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Posted 7/13/09 , edited 8/15/09
Many thanks to azntea08 for helping me remember that there was a story I wanted to write, and what it was going to be about! :3

//// OMG NOOO T__T Dang, starting another forum for the parts that couldn't fit on this one ^^'

Characters ::

Lead Gal
Lita McVand
Age :: 18
Hair :: Red, died Black at the tips
Eyes :: Green
History :: She left home at the age of 16, for reasons that are known, BUT A SECRET FOR YOU HAHAHA >:D You'll have to read the story to find out why ^^ She's living in an apartment, and lives on Music.

Lead Guy
John Levey
Age :: 21
Hair :: Black
Eyes :: Black
History :: ??? (meaning :: I know now, BUT IT'S A SECRET TO YOU :D)

Other People
Rick - Cashier
Jenny - Bass Guitarist
Mark - Drummer
James - Keyboarder
Cookie Store Lady
Tommy - Friend of Lita's
Mrs. Smith - Tommy's Mother
Ron the Teddy Bear
Eric Levv
Damian Kurtz - Recording Studio Guy (yay Joseph Conrad XD)


. I Hate Music .

Lita stared wide eyes at the shelf in front of her. It’s new… it’s unique… I don’t know when I’ll ever get a chance like this again! She dug in her purse for her wallet, and clipped it open, sifting through the various bills and coins in it.

She was devastated to find that she was three dollars short of having enough for the treasure in front of her.

“Nooo!” She wailed, and continued to stare at the precious thing in front of her, on the shelf, the last one. A few people looked over at her curiously.

She was in the music store, and in front of her was the new album by her favorite J-Pop artist. The people around her bustled around the store, picking up the music they were looking for. And only serious music people came to this store. Most of them were in their own bands, actually.

Lita frowned and continued to look at the CD in front of her with despair.

“Maybe I can bargain with the cashier… he knows me! Maybe he’ll let me pay him back later…?” She picked up the CD, holding it to her chest protectively, not letting anyone else snatch it from her.

When she got to the front desk, where the cashier stood, she smiled nervously, and handed him the CD. “Hey Lita, back again?” He asked, grinning. He swiped the barcode of the product under the scanner, and held out his hand. “It’s 18.56 for this.” He glanced at the back of the case, and grinned. “Man, you’re lucky you go this! They’ve been selling like no one's business! And this is the special bonus release too, comes with a special charm!” He got a little plastic bag out and slipped it in, along with the bonus charm.

Lita fumbled with her purse and hoped she could get away with this… “Uh… I think I’m short three dollars…” She tried to sound surprised about it, as if she hadn’t known beforehand.

The cashier frowned, and bought her act, but he said, “Lita… boss is watching me today… I can’t let you pay later…”

At her crestfallen look, he waved his hands frantically in front of him, and hastily said, “It’s not that I don’t trust you, that’s not it! But the boss has caught on that some of the transactions were weird… he’s suspicious and I’ll lose my job-!”

Lita sighed and wallowed in her own self pity, nodding. “Got it, Rick…” She was going to turn away from the front desk, when a hand went past her face and put three one dollar bills on the counter in front of her. She blinked and turned around.

A young man stood in front of her, scowling. “Here. Stop blubbering already.”

Lita stared at him for a few moments and blinked as he turned and left. She hastily turned back to Rick and said, “Keep the change,” and grabbed her bag.

She weaved her way through the people in the store to the exit, and looked both ways, trying to find the short black hair and the black jacket. There! She ran after the retreating person, and called, “Wait!”

He stopped, and turned, still with a sort of scowl on his face. She stopped in front of him and bowed hastily. “Th-thank you very much for that!” She stood up fully and gazed at him curiously.

“No problem. Is that all?” He looked as if he were going to keep walking, but Lita stopped him with a few words.

“Wait, what’s your name?” She stared at him.

After a few moments of scowling, he said, “John.” He was about to turn away again, but Lita wasn’t going to let him go so soon.

“Why’d you help me there? You don’t know me.”

He raised his eyebrows and said, “Is it wrong to help a cute girl in need of help?”

Lita stared at John as he turned and left, and wondered what that was all about.

“W-wait up!” She called and ran after him, falling into step with him. “Do you go there often? I’ve never seen you before.” She was almost certain she knew all the regular customers at that place. She was there all the time.

He shook his head. “Nope, I hate music.”

Her jaw dropped, and she frowned. “Why go into Oasis if you hate music? There’s no logic in that!” There’s no logic in hating music in the first place!

He glared at her. “I go there to silently ridicule everyone there, and laugh at how they obsessively grovel over that crap.”

This made Lita stop and stare, but he kept walking on. What’s with that jerk?

She crossed her arms, and turned back in the direction she needed to go in to get home.

. Home Sweet Home .

She put the key in the keyhole, and swung the door to her apartment open. She was still amazed at the attitude of that guy, that John.

She huffed a sigh as she threw her bag over her shoulder and onto the armchair that stood in front of the TV. She still held her purchase though, and gently placed it on her bed when she got to her room. She giggled to herself and made her way to the bathroom connected to her room. She stood in front of the mirror for a few seconds, gazing at her own reflection. “A cute girl…” She frowned slightly. Never thought of myself as “cute” before.

She wondered what he’s meant by that. Was he trying to hit on her? She sighed, and splashed some water on her face, after pinning up her red hair.

As the water dripped from her eyelashes and her nose, she blinked at herself, and then took the towel to her face and headed out to her bed again. Lita’s room was a bit of a mess, but she didn’t care. No one ever saw it so she usually ignored it.

Right now, she got out her laptop, and sat cross-legged in the middle of the bed. Once the computer was on and iTunes had been opened, she tore open the CD case and beheld the beauty that was her brand new music.

“Ahh, this is the life.” She plopped it into the computer, and commenced to download it onto her library, listening as she did so, and occasionally moving to the beat, nearly sending her computer flying.

She didn’t spare another thought for John the rest of the day.

. Time For Work .

When Lita woke up the next morning, she stretched and blinked her eyes a few times, fighting to keep them open. Her eyes drifted over to her clock, and she shot up, frantic.

“Crap, it’s already past 11!” She stumbled out of bed swearing lightly under her breath. “I’ma be late!” She ran to the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth, and as she rushed past the mirror, she skidded to a halt, and stared at her hair for a few moments. “Ew.” Bed Head...

She spent a few more minutes brushing and taming her hair, and then zoomed out of the bathroom, and out of her bedroom into her living room.

She paused for a few seconds again, and looked down. Still in my PJs…

She ran back to her room and threw on some clothes, then ran out the door of her apartment after grabbing an apple from the fridge and her precious object; the one that was providing her money.

She sighed when she got down the stairs, and opened the door to the outside world slowly, composing herself.

And nobody would have guessed that she’d rushed to get ready in minutes by looking at her. Her composure suggested she’d been up for quite some time, and spent a lot of time painstakingly making sure everything was perfect.

She strolled down the street to the bus stop, and sighed again as she plopped down onto the seat in the waiting booth.

“I need to get an alarm clock…” The bus arrived, and she made her way to the door, slipping the money into the pay slot. She was used to public transit by now. She was 18, and had been living on her own for a few years. She’d left home at 16 to make her own life, and hadn’t been back since.

When the bus stopped at her stop, Lita jumped down the steps, and ran a few blocks down the street, until she got to The Door. She looked up, and smiled at the new sign.

“The Project”

She shoved the door open and ran up the flight of stairs, and then used her key to open the door at the top.

“Hey, Lita’s here! Finally!”

Lita waved her hand and dismissed the implied complaint. “Ahh, I got held up at the bus stop.”

The drummer laughed. “More like you overslept.”

Lita’s confident grin faded, and she grimaced. “Ah, whatever!”

She put down the case she held, and opened it. She held up her most prized possession, her guitar. She hugged it tightly for a second or two, and said, “Well, to make up for it let’s get started right away.” She grinned and the others did too.

Lita was the lead guitarist and vocalist in her band. There were three other members; Mark on the drums, Jenny on bass, and James on the keyboards.

“We’ve got a gig in two days, so we have to have this down pat.”

The others nodded and stood ready… Mark started the beat, and they started making music.

. Park Performance .

Lita and Jenny wiped their brows and sighed, taking a drink of water from their water bottles.

“That was some practice!” Jenny exclaimed as she reclined back in her chair.

Everyone nodded slowly, but Lita grinned, determined. “But we finally got it perfect! We’re gonna blow them away!” She knew she was being overly optimistic. It was a small gig, at a local bar. There was no telling how many people would be there… there could be hundreds, or there could be two or three.

But either way, they were getting a paycheck. She grinned, packed up her guitar, and waved goodbye to the band as she skipped out the door and danced down the stairs.

She pushed open the door, shading her eyes from the bright sunlight that assailed them, and glanced around. She wanted to go to the park today… She hadn’t for a while.

But first! She waited for the bus to pull up, and got on, heading home to switch her electric guitar for her classical. She picked up the mail on the way into the apartment building, and sifted through it.

“Junk.” Lita tossed the spam mail over her shoulder, not caring where it landed on the stairs behind her. “Not interested.” She sent the credit card offer flying. “Garbage.” She crumpled the last soliciting mail and dropped it from her outstretched hand, right on the ground. She got to her door, and slipped into her room with the one piece of mail she’d actually read; A letter from home.

She shrugged off her guitar case onto the bed, and without looking up grabbed the larger classical guitar, slinging it over her shoulder as she left her apartment again. She passed the discarded mail, and wondered if the Landlady would yell at her again like she had last week when she’d covered nearly every surface with posters for her band’s show.

She sighed, walking to the park that was two blocks away from her place, glancing around at the people she knew and giving them a friendly wave and a “Hello, good afternoon!”

And finally, she was at her destination, and took a deep breath of the fresh summer air, smiling pleasurably. And within seconds, she’d found a nice spot, near the fountain. She grinned, and opened up her case, taking out the beautiful wooden guitar, running her hand down its spine once before slinging the strap over her shoulder.

Lita grinned and looked around at the people walking past, stopping and watching her with smiles on their faces. She was somewhat famous in this park, to the regulars at least. She knew a lot of the faces that were stopped in front of her now, and she smiled and waved at a little girl named Anna that she’d talked to a week ago.

And the show started. She started playing and singing, mainly songs she’d known since she was young. One of them was the Magic Penny song, which had the children clapping and singing along. Passersby dropped coins and bills into her guitar case, at which point she’d nod and wink or smile in gratitude.

She didn’t know how long she’d been playing and singing when she spotted a familiar face scowling her way.

Once the song she was playing was finished, she bowed to the congregated people, and they clapped. She started packing up her guitar, thanking the people giving her last minute tips, and waved her hand for John to come over.

He rolled his eyes but walked over to where she sat on the edge of the fountain. She was in a much better mood after the good job at practice and the successful park performance. She would look over the oddity of the man who hated music.

“Here,” she said, handing him three one dollar bills from the pile in front of her.

When he just looked at the money and didn’t move to take it, she rolled her eyes and said, “Come on just take it! I’m paying you back for yesterday.”

He shook his head and said, “No need to pay me back. It’s only three dollars.”

“Three dollars that got me the CD I’ve been waiting for for months!” She held the bills right in front of his face, persistent.

Eventually he grunted and swiped the money out of her hands. “There now, that wasn’t so bad was it?” She grinned and shouldered her instrument again. “So what brings you here?” Lita was silently making fun of him, imagining him saying something similar to what he’d said about Oasis.

He surprised her with, “I just moved to a place near here so I’m walking around, getting to know the place.”

Lita blinked, and glanced over at him. “Really? Where you live?”

John scowled and mumbled, “Why should I tell you, you’ll probably bug me every day.”

She frowned and crossed her arms. “Fine, don’t tell me.”

After a pause, John sighed and rolled his eyes. He lifted his arm and pointed down the road, in the direction Lita’s apartment was. “Down there. Meadow Apartments.”

“NO WAY!” Lita’s shout was so loud that some birds fluttered out of the bushes on the other side of the fountain behind them.

John gave the side of his head a few taps and winced. “What…?” Agitation laced his words.

“That’s where I live!” Lita laughed and thought about how weird that was.

“Gre-eat.” John closed his eyes and grimaced more. “What a pain.”

. One Dozen Cookies .

“So you moved here from Seattle?” Lita took a sip from her smoothie and grinned over at John, who stared directly in front of him with a scowl. “That’s a long way, from Seattle to Denver. Why’d you come here?”

He shrugged. “Wanted to get away from my family. They annoy me.”

Lita could tell he wasn’t enjoying the tour she’d offered him, but she didn’t care about what others thought most of the time. Whatever was good for her would have to be good for every one else, because that’s what was going down.

She’d offered to show him around; teach him the best places for this and for that, and show him shortcuts. He’d only agreed to it because she’d threatened to keep him up all night by calling his room every five minutes.

Now it was almost time to eat.

Lita nodded, and said, “I know how it goes.” Though her reasons for leaving home weren’t the same, she did understand how families could be annoying.

They walked in silence for a while, until something caught Lita’s eye and she grabbed John’s sleeve to drag him to the window of a bakery. In the window display was a notice: “Free Promotional CD with purchase of a dozen cookies”

She stared at the notice, and her eyes glittered. Without looking where she was going, she pulled John into the little shop and said, “I’d like a dozen cookies please,” to the lady behind the counter.

She glanced at the two, Lita still gripping John’s sleeve, and smiled knowingly. “Getting some cookies to top off a lovely date?” She smiled.

Lita snorted in laughter and shook her head. “Haha date?” She turned around momentarily to laugh into her hand, but composed herself in seconds. “Nah, he hates music.” She smiled at the elderly woman.

The woman’s eyes widened, and she said, “Oh my mistake, I’m sorry!” She put the last two cookies into the box.

“Nah, don’t be. No harm done, eh?” She turned to John with a smile that said, “I really dislike you deep down.”

He rolled his eyes and continued to scowl ahead of him. Lita had his arm in a death grip, so he wasn’t going to escape.

“That’ll be 8.50, sweetheart,” said the woman behind the counter, and Lita smiled and opened her newly refilled wallet to get the money, but John’s hand went past her face with a five, three ones -probably the three that she’d given him- and two quarters.

“Stop paying for my stuff!” Lita complained with a frown.

The woman smiled warmly and handed Lita the box of cookies.

When Lita staid where she was, awkwardly looking at the woman, she tilted her head. “Is something wrong dear?”

John huffed an exasperated sigh and breathed, “She wants the CD.”

The woman’s face lit up with understanding, and she laughed at herself. “Oh, silly me, I’d forgotten!” She ducked behind the counter momentarily and came back with a shiny jewel case in her hands. “Here you are dear.”

Lita smiled and thanked the woman, and then dragged John out of the store.

“Now what are you going to do with a dozen cookies?” John rolled his eyes for the umpteenth time in the last hour.

Lita shrugged, and read the back of the jewel case. “I dunno, don’t like cookies that much.”

John stopped and looked as if he were trying not to shout at her right then and there. “Are you kidding me? You went in there and bought a dozen cookies, that you don’t even like, just for that dumb CD?”

Lita shrugged. “’S not dumb. I know these people, they do good stuff.” They were another local band, trying to make it to the top. The fact that they had a CD was a good sign.

John frowned and had to keep walking when Lita tugged on his sleeve. He felt like a dog on a leash.

“Whatever, give them here.”

Lita handed him the box without much thought, and pocketed her newest CD.

He was wishing he’d never decided to do a good deep and help this crazy girl buy her damn CD yesterday.

John ignored the tugging on his arm, and turned down an ally. Lita frowned and complained. “Where are you going?”

“I saw something earlier.” Was all he said.

He seemed to know where he was going, and soon they were at the front steps to the Homeless shelter. He looked up at the sign above the doors, and pushed them open. When he got to the front desk, he said, “I’ve got a dozen cookies here that I don’t need, I’m sure others would want them more.”

The woman behind the desk smiled and thanked him, taking the cookies.

John dragged Lita out of the shelter and back to the street they’d been on. At her dumbfounded look, he scowled again.

“What? Can a guy do anything nice without someone thinking he’s weird?”

Lita shook her head, and smiled. “No, that was really good thinking.” She gave a little thumbs up, and then looked at her watch. “Ehh, I’m starving. It’s time for me to eat.” She was going to turn around to head back home where an instant meal waited for her, but a sudden idea struck her and she held up her pointer finger as she turned back to John.

Before she could get a word out, he growled, “I’m not buying you food.”

She frowned. “That’s not what I was going to say. I was wondering if you wanted to come see my band play in two days at The Drum. I know you hate music,” here she rolled her eyes and chuckled as if it was all some big joke. “But you might have fun anyways.”

Lita waited for a reply, but when John just stared at her with an eyebrow raised as if to say, “what do YOU think I’m going to say now?” she shrugged and turned around to go home.

“See you later, Music Hater.”

. The Secret Smile .

The next morning went much the same as the previous one. Lita blinked blearily, waking up on time for once, but she stumbled around for a few minutes before she was able to think clearly. She slipped on some jeans and an orange skinny-T, and messed with her hair until it seemed presentably messy. She clipped the bangs back and grinned into the mirror.

She nearly tripped on the way out her door, and skipped down the stairs with her ear-buds in her ears, her music playing through her head and blocking out all other sound.

She couldn’t help the bob of her head as she made her way to the bus stop that morning… the beat of the music was too enticing.

She was in the middle of the best part of one of her songs, when a piece of crumpled paper hit the back of her head and she looked back, to see one of her friends waving wildly at her. She took out one ear-bud and skipped over to the girl with a smile.

“What’s up?”

Her friend flicked her in the forehead and complained, “I’ve been calling your name for AGES!” She rolled her eyes, but smiled. “Anyways, there was this hot guy looking at you a little bit ago!”

Lita tilted her head. “What, really? Are you sure it was at me?”

Her friend nodded. “Yeah! He was definitely looking at you, Lita! But he left when I started calling your name. He started scowling.” She frowned slightly.

This made Lita blink, and nearly roll her eyes. “Lemme guess. He has black hair, and he had this look on his face the whole time,” she imitated John’s scowl, and her friend laughed.

“Haha yeah! Do you know him?”

Lita shrugged. “He just moved into my apartment building. He hates music, can you believe it?!”

Her friend stared at her, wide eyed. “You’re kidding, right?” Lita shook her head. “That is SO weird!”

Lita nodded. “Yep, but he was in Oasis. I don’t get him at all.” She shrugged, but heard her bus pull up. “Gotta go now, see ya later!”

She hopped onto the bus, and took a seat near the back, where she could jam out in peace until she got to her stop.

Her friend paused before continuing on her way to work, and tilted her head. “Weird, though, he wasn’t scowling like that until the end…” She shrugged, and continued on her way.

. Missed the Bus .

Practice with the band was really productive that day. They played the song through a few thousand times, and they went through some of their older ones too.

Lita was feeling good as she stepped out of the building that housed her band’s studio, and she skipped to the bus stop to head back home for the day.

When she got to the bus stop, she didn’t even realize someone was calling her; she had her ear buds in again.

So, again she got a piece of crumpled paper pelted at her. She turned around quickly, startled and wondering why people kept throwing things at her.

A young boy she’d been friends with for a while now was running up to her, pulling his mother behind him.

“Oh, hey Tommy, hey Mrs. Smith.” She grinned and took her ear buds out for now, pausing her music.

“Mommy, Mommy! Lita’s gonna have a show tomorrow night! Can we go?!” Tommy had reached up to grab Lita’s hand.

Lita rubbed the back of her head with her free hand, and said, “Tommy, I don’t think it’s the kind of show you can go to…” It was in a bar, for one thing. And it was a night show.

Mrs. Smith sent Lita a thank-you smile. “Tommy, we can go see Lita play guitar at the park, like usual.”

Tommy pouted and wouldn’t let Lita go when her bus came and people got off. He hugged her around the waist and wouldn’t let go.

“Tommy, I promise I’ll have a show specially for you sometime soon,” she practically pleaded with the child to let her go, and his mother scolded him for being selfish.

“But I wanna hear Lita play with her band!”

Her bus left, and she sighed. “Soon, okay, Tommy?”

Tommy pouted a bit more, and didn’t look like her was going to be satisfied.

And then the guitar that was strapped around her back was being lifted off her shoulders, and she spun around wondering who’d be stupid enough to try to steal a guitar right from off her back, in broad daylight, with people around.

“What are you doing here?” She stared at John, who had shouldered her guitar.

“Lita, is that your boyfriend?” Billy peered around her knees with a silly grin.

“What is it with people? Mistaking us for a couple?!” Lita mumbled and rolled her eyes, shaking her head. She forgot that John hadn't answered her question. “No he’s not, Tommy.”

“What do you mean, Lita?” John put his arm around her and smiled at Tommy. “Yep, I’m her boyfriend, and I was hoping I could steal her from your company for some coffee.”

Tommy giggled and let go of Lita and said, “Okay, Lita, you should go have fun with your boyfriend!” Mrs. Smith glanced at her questioningly. “But promise you’ll let me hear you and your band!” Tommy took his mother’s hand again and left, waving and giggling.

When they were out of sight, she ducked from underneath John’s arm and glared at him. “What was that all about? You’re not my boyfriend!”

John shrugged and said, “The kid left, didn’t he?”

Lita shrugged. “I could’ve taken care of it myself.”

He shrugged as well, and said, “But now you missed your bus.” He jerked his thumb behind him, where the bus Lita should have been on was turning the corner.

She shrugged again and mumbled, “I’ll walk.”

“Then I’ll come with you I guess. You’ll probably waste all your money on CDs if I don’t.”

Lita stuck her tongue out at him but allowed him to walk her home.

. Renegade Barrels .

Lita had dropped her negative attitude. She’d gotten John to buy a smoothie for her on the way home, and sipped it happily. “Oh yeah!” She remembered something. “Why were you on that side of town?” They were walking up a hill.

John shrugged and took a sip from his own smoothie. “I was getting to know the city still. I want to know where I’m going while I’m living here.”

Lita shrugged, and they were silent for a while. Lita started bobbing her head to some unheard music in her head.

“Would you stop that?” John frowned at the people staring at them.

“Why should I? I’ve got a beat in my head, so I’m going to dance.”

John scowled his usual scowl and said, “Whatever.”

After a few minutes, Lita suddenly stopped and said, “Oh yeah! I remembered something else! One of my friends said they saw you staring at me this morning. What’s that all about?” She crossed her arms, holding her smoothie by the lid in one of her hands.

John shrugged. “Wasn’t me.”

Lita frowned. “Really.” She was skeptical.

John nodded. “Yup, wasn’t me.”

“Then who else would stand there looking exactly like you and scowling?” Lita glared up at him.

He shrugged again. UGH! I hate when he does that! It’s so annoying!

“Whatever, I know the truth. The fact that you won’t admit it just makes me the stronger man. Woman. Whatever.”

There was a pause, and then John made a sort of “pfft” noise, and Lita turned to him, enraged.

“Don’t you laugh at me!”

John let out a laugh that Lita liked for some reason. The sound of it just made her want to smile.

But she crossed her arms again and pouted.

“Fine, it was me, sheesh.” John wiped a tear from his eye and let out a final chuckle before straitening up.

“Why were you laughing at me though?!”

“You look funny when you’re stubborn.” John stuck his hands in the pockets of his jacket, and Lita realized he was smiling. Or, at least, not scowling or frowning like he usually was.

“Hey, what’s with that creepy look on your face?” She asked, poking his cheek. “It makes me think you’re planning something evil when you smile.”

John shrugged yet again. “Who knows, maybe I am.” He closed his eyes for a second, and the smile stayed where it was.

Lite rolled her eyes, not sure if she would EVER understand John, and started to bob her head more.

“Miss, watch out!”

Lita didn’t hear the warning, and didn’t see the renegade barrel rolling down the hill toward her.

“Lita, pay attention!”

“Huh?” Lita hadn’t even looked up when she was shoved out of the way and into the wall to her left. Before she knew what was happening, the barrel was rolling past, and John was right up against her to the wall. He had grabbed her arms to push her out of the way, and then hugged her against the wall as the barrel rolled past.

After a few seconds, Lita opened her eyes. “What the heck just happened?”

John let her go and backed away, looking angry.

“You nearly got squished is what happened! You gotta pay more attention to the things around you Lita!”

Lita frowned. “Why are you yelling at me?” She crossed her arms stubbornly.

“Because you could have been seriously hurt and you don’t seem to care at all!”

Lita blinked, and raised an eyebrow. “And you do?” It was a challenge

John rolled his eyes. “Again, a guy can’t do something nice without getting a scolding it seems.”

A man in a blue jumpsuit ran up to Lita and John and stood panting. “So sorry miss!” He took a few deep breaths, as if he’d been running after something for a while now. “We were unloading that barrel and it got lose of its bindings. I hope no one gets hurt…” He looked down the hill, and frowned. “Again, terribly sorry, but if you’ll excuse me,” He left them and started running down the hill again.

Lita watched the short, slightly chubby man running down the hill after the barrel, and started laughing suddenly.

John rolled his eyes at her. “You are one of the weirdest people I’ve ever met.”

Lita stopped laughing and smiled cheerfully. “You bet.” She was beginning to enjoy John’s company more than she would admit to herself.

. Dad .

The sun was half way down the sky by the time John and Lita reached the apartment. Lita frowned, since she didn’t have enough time today to do a park performance. But that was okay, since the gig was tomorrow!

“Oh, that reminds me!” She said, holding up a finger.

“You remember a lot of things don’t you?” John rolled his eyes.

Lita shrugged. “Sure, it’s not a bad thing. Anyway, so are you coming to the gig?” She turned to him and grinned.

He shrugged. “Why would I go? I hate music.”

Lita frowned. “Come on! You can bring ear plugs for all I care, just come and see what you think.”

John raised an eyebrow. “I’ll think about it.”

She grinned and gave a thumbs-up. “Then I’ll see you tomorrow at 9!” She turned and ran through the door, grabbing her mail on the way.

“Hey, I said I’d THINK about it, never said I was going!” He rolled his eyes as he walked up the stairs, and stepped on a discarded piece of mail. He chuckled slightly and smiled, bending down to pick it up. When he got to the nearest trash can, he gently tossed it and the other two pieces of junk mail that Lita had randomly discarded into it, rolling his eyes but smiling.

I wonder when she’ll notice…

He sighed and opened the door to his apartment and slipped off his jacket, hanging it on the hook by the door.

He walked over to the phone and pressed the ‘play all messages’ button.

Dad left another message. I know he just cares, but I’m not going back. Not yet.

. An Original Beat .

Lita slept in the next morning; she’d stayed up VERY late, and practice was going to be later that day, closer to the time of the gig.

When she did wake up, the afternoon sun was shining through her windows. She stretched in bed and sat up, looking around blearily.

She let herself fall back into her fluffy pillow, and turned onto her side, hugging her teddy bear close. She always slept with Ron the Teddy.

“Do you think the gig’s gonna go well, Ron?” She asked her teddy, holding him at arm’s length in front of her.

She used her hand to move his head, and said in a high-pitched voice, “Yep, Lita’s going to kick ass tonight!”

She didn’t know why, but Ron had always had a foul mouth. She pinched his nose for the slip of language, but hugged him close to her.

After a few minutes, she sighed and got up, walking to her window to look out over the Colorado streets.

A lively beat met her ears, and she closed her eyes, smiling. It was such an original sound! Whoever was making it was using whatever was nearby to beat on, so the sound changed every few seconds, but the underlying beat stayed the same.

There were the sharp, metallic raps on a metal fence, the deep echoing on a plastic drum, the short taps on the pavement.

Her mind did the rest, and soon she had a whole new song. She grabbed her acoustic guitar from its spot and opened her window wider, slipping out onto the flat space of roof she was lucky enough to have right by her room.

She sat there, and luckily the beat was still down there, somewhere near. Before she lost the sounds in her head, she started playing with the beat, closing her eyes and letting her ears do the work.

The drummer down on the street must have realized she was playing with them, because the beat faltered for a slight moment as if it were going to stop, and then kept going. The drummer was challenging her next, changing things about the beat. She kept right up though, and even when the beat got faster, new notes came out of her heart through her guitar.

She loved improvising.

The beat suddenly stopped, and she finished off with a few long chords. After a few minutes, she smiled and opened her eyes, looking over the edge to see who she’d been playing with. Her band was standing below her window and she grinned with a thumbs-up at them.

She scrambled back into her room and got dressed quickly. By the time her band reached her door, she had it open and waiting for them.

“You guys excited?” She asked, slinging her electric guitar over her shoulder as she headed out the door with them.

Mark and Jenny nodded eagerly. “Yeah, I can’t wait! We’re gonna be great. I have a feeling this is finally going to be The One!”

James nodded. “Yeah, I heard there are going to be some recording studio guys there tonight.”

Lita grinned. “That would be so great!”

She and her group passed John on the way out of the building; he was just coming in.

Lita smiled and waved, but he didn’t look up, though he must have known they were there.

Lita shrugged, and nudged Mark in the ribs when they were out in the open.

“That was some pretty sweet drumming Mark! We should use that in our next song!”

Mark glanced at her, puzzled, but nodded. “Sure, yeah.” What drumming is she talking about…?

. Eric Levv .

Lita wiped her brow, and squirted some water from a water bottle into her mouth. All of them were panting by now, having worked extra, and gone running afterward. They needed to keep their figures up if they were going to perform on stage.

Checking her watch, Lita nodded. “Okay, so we’ll meet back up at the park in front of my place in two hours, right?”

The others nodded. It was six o’clock now; they’d need to be at the gig at eight, so they would be all ready to start at nine.

“See you then,” and with that, Lita had slung her guitar over her shoulder and headed for the bus stop, hair bouncing in the cool Colorado air.

At her bus stop, she sat on the sidewalk and closed her eyes, still catching her breath from the run with the band. She got out her iPod and put one ear bud in, leaving the other ear free to listen for the bus’ breaks when it got there.

She pressed play, and smiled when one of her all time favorite songs came up. “Red Bud Love” by the rock legend, Eric Levv. This guy was her hero. It was this song that had gotten her into music so long ago.

She smiled now as she remembered it; she was five. She walked into the room, and Daddy and Mommy were dancing to this song. They looked so happy, and the music had made Lita smile the moment she heard it. The guitar solo in this piece…. It sometimes brought tears of joy to Lita’s eyes; she wanted to be like Eric. She wanted to make people feel like she had the first time she’d heard this man’s music. She wanted to be the next legend.

The spell of her past was broken when the bus pulled to a screeching stop, and she opened her eyes.

Her childhood living room became the sidewalks and the road; her parents became the people getting on and off the bus; lastly, the sound of the music became the bustle of the streets. She sighed and stood up, getting on the bus with a smile.

The bus ride was filled with Eric Levv’s music, and she was smiling as she walked into her apartment building. She got her mail on the way in as usual, and as usual, randomly and wantonly discarded the unwanted mail all over the staircase. She unplugged the ear buds from her iPod and let Eric’s music ring out through the stairwell.

When she was just about to open the door to her apartment, she spotted John coming down the stairs; he lived two floors above her.

She smiled, still in a good mood. “Hey John! See you tonight?”

He scowled and rolled his eyes slightly. But his face was much more pleasant now than it had been not three days ago when they’d met.

“Wanna go get some grub?” Lita asked, leaning on her door. She didn’t even know why she was bothering to ask him; he would just say no. And she didn’t even want to eat with him, anyways. Or did she?

John looked away, and said, “Sorry, I’m busy tonight.” But he paused before going away. “What’s that you’re listening to?”

Lita tilted her head slightly. “You’ve never heard of Eric Levv? Well, I guess for someone who hates music… Anyways, this guy’s my hero!” She grinned and scrolled through the playlist to find Red Bud Love. “This song was what got me so into music!”

John frowned for a second, then flicked his hand in good bye. “Well, gotta go now. See ya ‘round.”

Lita’s brows came together questioningly, but John was already gone.

She frowned, and stayed there for a few moments before turning around and opening her door.

Once inside, she leaned on the door again and huffed a huge sigh.

“Tonight’s the night. Gotta do well tonight.” She spent the rest of the afternoon getting in the mood; prepping herself, getting her look just right.

By the time the metaphorical clock struck 8, she was standing by the fountain, looking like a rock star.

. The Show .

And now she stood behind the curtain on the little stage at The Drum. The turnout really was pretty good. Most of the tables and bar chairs were filled!

And there! There, right in the front, was a high-up from the recording studio that made stars! If the guy liked their music, they could get a recording offer!

She turned back to her band, and gave a thumbs-up. They were going to start in about five minutes.

But she turned back to the crowd, still looking for people. Well, one person. John still hadn’t come, and Lita frowned slightly.

Who needs him? Who cares if he’s here or not? He hates music, anyways!

But she still felt that little pang in her chest as the minutes ticked by and it was time to start. He wasn’t coming.

But then, she froze as she looked at the door, and who was coming through. Ohmygod. OHMYGOD! H-h-he’s here! How can HE be here?

She tripped over Jenny’s guitar case and said in a high-pitched, excited voice, “You’ll never guess who just sat down, right in the front!”

Jenny and Mark looked up, and James’ brows furrowed a little.


Lita was literally shaking with anticipation. “Eric Levv! He’s right in the front! I don’t know why he’s here, but HE’S HERE!”

All four of them scuffled to the curtain and peeked out. Jenny was the first to hastily pull back, a hand to her heart. “He’s going to listen… to US play!” Her eyes were sparkling.

Mark and James were both grinning as well. All members of this band thought of Eric Levv as a Hero. Lita was the only one who religiously worshiped him, but he really was a legend in this industry.

Lita’s eyes were still sparkling, and when the host announced her band, she shook her head and grinned, giving her band the okay signal. “Let’s go do this!” She whispered.

There were claps and cheers as they stormed the stage. Lita’s eyes scanned the room again, and she grinned. John had just slipped in, and was standing near the back. He was scowling, but Lita grinned as their eyes met and his scowl deepened.

And so the show started; Mark started off the beat, and Lita strummed her guitar. Jenny and James did their parts, and when it came time for Lita to sing…

Her voice rang out through the bar, her lyrics carried through to the back, to where John’s scowl slowly disappeared as he forgot to look mean.

Lita scanned the audience between songs, and grinned when she realized that people were paying more attention to her and her band than they were to their food and drinks.

And before she knew it they were on their last song. Eric Levv was still sitting right up front, and seemed to be looking forward to whatever was coming next. The Recording studio guy was smiling! Lita scanned the room, and almost frowned when she realized John had left already. But the audience was waiting, and she pushed it out of her mind.

She and her band started up the last song of the night, which was coincidentally a tribute to Eric Levv’s Red Bud Love. They’d put their own twist on it, and Lita felt a little weird singing the lyrics right in front of the original author.

As she struck the last notes, the audience cheered and whistled, and she stood up with a grin.

. Found Out .

They were back stage, packing up their things, when Lita heard it. It was that same unique beat she’d heard earlier. She glanced over at Mark, who was chatting excitedly with James, and frowned a little.

If it wasn’t Mark, who was I playing with?

She silently set down her guitar, and followed her ears. She needed to know who it was that was making such an amazing beat.

There was one corner between her and the Drummer. She paused for a few moments, and then peaked around it.

Her jaw dropped, and she let out a surprised, “Ehhh?!”

The drummer stopped abruptly and his drumsticks fell to the ground with a clatter.

John scowled at her and bent down to pick up the fallen sticks. “Hasn’t anyone ever told you that eaves dropping is bad?”

Lita just stared at John, and tilted her head in surprise and confusion. “B- Wh- Ehhhh?”

John rolled his eyes and leaned against the wall he’d been tapping on earlier. “So, you found me out. I don’t hate music.”

“Then why did you say you did?” Lita walked over and leaned against the wall next to him.

He shrugged. “I wanted to see if you could figure me out. And I was in a bad mood.”

Lita still didn’t understand, and frowned. “I really don’t get you.” She laughed to herself. “Ha, I knew it was impossible for someone to hate music.”

John frowned slightly, and said, “Well, there are some things about music I hate.”

Lita looked over at him, and said, “What?! What is there to hate about music?”

John was silent for a while, and sighed. “I feel oppressed by music. I love it, but every time I hear it, there are things I can’t help but think about. Things that make me wish music hadn’t been a part of my life.”

Lita’s eyebrows came together, and she slid on the wall to sit down. “What does it make you think about?”

John was again silent for a few moments. Then, “My dad.”

She glanced over at him again, and her eyes asked for further explanation.

But John stayed silent.

And then Lita suddenly realized John was backstage. “Wait a minute, why are you back here?” She eyed him suspiciously.


“From who?!”

“My Dad.”

Lita stared at him. “Your Dad’s here? What, is he stalking you or something?”

John chuckled. “You could say that. He loves me too much for my liking. I think he wants me to come back home really badly.”

Lita was so confused she almost didn’t know what to say. ”So… he loves you too much? Why don’t you want to go back so much?”

John looked down. “I just don’t. I want to live my own life, without being cast under my Dad’s shadow. And I kinda like it here.”

Lita smiled and nodded. “Yeah, it’s pretty great here.”

There were some voices a few paces down the hall and around some corners, and John frowned. He wasn't supposed to be back here.

“Dang.” He stood up quickly, and left without a word, turning a corner. After a few seconds, his head popped out and he motioned for Lita to follow him with a smile.

Lita tilted her head, dumbfounded by that smile, and stood up. She turned the corner, and nearly screamed when John’s hand reached out and took hold of her arm, pulling her through a door. The only thing that kept her from screaming was John, hastily putting his other finger to his mouth, motioning for her to keep quiet.

The door behind her closed with a soft click, and it was pitch black for a few seconds. John flipped on the switch in the little room, and Lita looked around at the brooms and cleaning products.

“A Janitor’s closet?” She turned to John with a raised eyebrow.

He shrugged. “Closest room that was unlocked.” He sat down against the wall and pulled his legs up to him in the cramped space.

Lita shrugged as well and sat down across from him, pulling her legs up to her as well. She didn’t even consider that her band would be wondering where she was.

“So what now?” She tilted her head.

John shrugged again and closed his eyes, leaning his head against the wall. “Dunno. I’ll probably just get some job here and work my way up the ladder.”

Lita nodded. She knew how that went too. When she’d first gotten to this city when she was sixteen, she hadn’t known where to start. She’d gotten a waiting job to start off, and after a few months of hard searching, she’d found the talents that made up her band and they’d started on the road to fame.

It had been two years already, and they’d JUST gotten their first big-ish gig. This business was a slow one. But she had fun and she made enough to get by.

She was going to say something else when Jenny’s voice rang through the hall outside.

Lita frowned and realized she must have been gone for too long. “Oops. I think I should go. Wanna come with, and hang out backstage while you hide?” She stood up and dusted her knees down.

John looked as if he was going to accept the offer, but shook his head in the end. “Nah. I’ll see you later.”

Lita tilted her head slightly, and was shocked to realize she was disappointed.

In a few moments she was out of the closet, wondering how long she’d been gone. “Jenny? You called?”

Jenny turned around, and grinned excitedly. “Lita! THERE you are! You’ve gotta come back! Eric Levv and the Recording Studio Guy are talking to us! ERIC LEVV. IS. TALKING. TO. US!”

Lita’s jaw dropped and she nearly ran back to the place where her band was.

. Eric Levv pt 2 .

Ohmygod there he is! So close… I never thought I would ever get to meet Eric Levv!

Lita looked at him wide eyed, and when he turned to her with a smile, she nearly fainted of pure joy. He’s smiling at me!

“You’re Lita, right?” He said, holding out his hand.

Lita nodded and shook his hand, in a daze.

“You’ve got a great voice, and I like your style. Almost reminds me of myself when I was starting out.” He smiled again.

Lita was so shocked that she didn’t know what to say. “Really?” Was all she could get out.

Eric Levv nodded. The Recording Studio guy, whose name turned out to be Damian Kurtz, also nodded.

“I’d like to record an album for your band. I think you guys have talent, and Sunny Records would love to have you in our studio.”

Lita nodded dumbly again, and Damian grinned. “Come by tomorrow and we’ll work out a deal, then.” He had to leave though, and excused himself hastily.

Mark, Jenny and James were grinning and getting pumped, but Lita blinked and said, “Er, Mr. Levv, would you sign my guitar?“

Eric Levv beamed and waved his hands. “Oh, please, call me Eric. ‘Mr. Levv’ makes me feel old.” He chuckled to himself a little. “I’d be happy to sign your guitar for you.”

Lita’s eyes sparkled as she got her guitar out of its case again, and held it out to Eric.

She watched as he wrote her name, then a note, and finally signed it. He handed it back to her with a smile.

As Jenny, Mark and James eagerly asked him to sign something of theirs, Lita looked down at her guitar, and the note on it.

“Lita, Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff. You’ve got talent, girl.”

She hugged her guitar close and decided she’d never wash the hand he shook again.

This was like meeting God for her.

The band spent about an hour with Eric Levv, chatting and exchanging music stories.

If only John were here! He could show off his drumming! She was sure by now that John had been lying as well when he said he hadn’t known who Eric Levv was. Everyone who knew anything about music knew Eric Levv’s name.

She must have been yawning, because Jenny glanced at her, and said, “What time is it?” Lita looked at her watch.


Jenny sighed, and said, “Well, I need to get going. Got work tomorrow morning.” She said goodbye to the band and to Eric Levv a few times. As much as Lita wanted to stay, she needed to get home too, and sleep.

“I’ll come with you, Jen.” She stood up, slung her guitar over her shoulder and said her good byes.

She stopped in front of Eric Levv, and bowed. “It was great meeting you, Eric! I never thought I’d get this chance, and Thanks again for signing my guitar!”

Eric Levv smiled and nodded. “It was nice meeting you as well. Maybe I’ll stop by sometime and listen in on a practice.”

Lita smiled and nodded, and went out the door to where Jenny waited.

They chatted on their way to the bus stop, and once the bus reached Lita’s stop, she got up and waved sleepily goodbye to Jenny. She caught herself thinking about John as she made her way up the stares to her apartment.

I wonder what he thought of the show… When she thought about it, he hadn’t said anything about what he thought of her music. She sighed and yawned as she slipped her key into her door and opened it, flipping on the light switch on her way in.

Tomorrow… Today, Lita corrected herself as she glanced at the clock on her nightstand. Today is Saturday. No work today. No practice. I get to relax. She smiled and slipped into her pajamas and into bed.

. Lullaby Spell .

Something woke her up though. She blearily opened her eyes as the sound reached her ears, through her open window.

Sitting up in bed, she rubbed her eyes, and yawned. She glanced at her clock.

2:56 AM.

She smiled though, because the sound that had woken her up was John’s beating. He must be on the roof…

She got up, and grabbed her guitar.

She climbed the three flights of stairs to the door to the roof, and silently opened it, slipping out into the cool night air.

The gentle tapping kept going, and when she was ready, Lita joined in with the same tune she’d played with him before.

But unlike last time, the beat stopped altogether the moment she started playing. She frowned, and stood up. John was on the other side of the little hut that housed the stairs.

She poked her head around the corner, but saw no John when she looked.

She made her way all the way around the square hut, and stood back in front of the door in confusion.

She nearly screamed when a hand tapped her on the shoulder, and spun around, accidentally whacking John in the cheek.

“Don’t scare me like that!” She hissed, embarrassed.

John half laughed, half whimpered and rubbed his cheek. “Sorry, sorry. Couldn’t help myself. Why are you up?”

Lita looked away. “You woke me up. I wanted to play with you again.” She shrugged.

John grinned slightly, and said, “What, you like my random tapping?”

“Random? There’s an amazing beat in your so-called Random Tapping! It’s beautiful!”

John walked over to the edge of the roof and sat down, dangling his legs over the side. “You think so?”

Lita nodded eagerly and sat next to him, folding her legs underneath herself. “Yeah, it really is!” And… what do you think about my music…?

Maybe he was thinking he should repay the compliment, or maybe he could read her mind; either way, he said, “Your music’s pretty good too.”

She beamed, and said, “Really? You think so?”

John nodded slowly. “Yeah. It makes me smile. Its weird, when I was listening to your music earlier, I wasn’t thinking about the bad things I usually do. I was just thinking about you.”

Lita blushed and looked away. It sounds as if he’s in love with me. Ha, what a joke, right…? But she didn’t want it to be a joke anymore. As much as she’d abhorred the idea of being with John before, she was feeling the exact opposite right now. If he’d kissed her then, she would have slapped him… now, she was sure she would kiss him back...

“Uh, thanks.” She couldn’t think of anything else to say.

They were both silent for a while. Lita looked over the edge at the few cars still on the roads; some single mother of five coming back from her third job that day, the man that woke up to his baby daughter crying and was taking her for a drive until she fell back asleep, the average Joes out there, the night crawlers, the insomniacs.

Without thinking, she fingered some notes and started strumming. It was a slow, sweet lullaby her mom used to sing to her. Funny, I thought I’d forgotten this song. The notes rang sweetly in the night air, until the last note faded in a breeze that chilled Lita’s skin.

“Is that a lullaby?” John’s voice was quiet, as if he didn’t want to break the tangible peace that hung in the air.

Lita nodded slowly. “My mom sang it to me when I couldn’t sleep at nights. Always makes me sleepy.” She yawned and shivered a little.

Glancing over at Lita, John realized she must have been cold. She was in her pajamas; boxer shorts and a tank top. And the night was cool. He shrugged off his jacket and put it over Lita’s shoulders. “You’ll catch a cold if you don’t keep warm.”

Lita blushed again. Now that she thought about it, John had been doing nice things for her since day one. She’d been grumpy about them at the time, but now she looked back on them with a smile.

“Hey John?” She looked over at him.

He turned his head to face her. “Yeah?”

“Why did you pay for my CD that time?”

John was silent for a while, and then said, “I felt like doing something nice for someone in need.”

Lita smiled.

“But I didn’t know how much of a pain you’d turn out to be,” he teased.

Lita punched him in the shoulder.

“Just kidding…” He murmured, rubbing his shoulder, which had gone numb. Dang, she’s stronger than she looks…

Lita rubbed the back of her head, and said, “Eheh… sorry about that…” She’d never been able to realize her own strength.

They both stared out over the Colorado streets for a while longer, and then Lita stood up. “Well, I’m gonna head back down. See you ‘round, John.” She walked over to the door, and paused for a moment. She turned to glance at John, but he wasn’t sitting any more. He had stood up, and was walking toward the door. Lita blushed, having been caught in the act of a romantic double take. She was about to turn back around and shrug it off when John reached out to stroke a lock of her hair that had fallen over her eyes away.

It was a very gentle stroke, like the touch of a feather brushing across Lita’s cheek.

She stood frozen to the spot, staring at John. His eyes were so soft, too; much softer than she’d ever seen them before. She was sure that John could hear the beating of her heart’s drums, and he was the one making that tune. It was those eyes that stared at her that played her heart like a drum.

The moment lasted more than ten seconds. Then, John seemed to think better of something, and looked away. Lita was almost positive she could see a slight blush in his cheeks.

Without looking back at her, John brushed past and through the open door to the stairs.

Lita stood, still frozen to the spot, for a few minutes longer, pulling John’s jacket further over her arms. He’d forgotten to get it back. She made her way as if in a dream back to her apartment, and fell back asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

. No Excuses .

Birds chirped. Car horns honked. The sun shone through her window onto the floor. A faint breeze brushed Lita’s cheeks.

She sat up suddenly in bed.

Was that a dream…? It all seemed too dream-like to be real.

Did John really do that…? She hadn’t known he could be capable of such tenderness…

What am I going to do now? She wouldn’t be able to face John again…

Lita let herself fall back onto her pillow with a loud groan.

“No, no, no! You just got caught in the moment is all! There was nothing there…” She told herself this a few times.

She turned over in bed to face Ron. She gave him a pleading look.

“It’s simple, really. You love the damn guy.”

Lita shook her head and glared at Ron. “No, that is NOT what you were supposed to say!” She also gave him a pinch on the nose again for his slip of tongue.

“What can I say, I know you best.”

Lita groaned again and turned away from her mutinous Teddy Bear.

After a few minutes more of arguing with her Teddy Bear, Lita heaved herself out of bed and got dressed. She needed to walk around, get whatever it was that was making her blush whenever she thought about John out of her system.

She grabbed her keys on the way out, and couldn’t help slamming the door in her distraction.


Lita looked up and over at the sound. John had been coming down the stairs. Oh, what PERFECT timing! She would have turned around and huddled in the safety of her room if John hadn’t looked so embarrassed.

She grinned. Somehow, his embarrassment gave her strength. “What, am I too loud?”

“No…” John looked as if he were going to turn around and go back into his own apartment, but Lita laughed and grabbed his arm.

“Wait here.”

She dashed inside her apartment, and came back out in a few seconds with John’s jacket.

“You forgot this,” she smiled.

John took the outstretched jacket and started, “Look, about last ni-”

In less than a second, Lita was on her tippy-toes, right in front of John. Neither of them did any talking for a few moments. How could they, with their lips so occupied at the moment?

When they were a little less occupied, Lita’s lips smiled and said, “Don’t make excuses…”

GO HERE for the rest of the story, it wouldn't all fit on one topic ^^'
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