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Dawson&Nightgale Information & Sign Up
Posted 7/17/09 , edited 7/17/09

Azurifangirl198 wrote:

Character name: Nanatsu Midori
Age: 20
Birthday: May 7
Likes: gardening, music, competitions, and interesting things
Dislikes: Being bored, alcohol, being sad
Dorm room number: 777
School: Dawson
Specialty: Creating useful items out of whatever is on hand
Languages: Italian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, English, German
Knowledge: fluent in six languages, a pro at decoding messages and lock picking, black belt in taekwondo, knows alot about anatomy and vital points
History: Originally, Nanatsu's mother was a detective and her father was a thief, but after they fell in love, they gave up their careers and tried something new by becoming spies. Since they were often on missions, they gave Nanatsu tasks and instructions so she can teach herself how to become a good spy. Nanatsu learned some extra stuff (anatomy) from her friend who is a scientist to help her along the way and she made another friend who also knows how to do spy work and often competes with Nanatsu to see who is a better spy trainee. Eventually, Nanatsu's spy friend (Koto Amamizu) treated Nanatsu as his master after being defeated in competitions so many times. Also, when Nanatsu was old enough to attend Dawson academy, Nanatsu and Koto were given permission to attend the school.
(I'll add Koto's application later.)
Personality: Smart, competitive, active, determined
Nationality: Canadian/American (Her parents gave her a japanese name because they thought it was unique and pretty)
Hair color: Brown with tints of red
Eye color: Dark brown
Skin color: Light peach
Height: 5'9
Look a like: Ami Koshimizu

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