Sora~ A Different Tale characters and plots
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Posted 7/15/09 , edited 7/16/09
Plot: The story of a love that can't come true and the darkness
and dread that will happen when Airi comes into contact with
Sora, even after all these horrible things, will she still come to love him?
Natsume Sora: A boy whose family died in an accident. because of the accident he lost all his memories
and now he lives with his uncle. but his uncle belongs into an Assassins Association so when Sora turns 12 he becomes
a murderer. Now, he's become a cold and heartless killer who doesn't know love or emotional pain.
Until he met her....

Tsukasa Airi/Alyssa Tsukasa A foreign exchange student from Canada, she's in Japan because
her family decided to return to their home country but that's only a cover.
The truth is that when she was small her father went missing and her mom became a drug addict due to stress
so Airi went to live with her aunt in Japan. her aunt is just about never home and is very strict so about half the time
Airi fends off for herself. She puts on a friendly and cheerful face in front of people but that's not the real her.
When she meets Sora her facade starts to crack.

Original Characters:
Natsume Sora (boy) Note: I'm pretty sure the name means Summer Sky)
Tsukasa Airi (girl)
Yukishiro Miyu (girl)
Tanaka Seiji (boy)
Haruka Akane(girl)
Yuuta Jun (boy)
Yamata Daichi (boy)

PPL who want to be a person in the original character list just write at the bottom, it's first come first serve!
PPL who want to make up a character in the story fill out the slip below.


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