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Treat & Hayo Blood

Friday 01/05/2009

Ironoside - what? You want to fight kid?
Mady - no I want to kill you but not now
Ironoside - ????
Mady - you will have a match tomorrow , if you lost or I notice that you don’t have what i want then I will kill you
Ironoside - Hey hey heyyy kid slow down, how you know that I have a competition tomorrow?
Mady - I changed the opponent and I prepared a fight for you tomorrow
Ironoside - who are you ? How can you do something like that kid?
Mady - no need for extra questions, just remeber I want to see if you have Hayo’s Blood otherwise I will kill you
Ironoside - Hayo? hey how....
(Mady disappeared)
Ironoside - hey where did you left
(Ironoside looked outside for while and he didn't saw Mady again so he back to Dani's Room)
Ironoside - {Hayo’s blood …huh? is this mean my family name is Hayo? then I think my name is Ironoside too I hope to see that little kid again because I feel he know a lot about me ...}
(Morning at hall’s hotel)
Ayoma - so how was your night Ironoside?
Ironoside - {night… huh? } as usual
Ayoma - I hope I have a match today so I can force this idiot to fight
Dani - waitttttttttttttt you call who an idiot? Me? The Great Dani?...
Ayoma - oh sorry The Greatest Idiot in World.
Dani - yes yes yes..huh ..noooooooooo
Ayoma - Ironoside lets go
(Ironoside and Ayoma went)
Dani - wait for meeeeee
(In Green Castle)
(Kora and Otara were preparing them self to go to tournament place)
Otara - today we may have a fight Kora, so can you fight with one hand?
Kora - yes princess I can fight with one hand after all I am Master Fira’s student
(In king's hall Onas was sitting and Fira came in)
Fira - so what do you want now?
Onas [king] – I’m inviting you to watch the preparation fight with me are you going to accept it ?
Fira - ... no problem with it
(Shino's Room)
Shano [Queen] - what are you doing my deer?.. Hurry and get ready today all the people from all over the places on this country are gathering to see their little princess too
Shino - OK mom
(In Tournament place)
Ayoma - oh at first there will be Training Fight as always
Ironoside - training fight?
Dani – just give me 5 Zet and I will explain it for you
(A punch from Ayoma to Dani's head)
Ayoma – well I mean it by Training Fight is the First Fight and there will be huge number of people who want to watch it
Ironoside - ...
Dani - Ironoside I think you are lucky ….see the board
Ironoside - huh?
(Ironoside turn his head and he saw the board)
[On the Board written "Training Match : Ironoside VS Shord & Fitan"]
Ironoside - {it's as that kid said....}
Ayoma - oh Ironoside lucky
Dani - oh now I want to change my partner and choose Ironoside as new partner
(Ayoma hit Dani)
Ayoma - oh …you will do training fight good for you Ironoside
(VIP part :the place for the king and the other importing people)
Shino & Fira & Kora - {Ironoside??????}
Shino - {oh so he came after all}
Kora - {impossible …with that attack he won’t be able to move for a week}
Fira - {so the mystery’s boy will fight in tournament}
Onas - what is it Fira? Do you know them?
Fira - ...
Onas - hahahaahah but I think you are interesting to see this fight hahahaha
Fira - ...
Onas - Shord & Fitan I believe they are Brast's Son & daughter but who is that Ironoside? And is he strong enough to fight two people at once?
Fira - ...
Shano - Shino? Is there something wrong?
Shino - mom, can I ask you for something?
Shano - yes......
(In a place where Shord & Fitan was sitting)
Fitan - HUH? Our first victim is just one person?
Shord - hmmm it will be boring fight.
Fitan - why?
Shord - because he will die fast
(Ironoside place)
[on The board Written "The Two Group have 15 minutes for Prepareing them self before the fight"]
Ayoma - after 15 minutes from now on your fight will start
Ironoside - {what should I to do now?}
Dani - hey Ironoside are you alright?
Ironoside - oh yeah
Ayoma - ok let’s leave him alone Dani. we will go to sit between the other spectator
(Ayoma and Dani left the place)
(Ironoside draw his swords and look at them)
Ironoside - I don’t know if I can win the fight with those two swords or not but I know what ever happened I wont use Darkness power in the fight
(after while Ironoside started to move toward gate that contact with Fight place)
(Ironoside saw Shord & Fitan near gate)
Ironoside - {are those two my opponent???}
Shord - so you are Ironoside
Ironoside - ...
(The Gate starts open)
(In the middle of spectator Mady was sitting)
Mady - {so Ironoside it's time for you to show me your Power.......................}

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter20

Writer : Ironoside
Posted 7/17/09 , edited 7/17/09
Warui ….Oh poor “ironoide” he will be a victiume .. YET...eventually ..Goshinpai confident they will be super kind with you. .They will just broke some bones and make some wounds and may bloody you but see the positive side am sure you will still a live lol ..btw Ayoma you still take my attention
one last word..Arigato! ..looking forwared for next chapter^^
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Cemetery (UAE)
Posted 7/19/09 , edited 7/19/09
finally there is gonna be fight *claps*
cant wait 2 read the next chapter
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Posted 8/7/09 , edited 8/7/09
exciting !!!!!!!!!!
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