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Posted 7/18/09 , edited 7/19/09
Thx for reading. I take it that life has let go of you long enought to come here. I thank thee...anyways, Me and Val got to talking of a World map, and how there is lack of one. SO I asked Val to give a cheap blueprint to go off of. He did and I went off of it. Now I finished this viewable version earlier today. Now with the finding out of Blacksheep's sic ass Map that is god of all maps, I think mine is now irrelevant. Maybe not, if it isn't then I could push it over onto the comp version of sheep's map. I took this role because Serberius doesn't have Photoshop and I do. Haha. , jesting aside here is the map I made and the blueprint Val gave me. Note that things are different, for one i didn't use the location he gave me. Comments and critiques are welcome.

PS. I do plan on putting the actual city's(showing all of the buildings within them) on there.

Without further a-do.


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