the other ten friends’ dreams, they began.
From then on, left eunhyuk right junsu, was short of one person.
From then on, Kim Hee Chul was no longer able to chase away Yunho’s girlfriend
From then on, Kim JaeJoong was unable to take a bath with Hangeng. ( I think they are referring to public bath)

From then on, Kim Jaejoong, Jung Yunho, Kim junsu, Park Yoochun, Shim Changmin were no longer trainees.

Year 2005
This year, a 20 year old named Shin Donghee, got into SM because of comedy, yes, comedy.
The same year, the silver and bronze winners of the third and fourth Chinchin singing competition joined SM, they were 18 year old Kim Ryeowook and 17 year old Cho Kyu Hyun.
That November, a 12 member band named super junior debuted, fulfilling the promise that they made with their other 5 brothers.

Year 2006
That year, Super Junior became a full group, they added member number 13, Cho Kyu Hyun.
August, the Mokpo boy’s father passed away.
August, the obstinate princess got into a car accident.
However, every dark cloud has a silver lining.
At the end of that year,took a clean sweep of all Korea’s biggest awards, they were DBSK.

Then there was another group that took a clean sweep of all the rookie awards, they were Super Junior.

Year 2007
That year, DBSK went to Japan.

Super Junior met into an accident in April.
DBSK was holding a concert.
Super Junior released their second album, and received many awards.

They, had no reunion.

Year 2008
Super Junior had their first concert,
ah, fate loves to tease people.
This year, DBSK returned from Japam!!!!!!

Super Junior went to China instead.

They, were so close yet so far…

Those youths, had already experienced 10 years of trials and tribulation.
Time was not a problem, distance wasn’t either.
If we believe in thier friendship, that is enough.

If you doubt, please think about Eunhyuk’s My Follower in his phone, and Junsu’s My Worker in his phone
If you doubt, please think about the scolding on Heechul’s cyworld that he left for the antifan that poisoned Yunho.
If you doubt, please think about the accident and Leeteuk calling out for Kyuhyun.
When they entered the company, they were only 10 plus years old.
When they debuted, they had not even shed off their immaturity.

See, making friends is also a form of learning.
Some people grew up together, but never got a chance to debut.
But, they grew up together, debuted together, became Asia’s superstars together.
When you are advanced in years, and my sideburns are grey.
When you think about those youths that you had idolised
and think about their friendship
You will feel. That falling for them was worth it.

Lastly I hope that everyone will remember, these 18 boys are family, then brothers, followed by friends, and lastly members.

Pictures and translations by [email protected]
original source http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_50f6fb0001009dnb.html
May take out with full and proper credits.
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Posted 8/8/09 , edited 8/8/09
Ahh... My heart ached when i read thisespecially at the part in year 03 n 06 but yet felt happy at the same time.
So envious at their relationship thats more than friends~
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Posted 12/10/09 , edited 12/10/09
It's very touching..
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Posted 2/11/10 , edited 2/11/10
so why so many?
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Posted 6/14/10 , edited 6/14/10
this made me tear up >_>
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Posted 6/16/10 , edited 6/16/10
Wow! So touching!
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Posted 7/8/10 , edited 7/8/10
I GOT GOOSEBUMPS ALL OVER!!it was so touching reading about what all of them went through..
Posted 6/1/11 , edited 6/2/11
God guide SUJU and DBSK
LOve the SM family
They truly grew up together
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Posted 6/9/11 , edited 6/9/11
My 18 most precious people. I love them! I prom13e to bel15ve. I want the DBSK and the Super Junior members to be back together and to form into 1 whole group. Then, they will crush the whole world! I will never forget them.
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