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Dreams and What They Mean
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29 / M / Samsara
Posted 4/21/10 , edited 4/21/10
Way to dig this up from the grave, but while we're at it I'll give an answer.

In ancient cultures around the world, people believed that the land of dreams occupied the same place as the land of the dead. Which makes sense, where else do we see our departed loved ones except in our dreams.
Posted 4/21/10 , edited 4/22/10
Dreams speak with a strange language requiring interpretation. Premonitions also come from dreams.
Posted 4/22/10 , edited 4/22/10
i always have dreams of my previous life and my future. but mostly, weird dreams that make no sense.
the moment i wake up, i wanna go to sleep again and see what happens next. it's like watching a tv show when you sleep.
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Florida, US
Posted 4/22/10 , edited 4/23/10
Dreams are mechanisms employed by the brain to process and encode sensory information.. so I hear. Lucid dreaming is awesome.
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30 / F / canada
Posted 7/4/10 , edited 7/4/10


My dreams are weird, like, seriously strange. If you were given a chance to come into my mind for one day you'd come out a new person...but not in a good way.

I've always had dreams of being chased or being alone in some dark place. Usually dreams are thoughts you try to suppress (at least that's what I think). I believe my dreams are trying to tell me something about myself, but I can't figure out what it is.

did you know some scary dreams could be because of your childhood?it could be because you were home alone alot, or faraway from ur parents,or something like that, it all psychological, you just have to think about it.i i kept havin dreams of scary animals chasing me,it was really making me upset and when i thought about it, it was because of a bad memory i had from my chilhood.

even watching scary movies or eating heavy dinner can make u hv bad dreams.

OHH! or it could be a bad memory from ur childhood that u forgot.

shit im good

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30 / M / My house
Posted 7/4/10 , edited 7/4/10
dreams cannot be completely explained...
I dream full songs sometimes... lol like i'm in a disney movie... and the moment i wake up i try to play those melodies and save them
but i cant always.
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