Kdramas.. why do you think they are the best?
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Posted 7/15/09 , edited 7/15/09
I'm a certified Kdrama addict and for me, Korea is the best drama-producing country.

Why I say so?

1. I like the way Korean actors and actresses act. they are not over-acting and they act naturally.

2. I like the story line, it's not boring, Every kdama is unique in its own way.

3. I like the setting. Most Kdramas feature the beauty of Korea. (that's why I like to go there in the future)

4. I like the OSTs!

5. I like everything about them!

To my fellow Kdrama addict, why do you think Kdramas are the best? (Give me at least 3 reasons)

Posted 7/15/09 , edited 7/15/09
i enjoy the way it gets more interesting as the plot thickens. ^^
its also in more depth as they are much longer dramas ;D
you just gotta love it i guess. (:
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You can discuss this in the main KDrama thread.
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