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Posted 7/13/09 , edited 7/13/09
I recently finished watching the series Touch since I was looking for something good to watch and it sounded interesting. I have a question: did anyone else find Minami to be the most annoying, obnoxious character ever? I usually don't really HATE characters but I seriously can't stomach her and I really hope she doesn't end up with Tacchan! anyone else share my hate?
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Posted 7/21/09 , edited 7/22/09
Are we watching the same series? You really think she's obnoxious? Even more than Yuka Nitta? She never acted snobbish and never played around with boys. She stay faithful to Tacchan throughout the entire series.

Well, she may have hang around out with Akio Nitta but can you blame her? I love Tacchan but he's such a nonchalant character and won't directly tell his feelings to anyone. When Minami wants comfort, Tacchan doesn't really know what do. The only thing really in his mind is to fullfull his promise to her by bringing her to koushien. Minami understands this and the only one that will listen to her feelings is Akio. If you take the time to understand her character, you'll understand she onlys love Tacchan; even from the very beginning of the series.

I find it hard to hate her although I don't enjoy those Minami/Akio scenes.
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