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[RP] Zin's Dojo
Posted 5/26/07 , edited 5/27/07
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M / Visor Lair
Posted 5/26/07 , edited 5/27/07
What do you mean. If you mean cause you posted then yes I am thankfull to you but I didn't know that had to be said. I thought that was a given. Also I put it in my profile so I would like to think that helped somewhat.
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28 / M / lost...somewhere...
Posted 5/27/07 , edited 5/27/07
Finished character profile. I can't an exact picture of my char right now.
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M / Visor Lair
Posted 5/27/07 , edited 5/27/07
That is ok just try to describe him until you can make a pic and scan it in or find one that is a good enough example.
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Posted 5/27/07 , edited 5/28/07
OOC: ^ I'm in the middle of creating my character and I was just wondering if the characters we make have to be newbies. From your opening description, it sounds like Zin is the most powerful character of the dojo and everyone who signs up is just a newbie so I'm wondering if our characters have to be weaker compared to him.

My character concept so far is a man of around 26 years old or so, and definitely very experienced when it comes to being a ninja. I'm wondering if that's allowed or if I need to make him more inexperienced.
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27 / M / Canada
Posted 5/27/07 , edited 5/28/07
Name: Masamune Kenta
Age: 19
Height: 6"1'
Gender: Male

Description: (can't really find a picture yet..) this will have to do... Short black hair, with a couple of battle scars. Left eye is somewhat blind. Somewhat muscular... Wears bandages on forearms, hands, shins and feet. Wears a standard baggish pants of either navy blue of olive green. A white undershirt or t-shirt usually accompanied with a semi-thick vest with holders. A green sash is worn to carry various objects. Also, a bandanna is sometimes worn. Wears a necklace with a little katana dangling off it.

Ninja Rank: Kensei
Original Village: Unknown - Raised in a small village

Equipment: Almost no equipment is used, other than a compass, bandages, and camouflage paint.

Weapon(s): 2 katana's: Iron Tiger and Roaring King. A pair of gloves with steel platings on it.
Iron Tiger: A 4.7ft katana, on the end of the hilt, it has a tiger design and a plain gaurd with the word "Strength" inscribed on it. The sheath is a 2 piece make with a red pine finish.
Roaring King: A 4.5ft katana, this one is about 2 times heavier and thicker. A smooth, rigid blade and a hilt wrapped in cloth for maximum grip. The sheath for this one is true black with a red dragon curling around it.
These two weapons are hung on the sash, both on the right side.
Also, he carries 3 shorter blades, wakazashi's which are held in the back by a holster that supports it so. two of the blades hang to the top left shoulder and the third one hangs on the bottom back of the hip, hilt facing towards the 2 katana's. The blades are 2ft long each. These three blades have no name but together as,
The King's Trio.

Phys. Tech.
Knee Drive One of Kenta's most basic attacks, he grabs the opponent and knees their face with terrifying force.(extremely deadly if it hits, but hard to execute as it requires the enemy to be not aware.)
Muay Thai You know what it is...
Elbow Drive(and Reverse) Elbow Drive is used to attack the enemy on soft points such as the abdominal area and for hitting the face as well as other parts. Reverse Elbow Drive is a finishing move where Kenta sidesteps to the enemy's back and drives into the neck, causing instant death. But due to the power of the attack needed to do such, the attack is approached reversed with Kenta's back facing the enemy's back. This also gives time for the enemy to respond and block or evade since the attack also requires a "wind up."
Twin Strike Both katanas are striked at once.
Rapid Succession This has two modes: Parry and Fury mode.Also, requires two swords to be most effective.
Parry: Used for defense and deflecting off ranged objects such as arrows, shuriken, etc..
Fury: Offensive position, multiple slashes, strikes, and stabs.
Claws of the dragon Only attack thats designed for the trio of wakazashi's. Three slashes simultaneously in a blink of an eye.
Tiger's Palm A single open-fist strike usually to head, but also other parts. It creates a very small burst of air if it's launched from a short distance.

Ninja Tech.
Wind Style- Cutting edge All weapons that are currently wielded become 200% stronger and sharper. Weapons give off a steamy appearance. No need of handseals.
Wind Style- Air Strike A gust of air molded into sharp invisible weapons rain downs on the enemy(ies) Hands are moved up into the air and then a throwing motion is to intiate the attack.
Fire Style- Burning rain When used, droplets of fire pour down and continue burning without spreading untill Kenta stops it, runs out of chakra, or is defeated.

Unique Moves
Roar of the Beast Probably the most destructive attack that Kenta has. With both Katana's drawned, he attacks, at lightning speed and to the enemy, it's as if he's wielding 20 swords.
Sidestep A constantly used move, sidestep enables Kenta to evade most physical attacks such as punches,kicks, and slow movements of weapon wielding. When sidestepping, Kenta evades to the back of the enemy and does a Reverse Elbow Drive.
Solar Blast A ball of energy is launched targeted at enemy. Does not home.

Found on the footsteps of the local temple of the village. Orphaned, not knowing who his parents were. Only the name was given. Taken in by the monks of the temple. Kenta learned many skills, just like Shaolin, he learned Muay Thai. After 15 years of studying and honing his skills, the village recognized him as one of the best. He then seeks to wield swords one day as he looked at his necklace. "Kenta, when we found you, this necklace was around your neck." Thus, the monks at the village encouraged Kenta to catch his dreams. The temple that taught swordsmanship, kenjutsu, Thousand Arms Temple that situated itself in the mountains, where very few could reach due to the harsh winds and the biting cold. Kenta finally reached this temple and stayed in it to learn to wield swords for 3 years. In those 3 years, the monks of the temple taught him everything they knew. Kenta, again left this temple in search of something that is missing from his heart. There have been rumors about Kenta as the son of Okazaki Masamune, the legendary swordsmith. But that's another story.

Additional Info
Doesn't like to talk too much. Despite cold facial expressions and scars, is quite gentle with almost anything. Also likes to eat a lot when hungry, and sleeps if in the mood.

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28 / M / In my mind fighti...
Posted 5/28/07 , edited 5/28/07
Name: Tristen dumo



height: 5.8


Ninja Rank: anbu

Original Village: village of smoke

20 Shurikens
10 Smoke Bombs
Duel Katanas

Burning hands: hands light on fire as he hits.

Burning feet: feet light on fire as he hits.

fire upercut: move at the preson then start to punch at faster and faster then upercuts the person in sky.

fire clone: when hit they catch fire putting the person on fire.

Fire Style Phoenix Flower Jutsu: This jutsu sends multiple balls of fire at a target. It is also possible to hide shurikens within the fireballs, creating an unexpected secondary surprise attack.

Fire Style Fire dragon Flame Missile: The user shoots an enormous ball of flame in the shape of a dragon from their mouth.

Fire Style Dragon Flame: Uses wire to wrap enemy then sends fire donw the wire at the enemy.

Fire Style Fire Ball: Blows a fireball at the enemy.

Unique Jutsu:
Pyro Kinetics: Has the ability to make fire due to the phoenix demon in him.

flame manipulator: able to move fire just by looking at it because of the Phoenix demon

Hell Bringer: Using a massive amount of fire he covers the edges of the room or area desired whithin the flames. He then increases the flames heat making the area unbearably hot threatening to burn the opponent alive if something isn't done soon.

Fire Cutter: He concentrates a large amount of fire into one hand. When this hand strikes the heat from the large amount of fire can and will burn a whole through the opponent if a direct hit is taken. This move becomes even more dextructive when he is in Phoenix mode.

Flaming shuriken barrage: phoenix flower but many more.

Pheonix Mode: Flames cover body and he gets flaming wings.

Pheonix Strike: Concentrates a large amount of fire to make a giant flaming phoenix and it flys at the enemy burning them to a crisp and piercing through them.

Ultimate Fire blast: While in Pheonix mode he flys up and concentrates a massive amount of fire into his hands and blast it out like kamaehamaeya.

Bio: He has lived in the smoke village all his life and was on Zin's orig team. He has come back to visit his friend and refresh his skils. He is strong, fast, funny at most times, but think he is number one!. he will never run from a fight he know when to stop when told. but has a Phoenix demon inside of him that he is able to tap in to it's exetreme power. After years of training he is finally able to control and release the massive full power of the demon.
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M / Visor Lair
Posted 5/28/07 , edited 5/28/07
No Mortho the ninjas can be experienced as they like but it takes a lot more than experience to beat Zin. Zin is just that powerful. It is not in his bio, because as of now it has not happened yet, but Zin is actually Satoosa rank. Zin is asked to become the next lord of his village but refuses for personal reasons. That is why Zin leaves his village and makes his dojo and his ninja service. Zin supports himself like this until he gets involved in something deeper that is way in the future.

Traveling Sword you can join anytime so just post them up and we will be all set. I nfact I was thinking of starting once Mortho, caos, and Traveling Sword(TS) get their chars up so just try to make it asap.
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32 / Ronald McDonald's...
Posted 5/28/07 , edited 5/28/07
Okay, I'll join in. I have no experience in RPG though. So I guess it'll take sometime until my character is done. If someone could help me out by giving me an overview of common ninja weapons / techniques, because I never watched Naruto ...

For now:

Name: Fuyu
Age: 21
Height: 1, 70m
Gender: Female

Description: Fuyu is a slender young woman with an uncordial look in her eyes, which only changes around people she's grown to like or when she's having fun, especially when teasing someone, which is her idea of fun. She wears her black hair with a white streak and red eyeshadow. She's more of an observant and ironic character most of the time, but extremely dangerous when in fury.The first impression strangers will get from Fuyu is that of an introverted and calm girl, who doesn't like to talk about herself much. People close to her however, like the monk Reita who has raised her, know she's a lot of trouble. Although she's not very muscular she's gone through a tough and merciless training by the monk Reita and can take a lot more than one might give her credit for.

Equipment: Apart from her weapons, she only carries a wolf's fur. It both serves as a good armor and as camouflage.

Weapons: Two Katanas (Shichi and Rei) which are lighter than normal ones, but can be combined into one powerful if needed. Both Katanas are named after the two dragon spirits sealed into them in ancient times and giving them power. Shichi and Rei enable their owner to a number of powerful techniques.

Fan Shuriken As the name says, fan shaped shurikens that come back after throwing.

Ookami no Tsume The wolf's claw, a powerful combination of fast punches.

Akai Kiba A technique that makes the users fingers hard as steel and enables them to pierce through the enemy's body.

Senpuu Handou The whirlwind kick/recoil. A defensive technique, dodging and using the speed of the evasion movement to come back at the enemy almost immediately with a fast spinning kick.

Senpuu Raishuu The whirlwind attack. A sequence of full force and speedful roundhouse kicks.

Tate Yuugi Defense move to block physical attacks.

Sesshou Kousetsu: A deadly snowstorm arises around the fighters, which is clearly to Fuyu's advantage as she's a winter child and can't be bothered much by it. Also she can blend in with the snowstorm and attack her enemy out of nowhere.

Kaze to Koori: A blast of sharp ice blades and tiny ice shards

Tamaranai Kage An unbearably frightening aura that may not fully work on experienced ninjas but will confuse and scare any lower being e.g. animals, clones, illusions.

Shiroi Mashu Manipulates near by animals to attack the enemy.

Kuroi Kumori: Basically a cloud of black mist, that allows the user to disappear in it.

Signature Justsus: Rofl no Jutsu makes the enemy see something hilarious that'll inevitably make them Rofl.

Unique Sword Techniques:
Aoi Shuurai: Rei's blue lightning strike.
Akai Shuurai: Shichi's red lightning strike.
Shichi Rei Kagami (Mirror defense technique) Fuyu crosses Shichi and Rei in front of her to block and reflect ninjutsu attacks.This only works with ninjutsus though.
Kumo no Amimono A fast both handed attack, almost as if making a net around the enemy to eventually stalemate him.
Shichi Rei Ryuu: Both blades combined into one two-ended sword, the powers of both Shichi and Rei flow into one powerful and destructive stroke. This, of course is something, Fuyu can't do more than twice in one fight, as it's exhausting to wield such power.
Sesshou Hyakkiyakou This ancient technique is so havoc wreaking and deadly, Fuyu only managed to use it once in her whole life and almost killed herself as well. It's the ultimate combined power of the two dragons and the reason they were sealed away in seperate swords.

Bio: It is not much known about her past. She was raised up by an alcoholic monk, who also taught her to fight. He found her in the forest around his shrine on a cold winter evening, that's where her name comes from. Fuyu, a baby back then, lay in a basket under a tree, easy prey for all the wolves and other wild animals in the area, but strangely enough none of these had even attempted to come near her. As the monk came closer he found out the reason why, two blades emitting a powerful aura were crossed above the child keeping them away. The monk recognised the blades immediately and although his motto was live and let die, he decided to take the child in as a reward for staying alive in such cold winter night. When Fuyu turned 18 the monk send her on a certain mission taking her all the way to China and back. Now,3 years later she has returned and reported the results of her mission. Reita decided to send her to Zin's dojo to give her the finishing training.

Additional info: Fuyu can turn into a Kuro Neko, which is the ability to turn into a black cat, which of course is of no use in fights, but comes in handy for her as she likes to stroll around without drawing too much attention to herself at times. To Reita this was always a pain in the ass, as Fuyu used it to avoid unloved duties and punishment for missing out.

If anything's unclear, pardon my english and my imagination. I'm just making things up as I don't know much about fighting styles.

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M / Visor Lair
Posted 5/28/07 , edited 5/28/07
Ok ahoj ninja weapons go like this katanas, swords, shurikens, needles, smokebombs, kunais, caltrops, and things such as.
Ninja techs go like this Taijutsu(physical tech), Ninjutsu(magical techs), and Genjutsu(illusonary techs). That is the basic laydown. Then there are signature jutsus and special traits that only your char can have.
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32 / Ronald McDonald's...
Posted 5/28/07 , edited 5/28/07
Thank you sensei, I'll switch my brain on right now to come up with more of a description. Are we supposed to make a drawing of our characters?
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Posted 5/28/07 , edited 5/28/07
OOC: My character is still very much in development and will be for a while since I'm building it up from scratch so if the others are done, you can just start without me.
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Posted 5/28/07 , edited 5/28/07
Name:Kekero Nigai
Age: 18
Discription:look at the pick.sweet and nice with an anger problem if ya tick me off
Equipment: Katar
Weapons: Butterfly Sword
j utsus(seperate by type):
Bio: live in Kyoto Japan, loves sweets, and is hot-headed with an innocent appearance, loves to seduce men
Additional info: a Kuniochi of a village of one of the smaller islands of Japn
Posted 5/28/07 , edited 5/28/07
(This is my 1st rpg game participation. Pardon the infos for now. I'll think better description for this when I edit my post. ^-^)
Profile status: incomplete

Name: Hodong Wode-san
Age: 20
Height: 5'4 ft to 6'2 ft
Gender: Male
appearance when suppressing his powers

appearance when unleashing his powers

- Retractable wooden staff (like Goku's staff).
- He has an awesome super shiny bling-bling earring on his left ear, which he uses it to blind the enemies in awe.
- kunais, shurikens, explosive tags
- transparent strings of thin, yet durable wire
- speacial tags (able to do body flicker without expending chakra)

jutsus(seperate by type):
- Double/Giant size jutsu;
- Meat tank jutsu;
- Partial double size (body part) jutsu;
- Hidden mist (passing gas) jutsu;
- knows basic ninjitsu techniques such as: kage bushin no jutsu, walking on water and climbing vertically on the side of a building, ...
- Body Flicker Jutsu (an instant Teleportation Jutsu)
- He knows one summoning jutsu. It's the Great Panda Summoning Jutsu. He summons The Great Panda like a huge boulder dropping from a sky. The Great Panda is as big as the big frog that Naruto summoned when he fought Gaara during his complete beast form.
- He's able to use fire style techniques after eating something hot & spicy
- By eating something sweet, Hodong is able to use jutsus that are "sticky" in nature. EX: The Maple sweet jutsu -- a just that he blows from his mouth and create a sticky substance that traps his opponents.

Bio: A spoiled brat of the Hidden Pig's Nest Village. He has one strand of hair on his head. His waist size is 40+ inches. He mostly grown-up in the kitchen. Eating any kind of foods he sees. But he mostly prefer take-out foods and foods riched in high carbohydrates and high in calories. He and his family prefers to follow the Japanese culture but their cuisines are mostly Italians. He never play any games with his friends because his massive fattness is enough to crush their puny bodies. His hidden mist (passing gas) jutsu is unbeatable but that jutsu takes a lot of concentration to execute because he's in-and-out of the hospital many times for having horrible stomach aches and constipation. He's a kind-hearted fellow that will gladly return a person's wallet in case he/she drops it.

Additional info: Will do anything if you offer him food. His belly has a hidden compartment for shurikens, kunai blades, a bowling ball, and extra space for two large size bags of chips. He's a Judo apprentice; proficient in Sumo & wrestling; and a dare-devil yet reckless motorcylist. There's a rumor that Wode-san's family is related to one of the respectable families in Konoha Village. One time, at age 4, Hodong accidentally tapped his hidden potential. He was producing a lot of chakra more than any hokage or any ninja leaders could produce. There was a brief description from the elders about Hodong's physical appearance on that time of age. They were stating that all his fatness turned to thicked muscles like a matured Olympic bodybuilder. There's a rumor that he was the one who created a big hole in the center of Mt. Fatooney.
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Posted 5/28/07 , edited 5/28/07
Ok I'm quite new but here I go...

Name: Sisumaru (no last name)
Age: near 20
Height: over 175
Gender: male
Blue eyes, light blue hair from bottom but darker from above. Light/medium body type.
Equipment: basic survival pack. Apples (lots and lots of em')
Weapons: Basics + kodachi for quick defending.

jutsus(seperate by type):


Shadow Kick
First he moves so fast, almost unseen to naked human eye, near the enemy and kicks the enemy to chin; meant to set enemy fly. Also combined with chaining moves.

Shadow stalker
Throws his kodachi to enemy heart and at the same time he jumps above him twisting enemys throat.


Killing ground (Passive)
He has aura that helps him to move, hear, see and react better. Can be overpowered by enemy chakra.

Makes small barrier in front of him. Able to block small and weak attack like few shurikens or few kunais.

Sword skills/styles:

Burning legion:
The sword heats so much that it is able to melt
cold iron in two with single slash.
Spinning legion shell: Spins around and makes fiery
shell thet deflects and burns everything that comes near.
(similiar to neji's Eight Trigrams Palms Heavenly Spin But there is also
fire all around the spin)

Lightning stroke:
A thunder hits Sisumarus blade and he is able to create:
Thunder ball: Rageing thunder ball
Lightnin slash: A piercing ligtning strike.

Genjitsu: -

Unique moves:

Hasshuken Kyoken Rogafufuken
Will be revealed as time goes on...

Bio: He was always behind his friends and he always got mocked because he didn't have any talent. Lived his childhood with his father since his mother took his sister under her care. Kicked out of his village at young age. He never had potetial to become a proper ninja. Only family was his sister but she deceased by unknown illness when he was 15. Hes most dark memory is when he killed his best friends whole family, what was local police, by accident while he escaped. Now works as freelancer but rarely gets any job because he ain't very experienced yet.
Additional info: He is sometimes very cold, careless and selfish and sometimes wery carefree and airyheaded but around women (near his age) he acts almost as a perfect gentlemen. He is specialed more in spying, stalking and assasinating and not so much in fair one-on-one.
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