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26 / F / Dullsville
Posted 7/18/09 , edited 7/18/09
Since I noticed the forum lacking in new topics, I was wondering:

Which character is the BEST and which is the WORST on School Rumble?

List as many as you want for each!! (Explain if you feel like it. It makes things more interesting.;)) )

My Opinion--

BEST: Mikoto, Tenma, Yakumo, Akira. They're all great characters and always have something funny to say/do. ::))

WORST: Karasuma. He has no personality!! I like his quiet-ness but that's about it.
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29 / F / Denver,Colorado
Posted 7/21/09 , edited 7/21/09
Best: Harima and Tenma.
Worst: Karin and Yakumo.
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25 / F / Under your skin.
Posted 9/2/09 , edited 9/4/09
Best: Ichijou and Eri
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25 / F / Australia
Posted 9/14/09 , edited 9/15/09
best: tenma!! harima, hanai, imadori, karasuma, tougou......most of them lol
worst: ERI.......(annoying) >:(
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M / Washington, DC
Posted 11/2/09 , edited 11/3/09
Best: Mikoto

Worst: Imidori
Posted 4/9/10 , edited 4/9/10
Best: Eri, Imadori, Yakumo, Harima
Worst: Hanai, Karasuma, Tenma
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27 / M / Realm of Darkness
Posted 6/4/10 , edited 6/4/10
Best: Harima (although i liked him more when he was more badass, but he still rocks this anime )
Yakumo (she is just so can she not be loved...? Oo I also think she should end up with harima)
Imadori (..."it´s gotta be D"...i dont have to say more, do I? ^^)
Hanai (He is always funny to watch...never giving up on yakumo although he had no chance from the very beginning xD)

Worst: Tenma (everything about her is stupid...her looks, her voice, her character she even herself is more stupid than a piece of bread is...yea i admitt that she can be funny sometimes, but most of the time she just annoys me...she is needed though in this anime...or else harima wouldnt have a reason to try so hard and thus be so funny)
Karasuma (does he even count as an character? He absolutly has no personality. He always looks the same...same clothes, same expression, same hair and it all sucks! No wonder tenma likes him...they both are absolutly dumb thus made for each other. could care less if they actually find to each other though as long as harima doesnt end up with tenma)
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21 / M
Posted 2/4/11 , edited 2/5/11
the worst is karasuma, he never spoke to his classmate... he weird wearing kappa raincoat....
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