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Hey everyone. Below you'll find three endings to the anime, two which are fan-made, and one which is the real ending from the manga. Please read below:

***Ending 1 (fan made)
tom9984 from here wrote this ending:

Pete wakes up from his coma (he survived the crash somehow). The next day, Pete shows up at Tazusa's school and surprises her.Tazusa is shocked and starts crying. She tells him she loves him, and they kiss. The End.


*** (Ending two - manga ending) And BlackFate contributed the manga ending::

Two weeks after the end of the olympics and the supposed passing on of Pete, a canadian boy wakes up from a coma in a city in Japan. He has a full recollection of his time with Tazusa and figures out that the plane accident didn't actually kill him, but it put him in a coma for quite some time. Some weird stuff happens (can't remember it all, sorry) and pete ends up running into Tazusa in her city...then comes the love guys can figure out what happens there.


***Ending three - (fan made) Reiven in this page wrote an alternate ending to the anime:

..............................................................Dreams and Reality By Reiven

“Was it real?”

Tazusa couldn’t stop herself from wondering from time to time. The days, it seemed so short looking back on it, she’d spent with Pete sharing her body, sharing her agony (or mostly the one she inflicted on herself to get back at him) and everything else that came along with it; had it really happened, or had it just been from built up stress as Yoko and her coach told her?

She didn’t want to believe it. Pete’s company, hearing his voice in her head (looking back on it, she thought he had a very sweet melody to his voice), being forced to listen to his advice that--in the hindsight--had only done to help her; provide a sense of reasoning, but at that time, she thought he was trying to annoy her by doing so.

She’d heard someone say once, ‘things are only as real as you believe them to be’; this applied to Pete in Tazusa’s mind. She wanted him to be real; she realized that at one point after coming to the conclusion that eating tomatoes or torturing herself didn’t help get rid of him. She didn’t want him to leave, because she’d grown attached to him, to hearing his voice in her head and having him inhabit her body even though it was hard getting changed and she didn’t feel comfortable going to the bathroom.

She missed Pete. She loved Pete.

It was an absurd notion, that. Falling in love with a ghost inhabiting your body. It was a sure-win script for cheesiest plot line and Tazusa probably would have ended up laughing out loud at the cinema if such a movie ever came out…at least, she would have. Now, she’d look on and cry. She almost cries all the time, especially when her mind begins to ask questions like: was it just a figment of her imagination? Because it pains her to think that.

She misses Pete, and bit-by-bit, the memory of him is slowly fading away. One day, she fears, that she would look back on those days and say that it wasn't real. Pete didn’t exist, only in the confines of her over imaginative mind.

She walks around town by herself a few times a week, looking at the arcade, the cinema, glancing at the Canadian embassy when she passes by just so that she remembers. Those places, where the memory of Pete is still fresh in her mind, make her smile; a small one of longing and memories. She sees the joy on the faces of the couples on the street, the ones sitting in a booth sharing an ice-cream and the ones sitting side by side on the park bench doing nothing. It pains her to think that no matter how much she thinks of Pete, he’s still only a blank space in her mind, a faceless entity.

She loved Pete, but she didn’t even know what he looked like.

On many occasions she’d found herself musing over what he would have looked like. He was an aviator, he was a teenager and he was from Canada. She expected him to be blonde, because that what how she stereotypically categorised foreigners; blonde and blue eyed. Was he fat or skinny? Short or tall? Fair skinned or tanned?

She wanted to know these details, but at the same time, she was afraid that it wouldn’t align properly with the image of Pete her mind had thought up.

When one television announcer spoke though a large glass window of one of the many shops along the road, she only vaguely heard the sound of his voice. The words were like slurred mumbles as far as she was concerned. When he said; “…shocking tragedy involving the young upstart, Pete Pumps…” Tazusa straightened up and took notice.

Blonde hair and blue eyes; just like she’d imagined. The kind face and bright smile that light up the entire room. This was Pete Pumps. Tazusa gasped, hand flying to her mouth as the image burned itself into her mind. This was Pete Pumps. His kind face, the aura that surrounded him. He looked nothing like how she’d imagined him to look like, and yet, it seemed rightly so.

This was Pete Pumps and looking at his face made Tazusa cry tears of sorrow and of joy.

She watched on, silent except for the hitched sobs; motionless except for the tears that streamed slowly down the side of her face as the video showed images of Pete from past interviews. It showed his face, smiling and full of emotion. She heard his voice again, and knew without a doubt that this was him. She saw his flight shows and saw that day, on the ice. She thought of Pete and a rush of memories came flooding back, this time, to stay.

She stared at Pete and knew that she loved him, and will always.

That night, when Yoko came into her room, she stared peculiarly at the object occupying her sisters bed table, but then a sly smile spread across her face as she said; “Tazu-nee has a boyfriend!”

Tazusa just looked at the shorter girl, her face blank and eyes dim. She looked between Yoko and towards the table where the frame sat, occupying a newspaper cut out of Pete (the inset photo from the day he died that she’d printed out from the library’s database) and she allowed a small, uncharacteristic, sombre smile to curl. “No…He’s the ghost that lived in my body.”

That was all that needed to be said.
The end.

*All credit goes to the corresponding contributors. I just put them all three together to share with the community. We all know the anime has a disappointing ending, so I put these 3 endings together to share with those that felt down after watching that ending. Let's hope an OVA is released sometime. Feel free to share your thoughts with me if you want to talk about Ginban Kaleidoscope
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