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Writen by Sorrelfeather

Please use the following format to complete your character. Also wait for approval before roleplaying! Thanks!

Position :
Eye color:
Hair Color:

The positions that you can have are : pet, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, daughter, son, female cousin, male cousin, or family friend.
Use a name that is normal.
The age, weight, and height must be realistic.
The eye color and hair color can be any color.
Do not have a lot of powers.
Keep your likes and dislikes at a minium.
Upload a picture that looks like you.

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Position : Daughter
Name: Rhea
Age: 21
Height: 5'5
Weight:123 lbs.
Eye color: dark pale brown
Hair Color: white
Powers: transforming into a cat, talk to cats
Likes: cats, night, moon
Dislike: mean people
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Oldest Female Cousin
Name: Kyre
Age: 17+
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 172
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Black
Powers: can control shadows and creature of the dark (underlings). she is able to go out in the sun, but she still hates it.
Likes: darkness, death, and dangerous boys. Also loves roses. (mostly black)
Hates: the light, life, and little girls.
Really hates: other girls (unless apart of her family), school with humans, bad tasting blood.

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Konohagakure (Vil...
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Middle Daughter
Name: Hanabi Kitsune
Height:5 feet 9 inch
Weight:88 lbs
Eye color: Red
Hair Color: Brown
Powers:No one knows

3rd oldest daughter
Name: Sana Kitsune
Height:5 feet 9 inch
Weight:125 lbs.
Eye color: Baby Blue
Hair Color: Black.
Powers:Her Voice...........and her music instruments
Likes:Blood,Darkness,Being Alone,Killing
Dislike:Almost everything

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auntie Midnight
Name: Misaki Yamane
Height:5 feet 4 inch
Weight:125 lbs.
Eye color: Red
Hair Color: Black
Powers:Seeing the future, mind control, toxic nails, and waking through the sun
Likes:Blood, flowers, book, and playing the violin
Dislike: liars and garlic
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Second oldest daughter
Name: Katsumi call me Kat for short
Height:5 fet 10 inches
Weight:168(she a lil on the big boned side)
Eye color: brown
Hair Color: black with a touch of purple(depending on the lighting hair looks as if it has silver streaks)
Powers: can control water and ice
Likes:Blood(durr), blue and black roses, waterfalls, real hot vamps
Dislike: tomatoes(they look like blood but takes like crap-they are deceitful), annoying people, most werewolves

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Youngest sister
Name: Kanayuki
Age: 11
Weight:86 lb
Eye color: red
Hair Color: silver with red streak
Powers: can make-up lies at the truth the person believes (eyes turn black), with a snap, can make blood come out of you (for example: snaps @ nose, den d nose bleeds)
Likes: peace and quiet, blood (which vampire doesnt?), books, music, money
Dislike: annoying people, loud people, stories bout vampires being mean

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Second youngest sister :

Name : Yuuen
Age : 13
Height: 5'2 and a half
Weight: 93 lbs
Eye Color : Ruby red
Hair color : Silver but in moonlght it looks white.
Powers : Transformation into a snow leopard (with red eyes), Invisibility, telekinetic (eyes turn black), telepathic, and fore-sight.
Likes : Classical music, the color red, blood, and her favourite pass time is drawing.
Dislikes : Liars, Stealers, cheats, and basically peple who belong in prison.
"My name's Yuuen, but my nicknames En."
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no ones made a guy yet. i guess ill be the first.

Position: Eldest Brother.
Name: Ren
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Eye color: Brown.
Hair Color: Two shades of brown, darker brown near the top of his head and light brown near the tips of his hair.
Powers: Mental Barriers, its impossible to do anything to his mind without him giving permission first. Close hand to hand combat mastery. suck someones energy from their body with physical contact then saves up the energy for emergency situations, he is also able to force someones body to absorb him, so for instance, he can stick his arm through someones body, often uses this for combat when he causes damage to their tissues and cells, to be able to abrorb into soemoens body takes alot of energy and he uses the victems energy quite often to kill his target. does not use his absorption power often, as it tires him out alot.
Likes: classified.
Dislike: classified.

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Position :Family Friend
Eye color:Blue
Hair Color:Black
Powers:Able to speak to animals,water user,training in fighting
Likes:Piano music,girls

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