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Last Updates to the Story ::
July 25 {{ The Big Day }}
July 20 {{ Planning and a Gift }} Cute :3
July 16 {{ Big News }}

Chapter 13

Lizzi pushed the gate open and waved goodbye to Anne, who was in the car backing out of the driveway at this moment. She turned back to the house, and stepped up the path to the door. A maid met her there, and she handed the bags she carried over to be put somewhere to keep, and then went around the house to Mari’s tree, where she knew Mari would be.

Sure enough, she sat up there, reading her book. But it didn’t seem like she was really reading it. She had a glow in her cheeks that Lizzi had never seen before.

“Mari, I’m back,” She called up the tree, and Mari jumped slightly, but smiled down at her.

She’d not been paying attention to her book, or to her surroundings. Her mind was still buzzing, even though Vale had left her nearly an hour before.

They had been sitting on the bench for nearly two hours after lunch, both settled down enormously, and enjoying the company of each other. But Vale had stood up, and, kissing her on the forehead, had told her that he needed to do some work.

Alone with her thoughts, she’d panicked for a few moments, wondering what had gotten into her. But thinking about it… that kiss, made her smile, and she stood up to sit in her tree.

She’d been absorbed in her thoughts since then.

She slowly climbed down the tree, and when her feet were firmly planted on the ground, Lizzi smiled and said, “You really do look very happy today, Mari.” She walked with Mari back to the house, stopping every here and there to admire things of beauty in the garden. And she was happy that her friend was happy, even though she did not know the reason. It was almost time for supper by the time they got into the house, and they sat down in the living room to wait for the bell.

Mari kept wondering how to bring it up. She desperately wanted to tell Lizzi what had happened, but she didn’t know how.

She was in the middle of thinking about this when she heard the bell, and stood up hastily.

“Are you very hungry, Mari?” Lizzi asked with a smile.

Mari glanced down, and said, “You could say that.” Vale would be at supper. She was a little nervous, for some reason. How should she behave in front of Vale now?

As she and Lizzi walked into the dining room, Mari held her breath when she saw Vale already sitting there at the head of the table, as always. He looked up and smiled gently, and Mari smiled back. Lizzi smiled as well, but it was a normal, everyday smile, the same smile she always gave her brother and Mari.

Mari sat down in her chair at Vale’s side, and tried to keep her composure throughout dinner. Vale was remarkably good at it; he’d been doing it for some time.

He knows I want to tell her… he’s letting me give Lizzi the news. She smiled and ate.

After dinner, Mari sat in the living room with Vale and Lizzi reading her book. She glanced up at Vale every few minutes, and once their eyes met and she hastily looked down. Vale chuckled, and Lizzi looked up. “What’s funny, Vale?”

Vale smiled, and said, “Nothing, nothing.” He looked back down at the newspaper.

After a few more minutes of pause, Mari said, “Lizzi, will you help me upstairs?”

Lizzi looked over at Mari and smiled, nodding.

When they were upstairs and in Mari’s room, she closed the door softly and said, “Could you… maybe wash my hair, like you did that first time…?”

Lizzi’s smile softened a great deal, and she nodded. “Of course, Mari.”

Ten minutes later, Mari was sitting in the hot water, Lizzi was rubbing the sweet smelling shampoo into her hair.

“Lizzi, you love Arnold right?”

Lizzi paused, and then said, “Yes, I do love him.”

Mari smiled, and there was an even longer pause. “I love Vale.” She said, suddenly.

Lizzi’s hands stopped moving briefly, but resumed their gentle massaging. “Does that have anything to do with why you’ve been so happy today…?” She stopped, and her eyes widened. She shuffled around the tub to face Mari, her eyes bright. “What exactly happened while I was away?”

Mari hesitated, and hid her face in her hands to hide the blush. “Vale… kissed me… said he loved me…”

Lizzi squealed and lunged at Mari with a hug. She didn’t care that she was wet, or naked for that matter.

“He asked me… to marry him…”

Lizzi hugged her tighter, and pulled her to arm’s length. “And? Are you to be my sister once and for all?” She was so eager for the answer, but she felt she knew it already.

“I- I said yes,” Mari knew she was smiling.

Lizzi screamed from joy and hugged Mari again, getting shampoo on her dress and cheeks.

Once Lizzi had finished congratulating Mari and making sure she was all set for bed, she rushed down to Vale and showered him in hugs and kisses. She could not be more excited for her brother, or for Mari.

Mari sat in bed now, far too excited to sleep. Ginger Cat pushed her door open and came up to her bed, jumping up and curling into a ball at her toes. She held her legs up to her, and rested her chin on her knees.

Even now, there was that flicker of doubt. That little voice was still saying, He’s going to betray me. He’ll break my heart. Thinking about this made that little voice become a monstrous one, and she let herself fall to the side on the bed.

Now what do I do…? I’ve told him I’ll marry him… is this trust full enough? Will you break the trust now? She closed her eyes, trying not to think that way. The worst thing was, she knew that even if he did break her trust… she would still love him, would do whatever he wanted. She needed to know that with herself at his command, he wouldn’t convince her to do something she would regret.

She blew out the candle the illuminated her room, and curled up under he covers, but didn’t sleep for some time.

Light streamed in through Mari’s window and she slowly woke up, rubbing her eyes. She turned over in bed, wondering what the future would hold. She was new to being happy, and it scared her still. She still felt as if her happiness wouldn’t last; like it would slip away from her.

And that was all too true… “Less than a year.”

She shivered slightly, and pulled her knees up to herself. There was a gentle knock on her door, and she looked over to see Lizzi step into her room with the hair-brush. She was smiling wide.

Mari smiled sleepily, and sat up in bed.

“How did you sleep?” Lizzi sat down next to her and started to brush her red curls.

“Not much, and you?”

Lizzi smiled, and said, “Not much actually. I was too excited to sleep a wink.”

Mari smiled and laughed.

They were fairly silent until Lizzi had finished brushing Mari’s hair, and said, “Let’s go down to breakfast, shall we?”

She stood up, and brought Mari her dress. Mari put it on hastily, and followed Lizzi down to the dining room. When she saw Vale sitting at the table, a wave of emotions swept through her. She didn’t know which of the conflicting emotions was strongest…

As Mari ate silently and Vale ate silently, Lizzi looked from one to the other, excited.

“So…” She said, eyes sparkling. “When is the happy day?”

Mari nearly choked on the piece of toast she was swallowing, and Vale looked up, alarmed. “Mari!” He was relieved that he didn’t have to hide his feelings any longer.

Mari held up her hand, and nodded. “I’m alright.” She coughed a little, but nothing too much. She looked up at Lizzi, and said a little awkwardly, “Er, when should it be…?” She felt like she should leave planning things to Vale and Lizzi. She would be no good there; she didn’t know anything about... weddings. The word made her spine tingle… in a bad way.

“The sooner, the better.” Vale’s words surprised Mari. She looked over at him, confused and full of emotion.

Lizzi nodded. “How about… around New Years?” It was the middle of summer now.

Vale shook his head. “Not soon enough…” He looked down at his plate. “One month from now…”

It was Lizzi’s turn to be shocked. “So soon? Is it even possible to plan a wedding in that short a time?”

Mari thought back to Vale’s words yesterday. He’d said he didn’t want to waste any time. She looked up and nodded. “I like that.” Lizzi looked from Mari to Vale, and back to rest on Mari. She smiled, and closed her eyes, giving in.

“A month from now it is.” My, my, they are very eager.

Lizzi finished her meal and stood up hastily. “Then, we need to get to work!” She went around the table to Mari’s seat, and pulled it back, pulling her to her feet. “We need to go shopping, first!” She was smiling from ear to ear, and Mari blinked, baffled as she was led out of the dining room, toast still in hand.

Vale smiled gently, and finished.

Chapter 14

Lizzi pulled Mari gently to the dress shop after getting out of the car. She pushed the door open and called into the room, “Mandy! We have a dire situation on our hands!” Mandy, shocked and worried, went around the desk to meet them.

“Whatever is the problem?” She looked wide eyed at Lizzi, and then Mari.

Lizzi smiled and said happily, “Not ‘problem,’ Mandy! We need a wedding dress, and bride’s maids dresses!”

Mandy blinked in surprise, and her jaw dropped. “Lizzi, has Arnold…?”

Lizzi shook her head, excited but a little stung by that, and said, “No, Mari is the one getting married!”

Mandy’s hands flew to her mouth, and she gasped. “Who would the very lucky man be then? Is it that young Thomas?”

Again Lizzi shook her head. “It is Vale.”

Mandy smiled bright, and took Mari’s hands. “Congratulations! You will be very happy, I am sure.” She led them back to the desk again, and already working out a design that would make Mari look like the most beautiful thing on the face of the Earth.

“There is one slight problem, though.”

Mandy looked over at Lizzi, puzzled. “Whatever could be the problem?”

Lizzi hesitated, and said, “We have one month.”

Mandy’s hands went to her forehead this time and she felt as if a strong gust of wind had blown her off her feet. “One month!”

Lizzi nodded, and grinned as they got to work on a design.

Half way through their talking, as Mandy was asking about adding some frills on the sleeves, Mari spoke up for the first time. She’d been leaving it to Lizzi. “Er… I don’t want anything too fancy… not too... complicated.”

Mandy looked at Mari, and Lizzi smiled. “Then that is what you shall get!”

Mandy nodded slowly and scratched off the design on the paper in front of her. “I know just the thing, then.” Mari smiled, and Lizzi nodded.

“Well, then, we’ll leave it to you. I trust you’ll be able to make a beautiful dress that will be exactly perfect.”

Mandy waved them out then, and continued in her work.

“Where are we going next, Lizzi?” Mari sat at the little table by the window in the bakery.

Lizzi thought for a few moments, and nodded to herself. “We go to the Church to set up a date.”

Mari tilted her head slightly, and said, “The wedding’s going to be at the church?”

Lizzi looked over at Mari and raised her eyebrows. “Is there somewhere else you wanted, Mari?”

Mari looked down, and thought about it. She really wasn’t all too familiar with the workings of weddings. “Um, what about in the garden?”

Lizzi smiled warmly, and nodded. “That sounds lovely, Mari. We’ll still go to the Church though, to get Father Blake for the day.”

Mari stepped through the halls of the Church, not at all too comfortable within its walls. She’d never been to church before her recent new life started, and she still wasn’t used to it. She felt out of place there, and often didn’t go. It wasn’t much problem though, because Lizzi and Vale only went when she did.

Their meeting with the Father was quick, and a little awkward for Mari. The date was set; August 27th. Father Blake took Mari’s hands and gave her and Vale his blessing with warm eyes.

Next up was the flower nursery. The ceremony was going to be held in the garden, but they needed countless flowers to make the place bright and colorful.

Mrs. Hartfurd was excited and eager to be decorating for the occasion, and showed Lizzi and Mari a selection of flowers she could have ready by the time they needed them. Lizzi nodded, and Mari smiled at each one of the flowers.

The nursery was the last stop for the day, and Mari was quite worn out by the time they made their way back to the car, and closed her eyes all the way back. She didn’t know planning a wedding would be this tiring.

Lizzi helped her out of the car when they got back home, and was leading her inside when Mari stopped and said, “I’ll sit outside for a few moments before going in. Could you call me when it’s time for supper?”

Lizzi nodded with a gentle smile, and Mari walked around to the garden in the back. She stepped along the path through the different colors of flowers, and stopped at the bench… the same spot where her life had seemed to change so much.

She sat down on it, and leaned back with her eyes closed to rest. After a few minutes, she heard the light click, click of Vale’s shoes on the path. She was too tired to smile though, and it might have even looked like she was asleep.

He sat down next to her and whispered, “Mari, I’m going to kiss you again.”

She nodded slowly, and felt his lips press gently to hers. It was brief, and gentle, and when it was over, she leaned over so that her head rested on his shoulder. Be careful, Mari. You never know what he’ll do, with your eyes closed like that. The nagging voice in the back of her head compelled her to open her eyes. She sighed, and when Vale reached over to lay his hand on top of her hand, she hesitated slightly before turning her hand so that she held his.

Hesitantly, Mari spoke. “D-did Lizzi tell you about today’s shopping?”

Vale shook his head.

“The day… is the twenty-seventh of August… a little more than three weeks from today.”

Vale smiled, and Mari could feel his heart beat faster. “And then you will be my wife.”

Mari almost flinched when she heard the word. She wasn’t sure she was ready for such language.

They had been sitting like that for some time when Lizzi snuck up and said through her giggling, “I hate to interrupt this, but supper’s ready!”

Mari had by then closed her eyes again, and they shot open in surprise. She was embarrassed at being caught like this, and scrambled to get up hastily.

That night as Mari sat in bed, she thought about the looks on Benjamin’s and Tom’s faces when they’d heard the news that evening. The whole gang had been invited over after dinner, and told about the coming celebration.

Tom and Benjamin had both been very still for a few moments, but had forced themselves to smile bright for Mari’s sake. Mari had asked Lizzi to keep the knowledge of Benjamin’s and Tom’s confessions a secret, and it seemed that the two young men were of the same idea. It didn’t seem like anyone else knew, and would never know. Of course, Mari would tell Vale soon… but she didn’t know how to.

Katharine had been very happy for Mari, and so had Anne. They had both hugged her hard and hopped and skipped around. Arnold seemed very pleased as well, because Lizzi was so happy. But Mari could see a little flicker of… was it doubt in his eyes?

“Congratulations!” They had all chorused.

There were cheers and they had made Mari go sit with Vale. She hadn’t been completely objecting, but it made her feel uncomfortable, with everyone there.

And now, she was in bed and wondering what on Earth was happening. In the span of a few days, so many things had changed. Her world had been flip-flopped all of a sudden and she felt as if she were floating amongst the stars, so small and insignificant.

Ginger Cat pushed his way into her room and jumped onto her bed. He pawed his way to where he head was, and pushed her forehead against her cheek before flopping down next to her, purring. She stroked his fur until she was asleep.

Since Mari didn’t know anything about how weddings were supposed to go, she asked Lizzi the next day to describe what weddings were like.

Lizzi smiled dreamily and sat back in her seat. “Well, when the ceremony starts, The groom is standing at the alter with his Best Man, waiting for the bride.” She looked at Mari, and flourished with her hands. “And then the music starts, and the bride walks down the isle with her father, followed by the Maid of Honor and Bride’s Maids! Then her father gives her away to the groom and the vows are exchanged, then the rings… and then!” She paused for suspense. “Then, the kiss! And then the party, of course.” She winked.

One thing about what Lizzi had said had made Mari shiver. “With her father,” What did she do if she didn’t have a father…? Or if the only man that could be considered a father was someone she despised and couldn’t think about?

Lizzi noticed Mari’s look of trouble, and tilted her head. “Is something wrong Mari?”

She looked down, and said, “I don’t have a father…”

Lizzi blinked, and looked down, ashamed of letting herself get carried away and forgetting that fact. “Oh, right… Is there anyone you would count as a Father?”

Mari looked down and shook her head.

“Then we’ll have to do without one.” Lizzi smiled warmly at Mari, and took her hand.

Mari nodded, a little bit mollified. But there were more questions. “Also… what are Bride’s Maids and the Maid of Honor?”

Lizzi smiled, and said, “Brides Maids are people that the Bride really trusts. They’re usually her best friends. The Maid of Honor is considered to be the most important of any of the Maids.”

Mari looked up then, and smiled. “Then I’ll have You, Anne and Katharine as mine. And you’ll be the Maid of Honor, Lizzi?”

Lizzi blinked, and smiled, tears welling. The fact that Mari valued her friendship that much warmed her heart a great deal, and she embraced Mari warmly. “Of course I will!”

Just after dinner that day, Vale asked Mari if she would walk with him in the garden. She looked up, puzzled, but accepted the invitation.

Lizzi smiled as the two left her to go outside, into the late light.

Mari had hesitantly slid her arm through his when he offered it to her, and they now walked slowly through the summer flowers in the garden, making their way to the wooded paths.

Mari pointed to various bugs she still didn’t know, and asked Vale what their names were, and what they did. She asked him a few questions about things she’d seen around town or things she’d read about in books.

Eventually they had reached a deeper part of the wooded portion of their property, where there was a light and a bench. Mari was tired, and so they sat down.

The sun was setting behind the trees, but the light above them kept it light enough to see clearly, and Vale looked over at Mari, sitting next to him while she caught her breath. She was looking down at her hands in her lap. Vale smiled, and got up to rest on his knees in front of her.

He slowly reached his hand out and took Mari’s chin gently in it, lifting it so that she was eye-to-eye with him. For a while, he just looked into her eyes, wondering what she was thinking about. “I’m going to kiss you now,” he said, leaning closer.

Their lips met, and Mari closed her eyes. Vale had kissed her at least once every day since that day. She was getting used to the act itself, but could never get used to the feeling.

Vale pulled away, and when Mari opened her eyes, he shook his head. “No, keep your eyes closed for a moment more, Mari.” She tilted her head slightly, but closed her eyes as he wished.

Vale took her hand in his, and held it for a few moments, and then she felt something slide onto her finger. Vale’s voice then. “Open your eyes now.”

She did, and looked down at what was on her finger. What she saw took her breath away. On her finger, was a beautiful ring. It sparkled with a diamond’s brilliance, and she stared at it for some time, before looking up at Vale, confused.

Vale smiled gently and took her hands in his again. “I’m sorry it’s a little late, but I hope you like it.” She was still looking puzzled, so he explained gently. “You see, usually a man presents a ring to a woman when he proposes to her, as a promise of his feelings. Unfortunately, I didn’t have one on me when I asked you so suddenly, so it’s a bit late.” He smiled and looked down, as if abashed.

Mari looked down at the ring on her finger again, and smiled a little. “I… I didn’t need a ring…” Her fair cheeks were pink with embarrassment.

Vale put his forehead to hers, and whispered, “I know you didn’t, Mari. But you deserve one.” He kissed her again, and then helped her up and walked her back to the house.

Lizzi grinned when they walked into the house together, and looked expectantly at Mari’s left hand. Vale had showed her the ring to make sure it was acceptable beforehand.

“It looks lovely on you, Mari,” she said on the way up to bed, and Mari looked down at it again, smiling and nodding.

Chapter 15

A little over a week later Mari stepped into the shop with Lizzi, nervous and self-conscious. Today was fitting day…

Mandy met them almost as soon as they were inside the store, and took Mari’s hand gently, leading her to the back where the fitting was.
A few minutes later, Mari poked her head out of the little room. “D-do I have to come out…?”

Lizzi nodded eagerly, and Mandy said, “We need to make sure it all fits! If we need to do any trimming or tightening, it needs to be done now!” She beckoned Mari out.

Her face red with the knowledge that everyone was looking at her alone, she stepped slowly from behind the curtain into the mirrored room. Lizzi gasped, and Mandy nodded her head in approval.

Mari stepped in front of the tri-fold mirrors, and gasped as Lizzi had done. The dress… it was beautiful. And it made her look beautiful! She couldn’t believe the transformation!

She lifted her arms, clad in white silk sleeves, and gazed at them. The ring sparkled on her hand…

She looked back up at the mirror; at how the dress fell from her hips to the ground, how it hung from her shoulders, and couldn’t help noticing that her breasts looked… well, bigger, nicer… more refined. The dress was so perfect for her.

Mandy messed around with the hem at the ground, and nodded slowly. “A few inches from the bottom…” She glanced at the sleeves. “Arms good… Shoulder width good. Bust, waist, hip size good.” She looked up at Mari and smiled. “Just a tad shorter and it’s perfect! I can have it all done tomorrow. Come by whenever you need and pick it up.” She ushered Mari back to the fitting room to change back into her own clothes. “Just make sure the young man doesn’t see it until you get to the alter!”

Mari tilted her head in confusion, and Lizzi explained the superstition about the groom seeing the dress before the bride walks to the alter. She frowned, not believing in superstition, but thinking it would be a good idea to stick to this one.

Mandy gently took the dress from her when she’d finished and come back out, and said to Lizzi, “You, Anne and Katharine should come in today or tomorrow as well, to make sure the Maid’s dresses fit.”

Lizzi nodded. “We’ll be in later today, then.”

She and Mari left the shop, and went back to the house for lunch. Mari was so tired after lunch that she went upstairs to rest while Lizzi went out with the girls. All the activity of the past few weeks had taken their toll on Mari, and she had started coughing a little more. She hadn’t had any coughing fits yet, but she wanted to play it safe. She slipped into bed, and lay there staring at the ceiling for a few moments.

Before she knew it, she’d fallen asleep. Her dreams were filled with Vale. Some of it scared her, but most of it just made her happy.

August 27th. Mari sat up as soon as she woke up with the late morning rays of sun streaming through her window. Today’s the day… She got out of bed quickly, and rushed to the tub for a bath. She would have to look her best today.

As she sat in the tub, her mind was buzzing. Today she would be tied to Vale in a way that was real.

And she had the whole “Honeymoon” thing to worry about. Vale had explained to her what a honeymoon was, but he hadn’t told her where they were going.

“It’s a surprise,” he’d said with a happy smile.

They would be leaving right from the after party.

She closed her eyes and submersed her head in the warm, sweet-smelling water. When she came back up, Lizzi was knocking on the door. Mari smiled, and got out of the tub, wrapping a towel around herself. When she got back into her room, she found Anne and Katharine waiting too. Her room was turned into the girls’ dressing room. Three lavender bride’s maid’s dresses hung side by side, with Mari’s silken white one next to them.

The dressing was festive, and filled with smiles. All three maids got their dresses on first, did their hair, and made Mari relax.

When they were ready, all three helped Mari get ready. Lizzi did her hair, Anne did her face, and Katharine colored her nails with a light pink. Had Mari ever been to a spa, she would think this was much like one.

Soon, she was all ready, save one part.

Lizzi carefully took the dress from where it hung, and handed it over to Mari with ceremonious slowness. The bride went behind the screen they’d set up in her room, and carefully slipped the dress on.

When she came out, her friends clapped and cheered. Mari felt a little self-conscious still, but she was among her closest friends. The only pieced of jewelry Mari wore were the necklace Lizzi had given her so long ago, the sparkling ring, and a pair of diamond earrings Lizzi had just given her as a gift.

“Is it time yet?” She asked anxiously, once she’d clipped the earrings through the holes in her ears that she’d gotten within a month of coming here to live.

Lizzi looked out the window to the garden below, and said, “Almost. A few more minutes, it looks like.” She could see Vale down there, with the rest of the boys, and the few guests filing into the seating area.

They had decided on a small guest list, for Mari’s sake. She hadn’t wanted a huge deal to be made, and so they’d settled with a few select friends. Much to Mari’s surprise, she’d made a lot of friends over the past few months.

Arnold, who was the best man for Vale, looked up at the window, and nodded.

Lizzi looked back at Mari with sparkling eyes. “It’s time!” She got the bouquet of flowers and handed it to Mari.

When the four reached the door, Lizzi went ahead to give the signal to the quartet that would be playing the music.

Mari closed her eyes. This was it. The music started, and she opened her eyes and took the first steps. Foot after foot, she walked slowly around the corner, then through the arch of flowers that marked the start of the isle to the platform Vale and Father Blake stood at.

All eyes were on her, and it made her nervous for a few moments, until her eyes met Vale’s. She smiled, and tried to keep her pace from increasing.

Only five more steps now… She forgot about the people watching, and focused on Vale, standing in front of her. Four steps. Three steps. Two steps.

She took the last step onto the platform and turned to face Vale.

She was barely even listening to the Father as he spoke.

“Do you, Vale James Soprana, take Mari to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and to cherish, until death do you part?”

It was Vale’s voice that made her snap back to attention. “I do.” He slipped a golden wedding band that Arnold handed to him onto her finger.

“And do you, Mari, take Vale James Soprana to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and to cherish, until death do you part?”

Until death do us part… that’s not very long for me, is it…? But nevertheless, “I do.” She turned to Lizzi, and was given the second golden band, and slid it onto Vale’s finger. It made her feel odd, doing that.

“By the power vested in me, I pronounce you man, and wife. You may now kiss the bride.” Father Blake bowed and took a step back.

Mari could see the feeling in Vale’s eyes as he leaned closer. Their lips touched, and the guests cheered, but Vale and Mari didn’t hear them. All Mari could hear was the beating of her heart.

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LMAO a hair ball XD Smittens is soooo cute when she tortures 2303 constantly.
Slave 2306 quickly get your harem to shoot missiles and spell out Smittens name in celebration of making a hair ball on 2303's foot
*missiles fly high into the sky and not only spell out Smittens name but it also shows her face....

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Posted 7/22/09 , edited 7/23/09
Am...AZING! Those are some really GREAT fireworks!!
We should reward slave 2306's harem boys >:D
That reward is.... TO RUB OUR FEET FOR TWO MINUTES >:D
Because that is such an honor.
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28 / M / with Dampé by the...
Posted 7/22/09 , edited 7/23/09
that is an AWESOME reward for them to do >:D get started right now you harem slaves you!!
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Posted 7/23/09 , edited 7/23/09
Harem Slaves :: Yes, Masters Defy-chan and Embie-chan! *bow down and start to rub our feet*
What an honor *tears of joy appear in their eyes*
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