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Please rate my story!!! ^ ^ The genre is romance. i don't think that this story would be inappropriate, but I'll just say that it's probably PG-13.

"Oh no! I'm gonna be late for school!" I said as I ran toward school. I then saw a boy with black hair and blue eyes walk pass me. I stared at him for a few seconds and quickly took out my notebook and started drawing him.

"Kyaa! He's so cool! I have to draw a picture of him!" I squealed. D-did I just say that out loud??

All of a sudden, he turned around and stared at me. All of a sudden, his calm and cool face soon became red. He quickly ran away.

"Eh...?" Well that was weird.

That was two years ago when I first met him. His name was Yusuke. It was the first time that I ever fell in love with someone other than an anime character...


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.::Chapter 1::.

"Are you really gonna do it, Setsuna?" my friend Meru asked me.

"Of course I am!" I said cheerfully. "I've had a crush on him for over two years now and this is the last week of school! I have to confess to him!"

"B-But Setsuna... don't you know?"

"Know what?"

"That Yusuke might look really cool, but he has a reputation for being a big pervert! Imagine what he'll do to you if you suddenly go up to him and say 'Oh um... Yu-Yuusuke? I love you!'"

I suddenly lit up. "H-He's a p-pervert?" I asked.

"Yah. So that's why you shouldn't get close to-"

"AWESOME!!!! I knew he had good looks... but he's a pervert too?!!" I yelled out in front of everyone.

"Setsuna... I pity you... you're not really the average school girl, you know...."

"Of course not! Cause I'm an anime otaku! I have no life! Anime has gotten to my head and I've become 70% boy and only 30% girl from watching too much shounen anime! Especially the perverted ones"

"W-What? What are you saying, Setsuna?" Meru froze up. "7-70% boy?"

"It HAS to be true! Maybe that's why I'm always flipping girls' skirts!" I grinned.

"Um... Just wondering, are you bi?" asked Meru.

"Hm.... nope. I never really felt like kissing a girl with lipgloss on their lips... I never really liked lipgloss, you know? And that's what all girls wear on their face these days! So um.. no"

"Anyway... like I was saying... Yusuke is a playboy! Whenever he's surrounded by a whole bunch of girls, he has some dirty look on his face! I bet he wants to do ! @ # $ % ^ & ( ) _ + ¡ ™ £ ¢ ∞ § ¶ • ª º – ≠ œ ∑ ´ ®† to all of them!!!

"Wow! How interesting!" I said and walked out the classroom. I headed to the lockers and placed a note in Yusuke's locker.

Dear Amaya Yusuke-kun

Please meet me after school!
There's a surprise waiting for you!

You don't want to know or else.... well yah.

After School....

I quickly ran out of the classroom and ran outside. I then saw Yusuke-kun. It looked like... he was trying to avoid someone... was it me? Was he trying to run home? I laughed. How cute. But... I didn't know what to say. Even though I might be really outgoing around my friends, If you never knew who I was, you'd think that I'm the most shyest girl ever. Most of the time, I can never start a conversation with someone unless I know them really well.

I nervously ran up to him. "Um..."

He looked at me with his face bright red. "D-Do I know you?"

"Er um... L-letter... um..."

"Oh... you sent me that letter?"

I tried to stay calm. That's right. I should get this over with and tell him all my feelings. But... I had to make this confession... unique. I quickly got something out of my book bag. He's a pervert... right?

I put... a pet collar around my neck.

"A.. Amaya Yusuke! I'm Hanada Setsuna and starting from today, I'll be your personal slave! D-Do whatever you want with me! I'll even wear naughty cosplay!!" I quickly blurted out.

Oh no. Did I just say something that I shouldn't?
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I hope everyone likes this story so far... : \ If you think I'm missing something in my story, please tell me.

.:: Chapter 2 ::.

I put... a pet collar around my neck.

"A.. Amaya Yusuke! I'm Hanada Setsuna and starting from today, I'll be your personal slave! D-Do whatever you want with me! I'll even wear naughty cosplay!!" I quickly blurted out.

Oh no. Did I just say something that I shouldn't?

I then saw Yusuke's face become as red as it could get. Meru was right. He did kinda look like a pervert. All of a sudden, he tripped and fell on me and his face landed on... my chest? I blushed.

"Wow... so you really are a pervert" I laughed.

Yusuke quickly got up and tried to calm down. "I-I'm.... I'M NOT A PERVERT!" he yelled.

W-what just happened? I wondered.

I then saw him look down at the ground, trying to avoid eye contact. "I'm getting tired of people mistaking me for a pervert! I'm really not! It's just that... I've always grown up with girls around my house that would always harass me and well... many weird woman would always look at me and.. I eventually became afraid of girls, so start to blush and become all nervous when I'm with a girl... "

"Eh.... So you're saying that was an accident just now? When you fell on me?" I asked. Well this was interesting. I never really knew that the Yusuke I've like for 2 years had this type of personality. But at the same time, I felt sad. It looked like he was seriously afraid of me.

"Y-yah. Anyway... Y-you can't become my slave because... Well because.... I'm not a pervert that doesn't want to dress girls up and.... well.... um..." He paused for a few seconds. It looked as if he didn't know what to say. It seemed like he was going to run away any second now. "S-So..... Stop bothering me."

I smiled. "That's okay... I guess... I guess anyone would be freaked out if someone suddenly told them that they wanted them to be their slave...."

He looked up. He looked nervous instead his usual, cool self as he stared into my green eyes. I guess he's probably a different person when he's around with girls.

Hey God... If I was born as a boy, would I not frighten Yusuke-kun so much? Would he actually smile at me? But oh well. I'm just some crazy fangirl of Yusuke... I guess I should go back to looking at anime guys....

I sighed. "I'm sorry, Yusuke-kun." I wished I could hug him. I took out a piece of paper from my bookbag and unfolded it. It was the picture I drew two years ago. "Hehe... The first time I saw you, I was late to school... I saw you walking passed me. I quickly drew a picture of you because I wanted to always remember your face.... Ever since then.... I always loved you. But I guess I'm the one that looks like the pervert.... I'll stop following you so... bye bye."

I dropped the picture on the ground and ran off. I wiped my face off with my sleeve. Was I... crying? That's weird. I hardly ever cry...

Yusuke looked down at the ground and picked up the drawing. "This is me? It... It does kinda look like me..." He put the drawing in his bookbag. "M-Maybe I said too much... S-she... She actually seemed like the first person to ever consider my feelings... Hanada Setsuna, was it? Maybe I should apologize to her" he said and walked home.
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Chapter 3

I collapsed onto my bed and stuffed my head into my pillow. "Nyaaaaa..... I'm soooo mad at myself!" I cried and complained and tossed and turned all around. My heart was beating really fast. I couldn't believe I asked the Amaya Yusuke if I could become his slave. "Well the bright side is... Soon, I'll start my first year of high school and it's going to be a boarding school that's specialized for art... At least I won't have to see him there..." I then looked at the time. "Oh nooo!" I quickly turned on the TV. "Pandora Hearts just started 10 minutes agoooo!!!"
A few weeks later....

Yup, this is everything! I thought to myself as a packed up all my clothes, anime DVDs, manga, sketch book, pens, markers, and a whole bunch of other stuff. That's right. Starting two days from now, I'll become a high school student! And I won't have to worry about Yusuke-kun either. Who knows, maybe I'll have one of those school life anime experiences!

Setsu-chan's Inner Monologue:

Setsuna: Kyaaa!!! There's a pervert in my room! What are you doing here?
Boy: What are you talking about, this is my room!
Setsuna: Oh, I guess that means.... we're room mates! Let's keep this a s-e-c-r-e-t!

"Hnnnn..... That'll never happen!" I sighed and ran outside with my suitcase and my book bag. I quickly ran to the train station and bought a ticket.
I got out of the train. It was early morning. I began to walk around. I looked at a small map that I had for directions. "Hm.. The school should be somewhere around here..." I looked around, and then saw a huge campus. "W-wow... this should be it, I guess..."
Okay, I guess this is where my room is... I looked at the key that some teacher gave me. O-Ouch. I felt something hit my head. I looked down at the floor. It was a tennis ball. I picked it up and looked around.

"That's mine" he said and came up to me. "Sorry, my friend and I were playing in the dorms, I guess it's kinda dangerous."

"Um... T-that's okay" I said and handed it to him. "Um..."

"Oh, my name's Sato Katsuro! Just call me Katsuro. Nice to meet you" Katsuro smiled and waved his hand. "I'm in my second year at this school."

"I-I'm Hanada Setsuna. Um, this is my first year. I just got here today. I'm just wondering... am I in the right dorm? I was told to go to the Sakura Dorm."

"Yah, this is it... I guess you're probably wondering what's going on. Well... the Sakura Dorm is a co-ed dorm. Only the really rich kids that donate a lot of money can go to the other two dorms, which are usually second and third year students. Unfortunately, our rooms are smaller then theirs..."

"Oh um... REALLY?" I shouted.

Setsu-chan's Inner monologue: YAY! My fantasy is becoming real!! Kyaaa!!!

Katsuro laughed. "You're a really interesting girl, Setsuna. I guess we'll meet again later?"

"Sure" I nodded and opened the door room.

"Did I tell her the part about the doors...?" Katsuro mumbled.

"Hm?" I asked.

"N-Nothing. Bye"
"Yay, I'm finally done unpacking!" I said, now looking at my room. It looked just like your average anime otaku room. Ha. I then saw some small closet. "Weird... I didn't notice this before..." It looked big enough for me to crawl in. It was about 4 feet high and 2 feet wide. I then turned the knob open. That's weird... It didn't look like a closet . It looked like it was... another room? I crawled inside.


I then saw... a leg in front of me? I looked up and saw... Yusuke-kun. Changing his shirt. He then looked down.

[insert picture of school girl with an epic nosebleed here.]

"K-kyaa!!!! YUSUKE-KUN IS IN MY CLOSSEEETTT!!!!" Wait. Hold on. Yusuke in my closet? That makes no sense. "T-This must be a dream! A very good dream but..." I said as covered my nose and got some tissue out of my pocket.

"W-What?! I-Is that you, Hanada-san?" Yusuke said and started blushing.

"Y-Yes Yusuke-kun. It's me, Setsu-"

"Kyaaa! PERVERT!" he said and slammed the door in my face.

Oww.... Well... that's weird. In anime, it's usually the other way around... how cute. <3

But still, this was not good at all. First of all, I promised Yusuke that I'd never harass him. I thought I would never see him again after the last day of school. Second, WHAT WAS HE DOING IN MY CLOSET?!
I came out of my room. I'm pretty sure Katsuro-kun was about 5 rooms away from mine. I knocked on the door. I then saw Katsuro open the door.

"Oh, hi, Setsuna. Missed me already? It's only been a couple hours.... What do you want, a hug?" Katsuro said and wrapped his arms around me.

[insert second picture of school girl with epic nosebleed here]

"N-no... But um.... I need to tell you something..." I said and tried to get him away from me.

He let go of me. "Sure, what is it?" he asked and let me into his room.

"Oh um... I opened my closet and for some reason... I saw some guy in there that I knew in middle school and he called me a pervert and slammed the door in my face...." I said and sat down on a chair. "I'm wondering... what's going on?"

"Well that's because... in the Sakura dorm... All of the rooms next to each other are connected by a small door"

"W-What?!" I asked him. "I-Is this really true?"

"Yah... Are you upset?" he asked. "I guess it's pretty common for people to get upset if-"

"N-no way! This is sooo cool!!" I shouted. "It's just like I'm in an anime!"

Katsuro laughed. "You really are an interesting girl..."

I then sighed. What would Yusuke-kun think? Will he think I'm a stalker?

"Is there something wrong?" asked Katsuro.

"... Um... No... "

"Oh hey, you came to this school because it's an art school, right? So what type of art do you like? I like painting backgrounds."

"Oh um, I like to draw manga! I want to become a manga-ka and make shounen manga."

"You're interested in shounen anime?! How interesting! I just finished watching Death Note. I'm currently watching Katekyo Hitman Reborn"

"R-really?!" I smiled. I'm so glad I made my first friend at this school. But I'm still wondering... How is Yusuke-kun feeling right now?
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Chapter 4

Ow. My stomach hurts. I guess it's from eating a whole bunch of food in the cafeteria. I didn't see Yusuke-kun there though... Hmm... I thought. I was going to an art school, right? So what was Yusuke-kun doing here too? Does he like art too? After I took a shower, I changed my clothes and turned on the TV. "Is The Melancholy Of Suzumiya Haruhi on right now?." Yup. It was episode 6 of the new season. I took out a pencil and paper and started drawing.

I sighed. This is happening again? Ever since the second episode, they keep on repeating summer vacation over and over again...hnn.... After 15 minutes, I turned of the TV.

Ring Ring

I looked at my cellphone. I answered it. "Hello, Meru?"

"Setsuna.... You're so lucky that you get to go to a boarding school~~!"

"Huh, what're you talking about, Meru?"

"It's soo annoying in my house. My brothers and sisters are running all around and ruining all my stuff!!!"

"Heh, you're right, I am kinda lucky. But at the same time I'm not... Right when I was happy that I didn't have to live with my mom, I got a big surprise."

"Oh that's right, you and you're mom don't get along... So.... what's the surprise?"

Hnnnn... I was up late last night talking to Meru about everything... I looked at the time. My eyes widened. 8:00?! The entrance ceremony is supposed to start at 8:15!!! I quickly got ready and grabbed my book bag. I put my shoes on and stuffed a piece of bread in my mouth and then began to run to the main building.

Yay. Made it just in time. I listen to a few teachers speak. All I hear them say is "we welcome all students.... ... ... ... ..." Hn... This is taking quite a while... I really wanted to get this over with. Because Yusuke was just two rows in front of me. If he turns around, he'd see me and obviously think I'm still stalking him.
1-B. Now where was that classroom? I started running left right, upstairs, downstairs. Oh yay. I think I found it. I ran to the room. Ow. I just bumped my head into someone.

"S-sorry," I said and then looked up. My eyes widened. "... Y-Yu-Yusuke-kun?"

He looked at me and started blushing. He was about to turn around and ignore me.

"W-Wait, Yusuke-kun... I'm just telling you, I'm not a stalker..."

"T-Then why did you follow me to this school?"

"Well... because I wanted to become a manga-ka! It's all just a coincidence that we both came here. Besides, I auditioned to come here a long time ago!" I just sighed and sat down at some empty seat.

There was a girl that was sitting next to me reading a book about the color wheel. She turned around and looked at me. "Hello"

"Oh um, hello... My name's Hanada Setsuna."

"Oh hi!" she said and smiled. "I-I'm Sunahara Hitomi." Wow, she looked so cute!

"... Can I hug you?" I asked.


"You're sooo cute!" I said and gave her a greeting hug, but it didn't really seem one to the people that were staring at us. I looked at them. "I-Is there something wrong?" I asked. "Do you all want hugs too?"

Right when I was about to go run around the classroom giving free hugs like my usual weird self, the teacher came in and started talking.

I hope I can make more friends in high school... and try to forget Yusuke ever existed!

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Hey, there ^_^ I just finished reading up 2 chapter 3, but it's getting l8 where i am ... so i have 2 stop.
So far, the story is pretty good The plot is interesting, and that's great, because if it isn't then u don't have a gud story at all ... it jus falls apart DX
I must say, you're very imaginative. A few tips on your writing, though.

In a book, novel, or piece of writing, when someone is talking, you can't put to much ... emphasis on the character in the dialouge, or it doesn't sound right or professional. For example, you can't use too many of these "..." or too many stutters "W-w-what??" unless it's completley necessary DX

But i like it, really! You're story is a little out of my comfort zone ... but it's always good to try new things XD

Oh, one last thing. When someone is talking, it's good to identify the person, and explain their tone of voice and their actions, just to make it a little more realistic interesting Like ... let's see ...

"I tried, but i couldn't! shouted Jake, overcome by helplessness. His eyes watered as they stared into the distance. "I'm not cut out for this! It was stupid of me to think i could become like him! Stupid!"

I'm not sure if that's a good example, but it'll do

Now, you keep up the good work, caus i'm looking forward to reading more!!
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