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[RP] Zin's Dojo

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M / Visor Lair
Posted 5/18/07 , edited 7/26/07
"Welcome this is Zin's dojo. I am your sensei Zin. I am a great and powerful ninja and I am willing to whip you wannabes into great ninjas like me. So come one and all to my dojo and we will make a real ninja out of you."

Same char rules as usual. No godlike or all powerful chars. This rp is open to everyone as long as the char is a ninja. There is more than just normal training going on here so don't think this is going to be boring. Last time I did this rp I ended up having to pick some bodies off my floor after they starved to death. Post chars and let the training begin.

The char sheet should look like this.
jutsus(seperate by type):
Additional info:

Just for reminders and to stay updated here is my char.

Name: Zin Kumnora

Age: 25

Height: 6.6ft

Gender: male

Description: Disregard the weapon on the pic and replace with Pillar. Also his eyes are grey, almost like they are not there at all.

Ninja Rank: Shinobi(=anbu)(but works mostly as a free range ninja and supports himself with a dojo)

Original Village:Village of Smoke.

Summoning Headband: The headband is marked on the inside with summoning inscriptions that summon an infinite amount of ninja tools to Zin. All Zin has to do is have one of each tool in each pocket when headband is put on.

Pillar: a double sided blade, edged on opposite ends, which is able to turn into smoke with Zin. Because it has infused with Zin's personal smoke which also allows Zin to control it's trajectory when thrown with his smoke manip. Also if Pillar brakes it turns into smoke and fixes itself.(unbreakable)
This is Pillar except blades are longer and thicker and the handle is also longer.

Infinite number of Exploding Shurikens:due to his headband. The shurikens are not normal; they are specially crafted to explode on contact.

Infinite number of Smoke Bombs:(same reason as shurikens). Smoke bombs are used to perform his Jutsus.

Whirlwind Shuriken: giant shuriken that comes back after being thrown.

Phys. Techs:
Saw Strike: Holds sword in middle while flipping in midair at the opponent.

Helicopter Strike: Hovers in air by spinning blade and dive bombs opponent.

Hurricane Strike: Spins on ground while holding blade in middle moving towards opponent.

Smoke Pillar: Zin slides with leg extended at enemy. Hitting the enemy off balance and maybe even tripping them. Zin moves into a crouch holding Pillar above his head and spins it while jumping up into the enemy slicing up them or bringing them into the air with him.

Rain of Fire: Zin jumps into air and spins like a top. Zin then takes out shurikens (from his tool pockets, right hand to right pocket and vice versa) throwing them every second making it a continuous rain of shurikens going in every direction. This move does not have an end. Zin ends it by choice or being knocked out of it.

Ninja Techs:
Smoke Manipulation (manip): Zin is able to control the Smoke due to him being smoke.

Smoke Mode: Zin throws down a smoke bomb. Zin then uses manip having the smoke circle his weapon or fists and feet. Making him gain the smoke attribute added to all of his attacks giving them a blast of smoke that is shot out at the end of the attack. Also allows them to still hit slightly if he misses slightly. This also gives Zin an incredible speed boost due to the fact that smoke bursts out of his feet after every step propelling him foward at an excelled rate. The more smoke bombs used in this tech the stronger and faster Zin becomes. This mode is infinite only deactivating when Zin wills it to or gets knocked out.

Smoke Cannon: Zin throws down a smoke bomb. Zin then manips it in to a ball that shoots at the enemy.

Smoke Prison: Zin throws down a smoke bomb. Zin then manips it into a prison that conceals the enemy. The prison is 1m wide plus the width of the enemy in all directions and its sides are curved. It is very hard to break out of but not impossible. The enemy has a few split seconds to get out but if done casually a limb will be caught.

Slicing Smoke: While enemy is in covered in smoke, Zin uses Smoke manip to change the smoke into sharp winds that cut the enemy.

Smoke Shield: Zin throws down a smoke bomb. Zin then manips it to conceal him in a barrier of smoke.(Zin cannot attack while in this, also it is breakable)

Smoke Jump: Zin can teleport through the use of smoke. As long as there are 2 or more plumes of smoke Zin can jump into one and come out another or travel through a stream of smoke.

Smoke Clones: Zin manips the smoke into exact replicas of himself to confuse the enemy with. The clones are solid and will hurt if they make contact. When hit the clones burst into smoke attempting to blind and trap the enemy in smoke.

Unique Jutsus:
Smoke Shape: Zin becomes smoke for a few seconds making him immune to any attack. He has the ability to use this 10 times.

Smoke Collector: Zin is able to use smoke to gather info. Zin can see from the metaphorical eyes of any smoke plume he knows of, can see, or is maniping. Zin can also hear every sound wave the smoke comes in contact with which means he can over hear conversations that the smoke is near.

Smoke Grenade: Zin breathes out one breath of smoke into his hand forming the same ball he uses in the Finale. Zin then rushes at the enemy shoving the ball of smoke into their chest. The smoke ball enters the body and starts to react figuring out that it cannot react correctly it blows up from inside the chest of the opponent normally killing them.

Smoke Symphonies: Smoke stays thick due to manip throughout all symphonies, this area of smoke can not be lifted by any means due to Zin using his full power of manipulation.

Smoke Symphony Verse 1: Zin blows smoke out of his mouth that covers the entire area in a thick cloud of smoke. While in the smoke Zin makes smoke clones in a complete circle around the enemy. Zin and the clones then start throwing a shuriken at every angle so they come from everywhere and it is hard to dodge or figure out where Zin is. During this Zin manips the smoke into sharp blades that cut the enemy as they pass, which is almost every second. This last about 3 mins.

Smoke Symphony Verse 2: Zin breaths even more smoke out to make the smoke even thicker. Zin throws the whirlwind shuriken and Pillar into the fray to slice his enemy. Zin uses Smoke Jump to charge out from random spots in the smoke directly at his opponent and striking at them then smoke jumping away giving them almost no time to reply. Then the whirlwind shuriken and Pillar come in to make their attack. Zin then repeats this cycle of him then Pillar and the Whirlwind 5 times.

Smoke Symphony Finale: Zin breaths out a big ball of and smoke takes it into his hands focusing it into a ball of pure smoke energy. He then shoves it into his chest making him one with the smoke that surrounds him and the opponent. Zin now moves with the smoke because he is it. His fist will materialize in front of the opponent and strike the opponent. This is repeated with the other fist and both legs then Pillar. This is then repeated 3 times.

Smoke Symphony Encore: Zin lets out 3 breaths of smoke in one giant wave of smoke. Zin then takes some of the smoke and focuses it into the pure ball of smoke that he then shoves into his chest. Smoke now completely covers the area. You can see nothing but smoke. Now that Zin's body has become one with the smoke all that was visible was an endless amount of smoke. Zin's hands then appear away from the enemy, each one throwing a shuriken at him. The hands disappear and reappear in a new spot throwing shurikens in second intervals of each other. During this Zin manips the smoke into sharp blades that cut the enemy as they pass, which is almost every second. This is continued until they mimicke verse 1. During this Pillar shoots out from one side of the enemy heading straight for him. It attacks just like verse 2 disappearing after every attack and randomly reappearing and attacking again. During this Zin's legs suddenly appear in front of the enemy kicking him. Zin's legs disappear after each kick and reappear in a different spot kicking the enemy again, mimicking the finale and verse 2. Zin then rematerializes.

Bio: Zin is the middle sibling of the Kumnora clan in his village. Zin's older brother is Kiel and his younger sister is Neena. Zin was born with his breath as smoke due to a reaction his body had while being born around a lot of smoke. Although because his breath is smoke he has a limited supply of air. His mask allows him to breath air by chemically changing it into smoke. The smoke in his lungs is saved allowing him to breath easily. Zin being smoke is like a prodigy of the perfect smoke ninja. All in his clan look up to him as the perfect ninja. Zin started out normal becoming an apprentice ninja at 5 and graduating at 9. Zin then become an adept ninja at 11, elite ninja at 13, and shinobi at 15. Zin left the village at the age of 20 because of a fight over him becoming the next lord of the village. Zin, not wanting the position, left as not to be bothered again. Zin’s brother Kiel wants to kill him proving that he is stronger, for he believes that the older sibling should be stronger than the younger sibling. Being unique and amazingly powerful in his village he was given the Summoning Headband and Pillar as congratulations on being the only ninja so far to reach shinobi at 15.

Additional info: Zin has 10 breaths of smoke as of now. It takes him 1 day to recharge his smoke completely. A verse of the Smoke Symphony requires one breath of smoke. The exception to that is the Encore takes 3 breaths, also the Smoke Grenade takes one breath. He can do the verses in any order or any combo. Zin can also breath in smoke that does not come from his body to regain power, say a fire. Zin’s moves require a small amount of chakra. All his abilities come from him being able to control smoke, cause he is smoke, and the smoke bomb he throws to start it. Zin's suit has 2 tool pockets, one on the top of his right leg and the other on the top of his left leg. Both pockets have an endless # of tools in them due to his headband.
Posted 5/25/07 , edited 5/26/07
Sounds fun...=] whats the plot?
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M / Visor Lair
Posted 5/25/07 , edited 5/26/07
It's a very simple plot. You make a ninja char and I train it to become the best ninja it can. It will also improve your thinking ability, forum battling, and rping all together. It is helpfull and fun.
Posted 5/25/07 , edited 5/26/07
Hmm..I'll give it a try later. ^^; *I can't do much in the KH Rpg so...=]*

Name: Rin Nanami
Age: 19 going on 20. ^-^
Height: ____
Gender: Female

Equipment: Nothing except her weapon, and shurikens, and poison rice to lure the enemy. She also has a special armor, that when someone hits her, it poisons the enemy, but it drains her energy also. Armor-
Weapons: Blades, and a chakram.
Chakram-It's shape allows her to throw it for long range, she can hold it too for short range combat and even it's circular shape will make a good shield.
Blades- Used when she is killing stealthily, and throwing...
-She can transform into a tiger and fight. She can manipulate her tail and attach the chakram. Because of her tiger....thing <_<, when she is not in the form, she can detect things more easily, and see further, and she can run fast and jump higher.
-She really doesn't fight with any jutsus. She can only clone. She really sucks at it, but she is strong in everything else. -.-
Bio: Not much is known about Rin. She was born in the Azuma Village, a very poor village, but she's a very strong ninja. She comes from a poor family(DUR) so she couldn't learn very much in her school. But she was the best kunoichi in her village, and the other best kunoichi, was Usagi, her (EX) best friend. She had a boyfriend, but he turned evil, (I guess) and he 'dumped' Rin and became Usagi's boyfriend; turning Usagi evil. She grew up having people teasing her throughout her whole childhood. She was raised by her brother-who taught her everything, who got killed (because the village was on fire) when she was done with her final ninja test. Her parents left her and her brother because they had a debt and didn't want their children to get hurt. Because of her brother being killed, and the village being destroyed killing everyone in it, *breath*, she decided to just roam the land to do something random with her life, alone, because Usagi (her EX best friend) ran off with her EX boyfriend, who destroyed the village after she said she wouldn't join the Blue Hawk clan. (Lol..edited..too much like Tenchu ^-^)
There's more to her life then you know...but it'll be revealed later.
Personality: The EASIEST way to describe her is that she is has an on/off personality. One minute she's happy, the next she's sad.
She exudes self-confidence and charisma wherever she goes. Her first impression will make her seem cold, dark, lazy, and like she doesn't care about anything, but thats how she wants you to see her. She sees the world in black and white and believes strongly in her judgment. She is frank, and isn't afraid to speak her mind; but is often sarcastic. She is not used to defeat, and nor will she accept it. In fact, she realizes only two types of people: The Winners and the Losers. She will always believe that anything a man can do, she can do it better, and she can do it in high heels. ;P She can be compelling, and intelligent, but she can sometimes have too much of a big ego. Even thought she sounds a bit arrogant, but she is a caring person if you're close to her. She's short-tempered and merciless, so watch out. Rin's caustic tongue is as infamously sharp as her blades. She is bold and quick, yet silent and cunning.
Additional info: She can use elements to fight her enemies: Fire, water, and earth.
*phew* Another sucky character. Oh well. =) Tell me when its time to start RPing.
Yah, I had to change some own char confuses me...>:(

P.S. Thanks Sethy for helping with some stuff(: You're the best
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M / Visor Lair
Posted 5/25/07 , edited 5/26/07
Awesome. I have few recruits I can make join as well. Also I am working on getting you in the KHrp asap so don't worry.
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Posted 5/25/07 , edited 5/26/07
Omg that looks like Iruga....from RO the anime.....
Posted 5/25/07 , edited 5/26/07
Yeah its cool we both have pics from Ragnorak. =] Great game... but anyway, enough spamming..... how many people do we need to start the RP?
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M / Visor Lair
Posted 5/25/07 , edited 5/26/07
I am hoping for about 4 ppl besides me at the least. I won't be doing too much in the rp except for watching over it so we could use a few ppl. I can almost guaruntee 2 more ppl but the others, we will just have to see if anyone else joins.
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28 / M / lost...somewhere...
Posted 5/26/07 , edited 5/26/07
I'll help out, but my char's still not done.

Name: Kobayakawa Tenshi
Age: 18
Height: 5'10"
Gender: Male
Description: Normal ninja clothing, black hair, mouth mask.
Equipment: Normal Ninja equipment (i.e. grappling hooks, smoke bombs, logs, etc.)
Weapons: A single katana, and multiple ninja weapons (i.e. shurikens, caltrops, needles, etc.)
jutsus(seperate by type): Mane o Shimasu = Jutsu that can copy any other Jutsu, both offensive and defensive (if defensive, he has to hit the jutsu), that has been used on him, provided that he is conscious when used. He can attempt to remember the jutsu, but would take more time. Some of which are already memorized are listed below.

Kaze no Shoogai = A protective wind barrier that blocks incoming attacks. The user cannot attack while this is used. Also, there is a risk in deactivating it too early that the user would be flung around by it's own wind.

Enraiha = A blade of fire which burns through practically anything.

Tsubame Gaeshi = Not considered as a jutsu, but a katana technique which the user must deliver three consecutive attacks almost at the same time.

Bio: Abandoned at a young age in a forest, he was forced to adapt to his environment. During this time, multitude of people passed through the forest, and were killed and eaten by him. This was possible because ninjas passed through the forest as an escape route, and were killed. Because they tried to use their jutsus on him, his speed in adaptability allowed him to learn them by being hit by them. Samurai also passed this forest, as an attempt to purify the place. He decided to adapt to the city, and went back, becoming rich from all his kills.
Additional info: When a battle finishes, he checks if the fallen enemy is still edible. This is because he is a cannibal.
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30 / M / CT Having net iss...
Posted 5/26/07 , edited 5/27/07
Name: Bikou Kumori
Age: 21
Rank: Jonin
Original Village: Village of Smoke

Kunai - 25
Shuriken - 20
Senbon - 30
Naginata of Shadows-6 inch blade on both sides of a 3 foot handle.
Two Katanas
Bikou can extend the Naginata and katana blades up to six inches with his chakra. Each katana has a ring on the end of its handle.
Projectile Weapons:
In order to store and use large items or various weapons that the user would never be capable of carrying normally, the user can keep them contained within summoning scrolls.
Shadow Clone Jutsu:
Creates multiple clones of users. Clones are real.
Great Clone Explosion:
This jutsu works in combination with the Shadow Clone Jutsu, and creates a shadow clone that will explode on command, potentially killing or injuring those caught in the blast.
Shuriken Shadow Clone Justu:
A modification of the Shadow Clone Jutsu, the user throws one shuriken at the victim and then uses this jutsu to create multiple copies of the shuriken to make the attack more powerful.
Transformation Jutsu:
The user assumes the appearance of another person, animal, or object.
Clone Jutsu:
This jutsu creates a clone of the user, but it is an illusion, not a real copy like the Shadow Cloen Jutsu. The illusions will dissipate when they come into contact with anything.
Water Clone Jutsu:
Similar to Shadow Clone Jutsu but made with water.
Water Prison Jutsu:
Traps a victim in an enescapable water sphere.
Water Style: Exploding Water Shockwave:
User can spit massive amount of water from mouth. Useful for other water jutsus.
Water Style: Rapid Crasher:
Water spirals in user's hands and fires at highspeed at the enemy.
Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu:
The user creates a huge current of water in the form of a serpentine dragon and directs it towards a target.
Water Style: Water Fang Bullet:
This jutsu creates a circle of crushing water spikes around the opponent.
Water Style: Water Shark Bomb:
This jutsu utilizes water to attack the enemy with a powerful water burst in the form of a shark.
Ninja Art: Fog Clone Jutsu:
Similar to the Clone Technique, this technique creates hundreds of illusory clones of themselves. Instead of disappearing after being struck, these clones are able to phase through anything, making any attacks futile.
Unique Jutsu:
Shadow Jump:
Using his chakra, Bikou can create shadows and use them to jump from place to place as long as there is a shadow to create the link.
Bio: Bikou Kumori is the last remaining member of the Kumori Clan. He has vowed to claim vengeance upon those who murdered his clan. As the last remaining Kumori member, he is also the last remaining possessor of the Aneikemurikakoi, a unique kekkei genkai which allows the Kumori Clan to combine Water, Wind, Light, and Dark chakra to manipulate water and shadows.
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M / Visor Lair
Posted 5/26/07 , edited 5/27/07
Welcome chaos and bikou. Caos just finish asap so we can start soon.
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24 / F / online
Posted 5/26/07 , edited 5/27/07
well i guess i'll join too

Name: angel (last name unknown)

Age: 12


Gender: Female

Discription: replace wepon on pic to a sword

Equipment: the sheeth of the sword is strapted to the back and a little bag on the leg to hold the kunai knifes wich also holds a mask for underwater battels, also has the mist head band but wears it around the arm and gives her unlimided kunai also has a pack on the side whear she keeps her items like books, a chess bord and other random things it is also water prof that will proteck every thing inside it, also its like a black hole but you could git everything back if you want it

Weapons: a sword and Kunai Knifes

Body freeze: immobilize enemies

Body substitute:switches her body with a plant, animal or anything for that matter

Mind Body Switch: Allows the user to send its spirit energy into another body and controls it but it only goes strat

Transformation: Transforms the user into another different appearance

water clone jutsu: make clones of her self out of water

Water Prison: Creates a large sphere of water, that holds the opponent inside it: only for 1 min

Water Dragon Blast: Creates a large dragon shape formed from a large amount of spinning water: cant do yet

Water Barrier Wall: Creates a blast of water from the mouth: cant do yet

Explosion: Sends a large spinning pillar of water towards the opponent: cant do yet

Water Wave: A jutsu which creates water out of no where and then thrases it all over the place drowning the opponent and slamming them into solid surfaces: cant do yet

Hidden Mist:Blankets an area in a thick fog, confusing the senses of the enemy

Flying Water Needles:A jutsu that freezes water into the shape of extremely sharp needles

Dispell:A jutsu that destroys/cancels out an illusionary jutsu attempted on the user

Bio: learned some jutsus from father and decoverd some her self,but when a roge ninga from a different villige took out her villige, the villige hedden in the mist, she began looking for a dojo where she could becom stronger and learn other jutsus. to adveng her villige. sinc she has been blinded ever sinc birth she has leatnd to fight with out sight then on her 12th b-day she misterly got her sight and now she dosent use her sight in combat but her other sences. she was training under the villiges top medical ninga. when the villige was distroid she went to kohona and learnd under the 5th hokaga

addishanal info: can hold breath for 30 mins, top speed relly fast can out run a 100mph car for an hour, contruls chakra rerlly well wich alows her to use chakra suckion, walk on water, and heal ingeries, can also control water with chakra, relly strong can lift a 200 poud rock like a feather, wnderwater bdatles are her spealty. spends most of free time training, reading, playing chess or other random things
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25 / M / Cali
Posted 5/26/07 , edited 5/27/07
where can u get pics
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Posted 5/26/07 , edited 5/27/07
Character Profile:
Status: Not Complete

Name: Saboroske Urana
Affiliation: Shikaku-Batsu-uindo (Assassin Clan of the Wind)
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: 6'5

Armaments: Saboroske's signature weapon is a broad snake-sword known as the Satomi. This weapon has the shape of a broadsword but the blade is able to extend into pieces forming a whip. This makes the weapon ideal for both short and long range combat. At the same time, the blade of the weapon is often tipped with poison, making it very lethal. Saboroske is also proficient with utilizing this weapon to improve and compliment his wind techniques. The weapon was named in honor of Saboroske's elder sister--Satomi Urana--who was considered the master of the weapon. Now Saboroske has taken on the reputation and mantle of his elder sister.

Satomi 1:
Satomi 2:
Satomi 3:

Saboroske also carries an arsenal of common ninja tools such as kunei, shurikens, whirwind shuriken, explosive tags, seals, wires, and various knives and daggers. He is also proficient with concocting various poisons.

Unbreakable Body:
Wind Taijutu:
01. Forceful Wind: Power Style:
02. Shearing Wind: Render Style:
03. Wind Burst: Range Style:
Tornado Fang Jutsu:
Heavy Gust Jutsu:
Vortex Wind Jutsu:
Wind Amplification Jutsu:
Tornado Outbreak Jutsu:
Vortex Barrier Jutsu:
Vortex Entrapment Jutsu:
Commanding Wind Jutsu:
Wind Clone Transformation Jutsu:
Shadow Wind Jutsu:
Fleeting Wind Jutsu:
Firestorm Jutsu
Lightning Break Jutsu:
Fenrir - Lethal Fang of the Wind:
01. Partial Awakening: The Wind's Eye:
02. Partial Awakening: Fenrir's Breath:
03. Partial Awakening: Slip Stream:
04. Partial Awakening: The Hunter's Senses:
05. Partial Awakening: Fenrir's Ferocity:

1. 100% compatibility with the demon wolf.
2. Severed left arm - the difficult road to becoming a ninja.
3. A meeting of fate - the gifted medical ninja
4. A new left arm - the cursed arm of earth and rock
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M / Visor Lair
Posted 5/26/07 , edited 5/27/07
Nice wep Mortho and welcome to the game. Yeah angel if you are going to have those jutsus than you should do them very poorly and they should consume most of your chakra so you can only use them sparingly. I mean your char is 12 and some of those are high leveled jutsus. Lastly I used to use Photobucket but actually you can use crunchy. If you save the photo you find on the net to your comp then upload it to crunchy you can then use the images properties to copy them into a post as a image and it will appear.
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