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28 / M / Philippinas
Posted 3/22/08 , edited 3/22/08
waah i can't follow climax at the start of the story
haha pls proceed ^.^
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28 / M / singapore
Posted 4/29/08 , edited 4/29/08
Sosuke:20 eh? This should be easy...
Victor:Oh...U think?
Victor suddenly dissappears...
Sosuke:What the!?
Then reappear near him ready to slash...but Sosuke manages to block his blade just inches away from his face...
Victor:I heard that ur one of the fastest in looks like it was true afterall...
Both of them got away from each other...
Sosuke:Interesting...its about time someone is able to macth my speed.
Victor:That just what I was this!!!
He attacks Sosuke with blinding speed...but Sosuke remains calm blocking the attack...
Sosuke:Rise Ryu! Elemental...Death...Slash!!!
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28 / M / I wanna be in Atl...
Posted 4/29/08 , edited 4/29/08
Shinn:Sosuke's reiatsu...he's started fighting already?
Garon:4th squad vice-captain...Shinnosuke Makami...Its a pleasure to fight someone from the Makami clan, the very same clan who reign supreme in the underworld back in the *Edo period...
Shinn:I see u've heard of us...
Garon:Hehe...Ur clan also had a trademark sword style...the Makami style thats has three different techniques...Heaven, Earth and Hell...but the most strongest of all is the Makami Heaven technique which is suitable for one-on-one battles.
Shinn:I see u've done ur homework...ur right...out of all the other three, Heaven takes years of practice...Hell technique r used for assassinations, and Earth r used in a war where one requires mass man slaughter to survive.
Garon:And I heard u r also skilled in **Battojutsu...Care to hv a short appetizer?
Shinn:Ur the first person who has asked me for a battle of Battojutsu...alright...i accept.
Both of them gt into position...they dashed at each other...and on the moment they drew, their swords clash and they went past each other...
Garon:So this is how its go against a Makami...
A cut suddenly appears at his left shoulder
Shinn: Ur not too bad urself...
A cut also appear on his right arm
Garon:This is gonna be fun...

* - Edo, is the former name of the Japanese capital Tokyo, and was the seat of power for the Tokugawa shogunate which ruled Japan from 1603 to 1868.
** - Battōjutsu is a Japanese term meaning techniques for drawing a sword.
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28 / M / singapore
Posted 5/4/08 , edited 5/5/08
Sosuke: U looked surprised...heh...
Victor: Seems I have underestimated u...very well...In this case I won't hold anything back...
Sosuke:U should have done so earlier...Hiyah!!!
*Launches another Elemental Death Slash*
Victor: Not this time...Haa!!!
*Sosuke's attack suddenly disappears*
Victor:Ur not the only one capable on doing this...
*Both of them uses flash steps, launching their attacks at each other*
*After a long while...both of them, panting and out of breath*
Victor:*pant* getting tired?...
Sosuke:*pant* Same goes to u...
*Both of them gets ready*
Both of them: Yaaargh!!!
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27 / M / In your scariest...
Posted 5/16/08 , edited 5/16/08
Griffin: if u know me at all u know that i fight without using my blade *suddenly i disappear and reappear 4 times each time lunching a white lighting*
Zenn: *dodge all of the attacks with eas* come on now Mr vice-captain do u think u can beat me without drawing ur sword not even a catain can do that
Griffin: *huge smile* i could kill all but one of the captains if i want to *knees Zenn in the gut sending him flying*
Zenn: *recovers from the attack and lunch his own*
Griffin: *i just flick his attack away* come on now is that all u got if so then ur illustions were stronger then u
Zenn: *with that Zenn attack again this time the attack power is 3x as strong*
Griffin: *see the increase in the power and smile as i dodge the attack* there u go show me what u got

(he i will finish this tomorrow have to go to bed now though)
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