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M / Visor Lair
Posted 5/18/07 , edited 5/18/07
Here is where we can have some serious forum battles. It would be best if it were one at a time though just to keep things in order. Post chars up here, challenge ppl, and I authorize and judge. You can battle me too and I can assign a judge. I will need a secondary judge for that job preferably a mod. Now let the battles begin. Chars should be well made with limits and powers. They cannot be all powerful and godlike. The char sheet should resemble this.

Additional info:
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Posted 5/18/07 , edited 5/18/07
It might be a good idea to edit your opening post and incorporate some guidelines for character creation, battles and anything else of relevance so that there aren't any problems.
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M / Visor Lair
Posted 5/18/07 , edited 5/18/07
Sure. Thanks for the heads up.

Here are my 2 best chars.

Name: unknown (known to all as Viser Guy)

Age: assumed, 18

Height: 6.6ft

Gender: male

Discription: He wears the Visor Robe at all times so it is unknown to what he actually looks like. The few that know say he is a tall white boy with shining blue spiked hair. He has green eyes that seem to peer into your very being. His clean-shaven face and perfect facial features would make any girl in her right mind blush at the sight of him. He wears a golden visor atop his head and black goggles around his neck. (Like Tai from digimon) He is also wearing a black t untucked atop a pair of dark blue jeans. He has black leather gloves on his hands and a pair of shoes that resemble Sonic's are on his feet. He wears no belt and has a nice digital watch on his right arm very close to his wrist. The watch is wear the gauntlet would be. His figure is nearly perfect with nice muscles and a lean 6 pack. His smile could make a hundred girls drop in an instant.

Hi_Tech Goggles: These goggles allow him to get a clear view of his surroundings in any situation. They can also analyze and pinpoint spots on enemies. They also provide a nice shade on sunny days.

Viser Robe: The regular attire of a Visor Lord and above. It is a flowing red robe that has a black vale covering the face so that nothing can be seen. The entire body is covered so that no one can discern as to who is who among the Visors. This is done because there are some who would like the chosen one to die. This allows for Visor Assassins to pose as the chosen one and speak to the Visors.

The Master Visor: The golden visor he wears atop his head. It has given immense alchemic powers for the great elders of the Visor Clan fused a gold visor with the great Philosopher's stone. It would allow the chosen one to control all other visors within the Visor Clan. It also allows the chosen one the power to enroll anyone into the Visor Clan. So he can accomplish this the Master Visor is able to create an infinite number of duplicates. The duplicates appear as black visors. The chosen one is able to control these duplicates as well as he controls the Master Visor. But the visor is a weapon as well. It can shape shift into whatever the chosen one desires. With his control over the other visors he can shape them into what ever he pleases as well. He can also make them change back into visors at will. But only the chosen one can truly command this power. The Master Visor can also change color when the chosen wills it. This allows the chosen to disguise himself as a lower rank Visor.

Forms of the Visors: These are the known forms that the visors can take and the amount of visors it would take to form it.

Visor Shield: The visor's hole becomes a solid shield. The shield itself is nearly unbreakable but small. It can be enlarged with the addition of more visors. One visor initially but maybe more.

Visor Saw: The visor's lip turns into a cutting blade that goes around the entire ring making it just like a saw. One visor to an endless amount of visors.

Visor Sickle&Chain: The visor snaps apart and forms it's lip into a sickle. The rest of the visor extends out to a good 5 feet with the links and strength of a chain. One visor.

Visor Grapple: The visor is held from the back. The lip shoots out with a chain connecting it to the ring. The lip can be pulled back in like a grappling hook. One visor

Visor Sword: The visor snaps open and it's lip begins to have a hole in it. The lip becomes a kind of rapier sword handle. The rest of the visor extends to a little over 2 feet and sharpens into a blade. One visor or two visors.

Visor Punch Dagger: He holds the visors at the ends as they close around his fists. The lips of the visors become sharp blades. One or two visors.

Visor Gauntlets: The lip molds around his fist to become a hard metal plating. The straps twist around his forearm turning into metal as well. One or two visors.

Visor Double Sided Blade: The visors snap apart with the two ends connecting. The ends then form into a strong wide handle. The two lips facing opposite sides turn into about 2 foot sharp blades. Two visors.

Visor Blade Gauntlet: More visors are added to the gauntlet to make a sharp blade extend from each side of his fists. Making four blades around his fist. The blades can rotate to create a more devastating weapon. This can only be used on one hand as it takes two hands to make. Four Visors.

Visor Powers:
The Bestowing: Being the chosen one he has the ability to enroll anyone into the Visors by placing a visor atop their head and saying. "I grant you the privilege of being in the Clan of the Visors. With that I bestow upon you the symbol of our clan. Welcome, Visor."

The Promotion: Being the chosen one he is allowed to promote any visor up a rank by saying. "I promote you to rank( Visor to Visor Knight to Visor Bishop to Visor Lord to Visor Apprentice to Visor Assassin.)

The Banishing: Being the chosen one he is allowed to banish any Visor from the clan of the Visors. He does this by placing the pointer and middle fingers on his visor's lip. He then takes a firmer grip by placing his thumb under his visor's lip. He then makes perfect synched eye contact with the Visor that is too be banished. Then he says, "I now Banish you from the Clan of the Visors. You are not worthy!" He then pulls on the lip of his visor. At that moment the visor on the Visor's head as little spikes come out of it that dig into the Visor's head. That visor is then ripped from the Visor's head and returns to the chosen one's hands. This has been known to severely injure the head as well as snap the neck and even sometimes rip the head off.

Visor Clones: Using the Visor Robe he can throw out a few visors which stay stationary and move with the chosen one. They are not truly clones but holograms projected by the visors. They cannot be hit and cannot do any damage they are meant to distract the enemy and allow the chosen one to hide.

Bio: No one knows the chosen’s true name. Nor do they know when he obtained the Master Visor. The chosen appears to be about 18 but his true age is unknown. The legend goes that he was just a normal boy until that fateful day when he found it. He was walking around an old abandoned building when he stumbled into a secret room. There atop a pedestal sat the Master Visor. He took it and put it upon his head. It fit perfectly without having to be adjusted. He then heard the voice of the elders telling him of how the clan had died. At their request he made it his sole duty to rebuild the clan. Although he did not like his title, the chosen one. He thought it to be too cliché. So he took upon a new name. He called himself Viser Guy. He did this in this way because he wore a visor on his head and was the master of his clan. Making a perfect fusion of the words and then adding the word guy. That is how the clan tells his story anyhow. Very few know the truth but it is rumored that he made the Master Visor in an experiment to help build the clan. People needed someone to look up to and something to believe in so it was easy to gain members. Viser Guy also challenged some people and the ones he beat grew into his following for he would leave a visor with each defeated opponent. Then the truth got lost in the mystical clan. He has never been seen without the Master Visor. It is a fact that he almost never takes it off. Very few have seen him with it off, they have not lived to tell the tale.

Additional info: He can use the Master Visor as weapon but it has never before been seen. To add a little mysteriousness to him I will not post his abilities while wielding the Master Visor for it is unknown as to what they are. I know them but no one else does. I will post them when and if he uses them.


Name: Zin Kumnora

Age: 25

Height: 6.6ft

Gender: male

Description: Disregard the weapon on the pic and replace with Pillar. Also his eyes are gray, almost like they are not there at all.

Ninja Rank: Shinobi(=anbu)(but works mostly as a free range ninja and supports himself with a dojo)

Original Village:Village of Smoke.

Summoning Headband: The headband is marked on the inside with summoning inscriptions that summon an infinite amount of ninja tools to Zin. All Zin has to do is have one of each tool in each pocket when headband is put on.

Pillar: a magical double sided blade, edged on opposite ends, which is able to turn into smoke with Zin. Because it has the power of smoke which also allows Zin to control it's trajectory when thrown with his smoke manip. Also if Pillar brakes it turns into smoke and fixes itself.(unbreakable)
This is Pillar except blades are longer and thicker and the handle is also longer.

Infinite number of Exploding Shurikens:due to his headband. The shurikens are not normal; they are specially crafted to explode on contact.

Infinite number of Smoke Bombs:(same reason as shurikens). Smoke bombs are used to perform his Jutsus.

Whirlwind Shuriken: giant shuriken that comes back after being thrown.

Phys. Techs:
Saw Strike: Holds sword in middle while flipping in midair at the opponent.

Helicopter Strike: Hovers in air by spinning blade and dive bombs opponent.

Hurricane Strike: Spins on ground while holding blade in middle moving towards opponent.

Smoke Pillar: Zin slides with leg extended at enemy. Hitting the enemy off balance and maybe even tripping them. Zin moves into a crouch holding Pillar above his head and spins it while jumping up into the enemy slicing up them or bringing them into the air with him.

Rain of Fire: Zin jumps into air and spins like a top. Zin then takes out shurikens (from his tool pockets, right hand to right pocket and vice versa) throwing them every second making it a continuous rain of shurikens going in every direction. This move does not have an end. Zin ends it by choice or being knocked out of it.

Ninja Techs:
Smoke Manipulation (manip): Zin is able to control the Smoke due to him being smoke.

Smoke Mode: Zin throws down a smoke bomb. Zin then uses manip having the smoke circle his weapon or fists and feet. Making him gain the smoke attribute added to all of his attacks giving them a blast of smoke that is shot out at the end of the attack. Also allows them to still hit slightly if he misses slightly. This also gives Zin an incredible speed boost due to the fact that smoke bursts out of his feet after every step propelling him foward at an excelled rate. The more smoke bombs used in this tech the stronger and faster Zin becomes. This mode is infinite only deactivating when Zin wills it to or gets knocked out.

Smoke Cannon: Zin throws down a smoke bomb. Zin then manips it in to a ball that shoots at the enemy.

Smoke Prison: Zin throws down a smoke bomb. Zin then manips it into a prison that conceals the enemy. The prison is 1m wide plus the width of the enemy in all directions and its sides are curved. It is very hard to break out of but not impossible. The enemy has a few split seconds to get out but if done casually a limb will be caught.

Slicing Smoke: While enemy is in covered in smoke, Zin uses Smoke manip to change the smoke into sharp winds that cut the enemy.

Smoke Shield: Zin throws down a smoke bomb. Zin then manips it to conceal him in a barrier of smoke.(Zin cannot attack while in this, also it is breakable)

Smoke Jump: Zin can teleport through the use of smoke. As long as there are 2 or more plumes of smoke Zin can jump into one and come out another or travel through a stream of smoke.

Smoke Clones: Zin manips the smoke into exact replicas of himself to confuse the enemy with. The clones are solid and will hurt if they make contact. When hit the clones burst into smoke attempting to blind and trap the enemy in smoke.

Unique Jutsus:
Smoke Shape: Zin becomes smoke for a few seconds making him immune to any attack. He has the ability to use this 10 times.

Smoke Collector: Zin is able to use smoke to gather info. Zin can see from the metaphorical eyes of any smoke plume he knows of, can see, or is maniping. Zin can also hear every sound wave the smoke comes in contact with which means he can over hear conversations that the smoke is near.

Smoke Grenade: Zin breathes out one breath of smoke into his hand forming the same ball he uses in the Finale. Zin then rushes at the enemy shoving the ball of smoke into their chest. The smoke ball enters the body and starts to react figuring out that it cannot react correctly it blows up from inside the chest of the opponent normally killing them.

Smoke Symphonies: Smoke stays thick due to manip throughout all symphonies, this area of smoke can not be lifted by any means due to Zin using his full power of manipulation.

Smoke Symphony Verse 1: Zin blows smoke out of his mouth that covers the entire area in a thick cloud of smoke. While in the smoke Zin makes smoke clones in a complete circle around the enemy. Zin and the clones then start throwing a shuriken at every angle so they come from everywhere and it is hard to dodge or figure out where Zin is. During this Zin manips the smoke into sharp blades that cut the enemy as they pass, which is almost every second. This last about 3 mins.

Smoke Symphony Verse 2: Zin breaths even more smoke out to make the smoke even thicker. Zin throws the whirlwind shuriken and Pillar into the fray to slice his enemy. Zin uses Smoke Jump to charge out from random spots in the smoke directly at his opponent and striking at them then smoke jumping away giving them almost no time to reply. Then the whirlwind shuriken and Pillar come in to make their attack. Zin then repeats this cycle of him then Pillar and the Whirlwind 5 times.

Smoke Symphony Finale: Zin breaths out a big ball of and smoke takes it into his hands focusing it into a ball of pure smoke energy. He then shoves it into his chest making him one with the smoke that surrounds him and the opponent. Zin now moves with the smoke because he is it. His fist will materialize in front of the opponent and strike the opponent. This is repeated with the other fist and both legs then Pillar. This is then repeated 3 times.

Smoke Symphony Encore: Zin lets out 3 breaths of smoke in one giant wave of smoke. Zin then takes some of the smoke and focuses it into the pure ball of smoke that he then shoves into his chest. Smoke now completely covers the area. You can see nothing but smoke. Now that Zin's body has become one with the smoke all that was visible was an endless amount of smoke. Zin's hands then appear away from the enemy, each one throwing a shuriken at him. The hands disappear and reappear in a new spot throwing shurikens in second intervals of each other. During this Zin manips the smoke into sharp blades that cut the enemy as they pass, which is almost every second. This is continued until they mimicke verse 1. During this Pillar shoots out from one side of the enemy heading straight for him. It attacks just like verse 2 disappearing after every attack and randomly reappearing and attacking again. During this Zin's legs suddenly appear in front of the enemy kicking him. Zin's legs disappear after each kick and reappear in a different spot kicking the enemy again, mimicking the finale and verse 2. Zin then rematerializes.

Bio: Zin is the middle sibling of the Kumnora clan in his village. Zin's older brother is Kiel and his younger sister is Neena. Zin was born with his breath as smoke due to a reaction his body had while being born around a lot of smoke. Although because his breath is smoke he has a limited supply of air. His mask allows him to breath air by chemically changing it into smoke. The smoke in his lungs is saved allowing him to breath easily. Zin being smoke is like a prodigy of the perfect smoke ninja. All in his clan look up to him as the perfect ninja. Zin started out normal becoming an apprentice ninja at 5 and graduating at 9. Zin then become an adept ninja at 11, elite ninja at 13, and shinobi at 15. Zin left the village at the age of 20 because of a fight over him becoming the next lord of the village. Zin, not wanting the position, left as not to be bothered again. Zin’s brother Kiel wants to kill him proving that he is stronger, for he believes that the older sibling should be stronger than the younger sibling. Being unique and amazingly powerful in his village he was given the Summoning Headband and Pillar as congratulations on being the only ninja so far to reach shinobi at 15.

Additional info: Zin has 10 breaths of smoke as of now. It takes him 1 day to recharge his smoke completely. A verse of the Smoke Symphony requires one breath of smoke. The exception to that is the Encore takes 3 breaths, also the Smoke Grenade takes one breath. He can do the verses in any order or any combo. Zin can also breath in smoke that does not come from his body to regain power, say a fire. Zin’s moves require a small amount of chakra. All his abilities come from him being able to control smoke, cause he is smoke, and the smoke bomb he throws to start it. Zin's suit has 2 tool pockets, one on the top of his right leg and the other on the top of his left leg. Both pockets have an endless # of tools in them due to his headband.
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M / London
Posted 6/10/07 , edited 6/10/07
Name:chi (blood)
Equipment:a 2 point shuriken made out of his solidified blood stronger than he cuts his wrist to summon it he also solidifies his blood in his
Weapons: a 2 foot katana witch can be chanched into any shape made of his solidified blood stronger than any metal witch he creates by stabing any ordinary sword into his stomach
heal: he heals his wounds but only the ones that he made himself and not that done by others
he has blood manipluation but he must cut himself to get the blood he cansolidfy his blood to a substance harder than any metal to create a shieal (if this confuses anyone just picture gaara but replace the sand with blodd
blood out-forces 5 pints of his enemys blood to gush fom there mouth
blood wave-creates a wave of blood and drowns his enemys with it
detenation- bloows up area around dead bodys using blood as a explosive
puudle- turns into a puudle of blood witch can fit under the smallets gaps good for escapes
blood clone- cut himself and his blood turns into clones of himself
Bio: at the age of 3 emperor doxummo's secrect amy of ninja's arrivived at chi's home town of aikan (sadness and joy) and slaghtered everybody living there and emmpteid all the blood into a tub and droned chi in it and left him to drown he woke up 4 years later with 1 goal kill the one who destroyed his town

Additional info:alot of his justsus uses up alot of his energy so he mainly uses basic blood manipluation he also has weak

discription:wheres a black hood and cape hood covers eyes cape goes to waste torso is black breast plate undeneath red long sleved riped shirt black baggy trousers and red boots
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Posted 6/18/07 , edited 6/18/07

(Sorry I realized I don't have time...)
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28 / M / s'pore
Posted 6/18/07 , edited 6/18/07
[lol... Viser... you create another time-bomb again.. i'll join~!]
name:Hiroyuki Shota
Age :17
Height: 175cm
Gender: male/demon
Description : Regular casual clothes, Tears off sleeves when fighting

Equipment : light shoulder guards and a plate to cover up his stomach, the plate is connected to his waist thus making it look like a belt too.

Weapons : Haru- a pair of arm guards with powers to amplified Shota's demonic strength by heaps and bounds. Each of the guars has 3 pairs of talismens floating on it, it give a massive boost of power for each time Shota releases one.
Tsuki no fuuin( Seal of the moon)- A blue-ish ring that reflects a slivery colour when shined by the moon. This ring allows Shota to mantain in a form of Human and also to seal Shota's massive youki. However, the rings loses it powers on a full moon, thus showing Shota's true form again. The ring regains its powers when sun rise.

Powers: -Sharp eyes to catch almost every movement
-Fairly shocking speed
-high regeneration
-brute strength

Bio :What seems to be just a regular cheerful teacher lies a his true form… Hiroyuki shota is a demon from a powerful tribe known for a bloodline that runs only on their tribe… Shota was the son of chief of the tribe and became the leader after the mysterious death of his father and his elder brother second in command. His brother took the chance of claiming the leadership of the tribe when shota fallen in love with a human priestess he met in mishap. His life was saved by the priestess when his brother launched a sneak attack on him, sealed in a mirror during the occurrence, shota witnessed the slaughtering of the priestess and was left in regrets for life until he met Konoe konoka which he believes is her recarnation.

Additional info: Shota now serves Konoka as a bodyguard by his own free-will and also as a transfered teacher in her school.
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