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Post Reply The Holy City of Remus
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Posted 11/13/09 , edited 11/14/09
The sun was just peeking out from behind a cloud.Kyoko sat on the cold brown wood park bench aside her daughter Mioko.She watched her four year old daughter's chest heave up and down as she breathed.Kyoko is just glad she finally got out of there.They were on the run again escaping them.The monsters .The monsters that took Kyoko's lover and Mioko's blood father.No,maybe they weren't the ones she was looking for.
Kyoko heard the click click click of high heels.Kyoko shoved her jacket hood over head as quickly as possible.She grabbed her daughter and pressed her sleeping face to her chest.
Kyoko bent her head down and started to strock her daughters head.The middle aged woman just walked right past didn't even glance.She was happy she didn't have to take a life.sometimes she loves a good kill though.Kyoko loves the way how she feels when she pulls the trigger and it flys through the air.Its all like slow motion to her.The bullet piearces through a human body.Red fluid splatters.She regrets thinking such thoughts.'I don't know how longer this will go on for,' she thought.
Kyoko hears a squeak then a tiny yawn.She looks down at her innocent daughter,Kyoko placed Mioko on the bench next to her.
Mioko sat on her knees and rubbed her eyes.Her nose was pink and stuffy.Mioko coughed and shivered.Kyoko took off the hoodie and the slid it onto Mioko's tiny body.
Mioko shook her head.Then looked up at her mother."Mama where are we." Mioko whispered.Kyoko put her cold hand on Mioko's face.Then bent down and kissed her forehead.
"I don't know my little sweetheart.But were safe...only for awhile." Kyoko said then reached for her daughter.Mioko jumped into her mothers arms.They hugged till more and more people started to pass by.
Kyoko found an empty ally."We'll hide here till it's safer." Kyoko said.Mioko nodded.Kyoko was glad she understood.
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Posted 11/14/09 , edited 11/15/09
"Master, I think I have spotted the two in an ally way in the Holy City of Remus." one of Zero's men said informing Zero.
Zero was just resting his chin on his hand and sipping some red wine.When he heard the news he looked at the floor then the man.His frown turned into a smirk slowly."Thank you Alacc,I will reward you with a power later." Zero said standing then he streched."Get me Ash,Clay,Dallas." Zero commaned the Alacc.Alacc bowed and said,"Yes master,as you wish."
Then Alacc ran out of the room,knowing he wanted to get this done fast before Kyoko and Mioko moved to a different spot.While Alacc was off getting the men Zero started to pace back and forth on how he was going to do this without hurting her.
He knows that Kyoko knows about his powers from the first encounter.He puts his hand in the air and imagines he is stroking Kyoko's cheek.Then puts it down when he notices how stupid it is to do that.He does love her.He has a quick flash back to the first time his saw her beautiful face.Her stomach round with a child inside.But not my child,Matsu's.Zero is now angry and throws the wine glass filled with it's red liquid.It connects with the wall and clear glass shatters little pieaces of glass go everywhere.The wall stained with red."Alacc," Zero yells.I need my men now,Zero thought to himself.Alacc ran in with the three behind them."Finally what took you say long." Zero said glaring at them.They each bowed down to him and said,"Sorry ,master."
"Now hurry and lets go,were paying Kyoko and Mioko for a visit."
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Posted 11/14/09 , edited 11/15/09
After a fun game of playing patty cake,Mioko yawns.Her tiny arms rise in the air and she stretches with her mouth wide in a shape of an O as she yawned.Kyoko smiled alday they have been telling stories to each other,playing games,and tickling each other.This is another thing Kyoko likes to do besides killing."Tried my dear Mioko," Kyoko says scooping her up in her arms.Mioko looks up at her mother with her big light brown eyes.Mioko nods and rubs her right eye."Just one more game Mommy come on." Mioko said brightly.Kyoko smiled st her and rubbed her nose with Mioko's."Alright one more and its nap time." Kyoko says setting her daughter down.Mioko jumps up and down and giggles.Then she suddenly stopped.She frowns and looks over Kyoko's shoulder.At the same momment Kyoko pulls out her gun thats in her right pocket.She turned quickly and points the gun at the person's forehead."Zero," Kyoko whispered, her face ashen and sad.Then it turned into an evil smirk.She went to pull the trigger but he disappeared.Kyoko grabbed a black cloth from her pocket and ties it over her eyes.Kyoko shoves Mioko behind her."I will not let you take her power.......Zero." Kyoko said then yelled out Zero's name.Kyoko pulled out another gun.
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Posted 11/14/09 , edited 11/15/09
Zero stood in the shadows in the ally.He carfully watched Kyoko look for him.She pointed two hand guns in the air.I sent Dallas first to go after her.Dallas ran toward Kyoko,Kyoko grabbed his head and slams it aganist her knee.Then hit his head with the bottom of her hand gun pushing him to the ground.
Ash creeps up behind her,she kicks her leg over her shoulder and hits him in the nose.He stumbles back.
Clay kicks her legs from under her,she landed on her back on the hard ground.Kyoko put her hands on the cement curled up her legs using her strength and jumps back onto her feet.
Kyoko is now facing her worried looking daughter.She smiks.
Kyoko bends back and does a back flip and kicks Dallas in the stomach that sends him flying to the wall.The cloth still covers her eyes she can not see a thing and is still winning the battle.Ash holds out his hand palm up and calls out"Water Ball." he chucks it at Kyoko.
Mioko steps in front of Kyoko."Mioko no." Kyoko yelled.It was to late.Mioko moved her hands like they were to colide and clap but they crossed gracfully.Then shot them straight into the air at the same time amd yelled, "Earth."
A chunck of the ground rose from the floor and blocked the fire ball.The flame was out."I won't let you hurt Mommy." Mioko squeaked.Zero was impressed that she has come along way.Zero looked at Kyoko worried but inside she felt proud.Then Kyoko looked up at Zero."You will not come near me or my daughter, you hear.I know of your power." Kyoko said pointing the gun toward Zero.Clay and Ash were about to pounce on her,but Zero stopped them.Zero disappeared,then reappeared behind Kyoko.He put her hands on her hips.He put his mouth next to Kyoko's ear.
"I won't ever hurt you,I just want you to join me on my side." Zero said into Kyoko's ear.His breath tickled her.She blushed then turned around and pointed the gun at Zero's head."Where is he." Kyoko yelled at Zero.His large hands were still on her tiny hips."Wheres who." Zero said then laughed.Kyoko hated his laugh, pure evil.She considered herself evil sometimes for killing people.But Zero was pure evil.He took his hand off her hips and raised them in the air.Like he was surendaring.
Kyoko put the guns back in her pockets.She raised her fist and punched him.Zero rocked a little.Clay couldn't hold back he ran toward Kyoko.Mioko drew a heart with two fingers each one making a lump making a heart,then shot her hands in front of her like someone was giving her something and she wanted it bad.The same time she squeaked out,"Wind,"
Clay flew back his body hitting the hard gray ally wall.Then Ash rushed in."I'll take care of this twit." Ash yelled running toward Mioko.
MIoko put one arm in front and moved it like a snake,then shot out the hand in a pose like she was telling someone to stop then raised it slowly up."Fire," Mioko said squeaking out another element.
Ash held out his hand palm up,"Water Ball," he yelled he chucked the light swirling ball of water at Mioko.Kyoko stepped in front and picked up Mioko and dodged the ball of water.Kyoko held up her gun and bullets came out instantly.
Blood splattered the ugly gray ally wall.The bullet went right through Ash's forehead.Ash's dead body droppped to his knees,then to the ground.Mioko turned and looked at her mothers chest.She couldn't stand to see the blood.Dallas and Clay already gone.
Kyoko turned around."We will be seeing you both again...soon." Zero said then disappeared.Kyoko took off the pieace of cloth that was covering her sight.Kyoko looked at her daughter.Then the dead body."You ok," Kyoko said to her scared daughter.Mioko looked up.She nodded."Where are we going now." Mioko said shyly."I dpn't know baby but we have to go." Kyoko said then squeezed her daughter tight to her chest.Kyoko took off down farther into the ally and out the other side and hoped no one would see them.
Kyoko didn't know where she was going,but she just knew she had to run.
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23 / Hogwarts
Posted 11/15/09 , edited 11/15/09
She stopped as a tall boy stepped out in front of her. He stared at her, then sighed something that sounded suspiciously like 'not again'. He rubbed a pale hand over his eyes. The he turned to face her.

'Hi,' he said in a soft voice. Kyoko remained silent. 'No voice?' Haruki asked and sighed again when she didn't answer. 'Look, I've just gone through a really bad couple of days, and it would be nice if you would at least talk to me.

'Hi?' Kyoko choked out quietly. Drawn in despite of herself she asked, 'Really bad couple of days?' Haruki rubbed his hand over his eyes again.

'Yeah. My - I think he was my boyfriend - broke up with me. Before anything really started.' He slumped down next to the wall. 'Can you even imagine what that is like. Minority gay, and the only one who accepted you like that turned out to not want you. And runs without an explanation.' He paused. 'I shouldn't be unloading my troubles on you like this. I'm sure you have problems of your own. Why were you running?'
Posted 11/17/09 , edited 11/18/09
"Finally... Mytlon" Aventh sighed in relief as he got of the boat and walked into the city "Now lets find the trading district or something"
Ganbrou and Aventh walked into the city, the docks where busy with fish merchants, the city seemed to be pretty prosperous, though these where just the lower regions, the higher regions is probably where Parker, Angie, and Howie grew up.
"So where are we heading Aventh?"
"The higher regions of the city, I think some things that the kids like will probably be there" Aventh said as they walked through the streets.

Aventh and Ganbrou walked through a park that was mostly deserted, that was a good thing though, Aventh took a quick peek around "Ganbrou watch my back"
Ganbrou nodded as Aventh started to draw runes, when he had finished he started to concentrate and reached out with his mind
"XAIN!" Aventh screamed out
"OWWWWWWW!" Came Xains voice echoing in Aventh's mind "WHAT!? im kind oh I dont know TRAINING here"
"we are ready, tell me when the kids are prepared" Aventh said
"Fine, give me a second ill contact you when they are" Xain said

Back in Furen

"OK kids, you master has a surprise for you all" Xain said clapping his hands together
and of course, Parker started to shout random questions out "Where is he?" "is it a new spell?" "Can we get a hint?"
Xain stood there ignoring him until he finally stopped
"OK if we are all done with questions-
"But I didn't get any answered" Parker Said interrupting Xain whose hands burst into flames
"I SAID! if we are all done with questions, step into the runic circles Ilisis and Azure have drawn" Xain said with a grin
Parker jumped back and stumbled into the magical circle, Angie and Howie did the same but where giggling about Parker and Xain's little confrontation, even if it was a one sided victory for Xain
"OK, good luck and have a fun trip" Xain said, a second later the kids disappeared

Holy City Of Remus

Aventh stood in front of the magic runes he had drawn, a moment later a light flashed, when it had disappeared Parker, Angie, and Howie where all on the ground on top of each other
"I see your still not use to teleportation magic" Aventh said with a smile
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Posted 11/18/09 , edited 11/18/09
"WE'RE HOME!!!!" Angie screamed from under the pile.
Aventh waved his hand and they all shot to their feet, held up by magic as they swayed too dizzy to stand on their own.
"WOW. IT LOOKS THE SAME." Angie screamed happily as she twirled around.
"We've only been gone a few weeks." Howie reminded her but she was already running ahead. "Come on Sensei. I want you to meet Mom and Dad." Angie yelled.
Howie smiled too as he ran after Angie, excited to be home.
Only Parker stood scowling, looking unhappy.
"Whats wrong?" Aventh asked Parker.
"Is my training done?" He demanded, tapping his foot, his arms folded.
"No. " Aventh said. "But I want you all to take a break so I brought you here."
"So we are going back to finish training?" Parker asked, his face losing some of its scowl.
"Yes!" Aventh said with a smile.
Parker grunted in satisfaction then ran after Howie and Angie, who were standing on a small hill waiting for Aventh. Angie jumping up and down with excitement, urging them to hurry.
Posted 11/18/09 , edited 11/18/09
Aventh smiled and started to follow the kids when Ganbrou stopped him
"Do you think it will be a good idea to meet there parents?" Ganbrou asked in concern
"Why not? I don't think anything bad should happen, you can return to your home for now if you wish" Aventh said
"I may be your summon boy, but I also helped raise you, your going no where without me until you are fully recovered" Ganbrou grunted
"Thank you old friend" Aventh said and walked towards the kid who where fidgeting waiting for him "Hurry up sensei!" Angie screamed
Parker stood there, still trying to hold back a smile, his stubbornness probably not allowing him to do so, and Howie stood there looking around with a dreamy, but happy, expression.
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Parker ran down the hills and towards his home without a backward glance. Angie and Howie waited for Aventh to join them. "Where to first?" Aventh asked.
"My place." Angie said happily.
"MOMMY. I CANT BREATH." Angie gasped as her mother hugged her very tightly and kept sobbing and sobbing.
Her Dad would cry then laugh then yell at Aventh and Howie and begin the cycle again.
Aventh remained cool and calm under the questioning and explained calmly what had happened. They went to Howie's house next. Or rather Aventh and Howie did. Angie's parents didnt let go of her.

Howie's mom screamed when she saw him and his dad looked at as if seeing him for the first time then burst into tears and hugged Howie tightly.
"Aw Dad." Howie said embarrased. Aventh once again told Howie's parents the whole story. His Mom hugging Howie tightly not even listening to the story.
They had lunch then Aventh excused him self saying he had to check up on Parker and set off for his house.
Howie ran out of his home a little while later and said, "Whew. Mom and Dad didnt want me to go. But I told them you didnt know where he lived."
Aventh smiled at the boy's thoughtfullness. They walked to Parker's house and saw him carrying dishes to the sink in the kitchen.
"Parker." Howie called and Parker looked up. "What?" He said from the window.
"You okay? Howd your parents take it?"
Parker shrugged. "They're all at work."
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"your Parents are busy people I suppose, they work at the castle right?" Aventh asked parker nodded and continued washing dishes
"Maybe I should go meet them, I'm sure they where worried about you" Aventh said with a smile "How about your siblings? are they home?" Aventh asked but Parker just shrugged.
"hmmmm well OK, Ganbrou to the castle" Aventh said
"Are you sure thats a good idea sir?" Ganbrou cautioned
"I don't think we will be meeting with the king or anything, and my attire looks mostly official doesn't it?" Aventh said looking at his clothes and brushing off some dirt, Howie let out a small giggle
"What? you got something to say" Aventh said looking at Howie with a smile
"You would never be let into the castle ground with those clothes on" Howie said observing the cut up and tattered red cloak Aventh had on
"Ah I agree with the boy" Ganbrou said "Maybe you should switch to your old royal clothes?"
"Ah I suppose your right" Aventh said slamming his staff into the ground, his red cloak disappeared and in its place a white robe with red royal crest symbols appeared on him "ugh, its may look nice but its useless in a battle" Said Aventh as he adjusted the robe so it would feel comfy "Well then I guess we should go to the castle then, I did go through the trouble of putting this on" Said Aventh looking at parker for any last words he might say.
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"Why?" Parker said, looking surprised. "You dont have to go there."
"Why not? I would like to meet your parents, after all I dont think any of your parents will be fond with me taking you away again for training, you do want to renew training right?"
Parker shrugged, "They're busy. Im sure they'll be okay if I go with you. "
"I would still like to confirm with them that its ok, just so I feel ok about it"
"Fine." Parker said and turned away from the sink. "Do what you want." He pulled the curtain shutting them out.
"Parker..."Aventh said staring at the curtains drawn through the small window.
"Dont worry." Howie said to Aventh, his face dreamy and relaxed. "Parker is always like this."
"well Howie you know what his parents look like right? you would mind being my guide?"
"Sure thing." Howie said and they turned and walked towards the main castle.
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Aventh, Ganbrou, and Howie walked up to the gates leading to the castle and where stopped by a guard "Halt, do you have your ticket?"
"Ticket?" Aventh said confused
"If you are a visitor please go fill out the papers and receive a ticket from this location" The gauird said handing them a small map
"Ah OK thank you" Aventh said and the three headed over tot he office.

about ten minutes later they had returned and where granted permission to enter
"Now where to start looking" Aventh said looking around the castle grounds
"There mages are they not?" Ganbrou said
"That is true, probably in the royal library then, ok then lets go find the library"
Howie, Aventh, and Ganbrou walked around the castle until they had found the library, when they walked in Howie tugged Aventh's robes and pointed at two individuals "Those are his parents" Howie said and Aventh nodded and walked over to greet them.
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Posted 11/19/09 , edited 11/19/09
"Who are you?" The man asked, he looked hurried and impatient and very unhappy about being stopped. Aventh had the impression of a grown up Parker.
"My name is Aventh De Valen. I believe you are Parker's parents."
"Parker." The woman looked up from the tomes she was reading. "How do you know him?"
"Im his teacher." Aventh said. Not that I had much choice...but still. He thought, smiling mentally.
"You?" The man and woman exchanged looks. "I thought he was interning with Isabella Chant."
"Ah I herd something about that, but it seems due to my carelessness one of my teleportation runes moved on its own and ended up sending your son to my home in Jahan"
"Jahan?" The woman looked shocked. "The new land?"
"Impossible." The man looked shocked too. "A teleportation rune that strong..."
"yes, the new land, and im quite skilled in magic, ah yes. your son seems to be enjoying the training so I would ask if he could stay with me a while longer to complete most of the training under my surpervision"
The parents exchanged looks, and the man pushed up his glasses in a very Parker like gesture"We'll let you know later. We'll want to see your credentials and work place and if its up to iur standards we'll enroll our son in. Im afraid Parker isnt upto his older siblings standards...." The man shook his head.
"Whats your fee?" The woman asked.
"I dont have one"
The parents once again looked shocked and then immediately suspicious of a teacher who didnt charge money. Was he good enough to teach their son?
"You can see my workplace." Aventh said. "Ill take you there right now."
"Teleporting long distances isn't safe to do twice a day" Ganbrou cautioned in his mind but he replied mentally, "I can manage."

"No we cant go now." The mother said. "We have too much work. On our free day perhaps."
Posted 11/19/09 , edited 11/19/09
"What did they say?" Ganbrou asked as Aventh walked back over to him and Howie
"Ah, they don't have any time apparently" Aventh said and looked at Howie "And how do your parents feel about me training you?"
"I don't know" said Howie as they walked out of the castle
"hmmm, well its time to get you back home, and time me and Ganbrou find a place to rest" Aventh let out a yawn
"Are you leaving?" Howie asked
"No, we will stay in town for a while longer while we try to convince your parents to let you continue your training" Aventh smiled and looked at Howie "Don't worry, I wont be leaving without you if that's what you want"
Howie Nodded happily
After they dropped Howie off at his house and thanked his parents for allowing him to guide Aventh and Ganbrou around, they headed into the lower rings of the city to find a inn to sleep at for the night.
Posted 11/20/09 , edited 11/20/09
Aventh and Ganbrou walked through the lower ring of the city, looking around for a cheap, but not too broken down, inn to stay in, they had been walking for a while so Ganbrou suggested they took a small rest, there where still a few hours till sunset, Aventh nodded and agreed, they sat down on the side of a street, having to shoo off multiple prostitutes offering there "Services" for some coin, Aventh had taken off his royal robes, but with his staff and red robe he still looked better than most of the people living here, there where beggars on every corner, the houses and all where broken down and it was rare to see a complete roof on any of them, most of the houses where missing not only parts of there roof but doors and any privacy what so ever, there where shady dealers walking around in the filled streets, trying to sell narcotics and what not, even will all the beggars, prostitutes and drug dealers, there was still a large population off food stands and kids running around playing. But that was probably the only bright side of the lower ring, other than that it was plagued with crime and infection, it almost seemed like the entire lower ring except for a few exceptions like the entrances, that had guards posted on it, was abandoned by the royalty here.

"This place smells horrible" Aventh said holding his nose
"Do you want to try to find somewhere else in the upper rings to stay at" Ganbrou asked
"Too expensive, I would but I don't have that much gold on me, id rather have some spending coin rather than spending it all on a decent place to sleep for the night" Aventh said standing back up "Well lets continue our search... I'm sure we aren't going to find anywhere good anytime soon" Ganbrou nodded and stood up, the two walked through the streets looking for somewhere to stay for the night
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