God-Modding: What is it?
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Posted 7/13/09 , edited 7/13/09
God-modding... What is it?

God-modding / God- modder

A complete "FUCKTARD" that gives his or her roleplay character insane god-like powers and/or somehow worms their way out of anything as to insure that they wont die.


God-modding in its more simple definition is declaring an outcome of someone elses fate in regards to the duel.


As you can see the outcome of the duelist's leg was decided by another. This kind of scenario is what we at the TNG 13 are trying to avoid.

What does this mean in the RP?

Originally created and made by: Spades, Captain of the 13th Division

Brought to you by: Toyoki Ryusei, Captain of the 3rd Division- Moderator
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