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Posted 7/14/09 , edited 7/19/09
Hey there guys~~!!

Everyone loves reading FullMetal Alchemist and wonder what will happe, who will end up with who? Will Al ever get his body back? Will the Elric brothers get back home? etc, ect, ect... So on and so forth ^______^
So here, let your imagination run wild!!
Write a FullMetal Alchemist fan fiction and it can be about anything your heart desires!! It could be a love story about Edward and Winry or Al gets his body back somehow or Ed and Al somehow get back to their world from beyond the gate!!

- No crude or rude language
- No sexual senses
- Keep friendly with other writers and respect their thoughts and ideas

So get writing and get CREATIVE!!

Hope to read your stories soon!!

State Alchemsit Mearii-chan

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