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Girl Gamers
Posted 12/28/07 , edited 12/28/07
I don't think it's only guys who like video games. I'm a girl and I love video games. And some of my girl friends like video games, while some of my guy friends don't like video games...
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29 / cheras selangor ;3
Posted 12/28/07 , edited 12/28/07
hoho ima girl .. i played game happyly enjoying them too ;3
and i will continue my degree on gaming software i guess : DD after this ;3

i must say i played whateva game genre that pop up in front me
*yes even arcade im ma arcade freak too*

most girl play .. sim..and rpg game

..seriusly i think girl like rpg ..

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38 / Rainy City.
Posted 12/28/07 , edited 12/29/07
if it wasnt for my older brother forcing me to play games with him, then i would've been girly...ew...
thank you older braduhh. XD<3
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26 / F / boring, bland ohio
Posted 12/28/07 , edited 12/29/07
Well maybe it's because we like different games. I love puzzle and mind games, but I dislike shooters, and most of the posts are about Halo3 and other stuff like that. I'm only saying this from my experiance, so not every girl will agree with me.
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26 / M / Canada
Posted 12/28/07 , edited 12/29/07
I don't care who plays games, I do, however, hate when girls try to make a big deal of them playing video games.

I've had girls try and make me let them win simply because they're girls, odd, no?

"Fireonimusha has entered the match"
"Fireonimusha is in the lead"
"Fireonimusha is nearing victory"

"RandomgirlgamerwhoIforgotthenameof: By the way, I'm a girl"
"Fireonimusha: That's nice"
"Fireonimusha has won"

"RandomgirlgamerwhoIforgotthenameof: What the hell I said I was a girl"
"Fireonimusha: Point?"
Posted 12/28/07 , edited 12/29/07

I'm a girl & I love VIDEO GAMEZ.....

Please let me know If you want any cheats or walkthroughs

BTW: i'am a video game addict
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29 / M / Chicago
Posted 12/28/07 , edited 12/29/07
NO NO! The real question is how many of them are hot?
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36 / F / I dont speak english
Posted 12/28/07 , edited 12/29/07
Well, sleep assured... the IGDA recently (2-3 years ago) put a huge repport on gamers and gaming and they noticed the female market for videogames was growing more and more...
Mostly because of the portable console such as the DS and the casual gaming.

If more game was made FOR GIRLS with girls in mind, there will be alot more amers girls.

I'm myself a gamer girl. I play offline games alot, then started MMORPG a couples years ago.

**************** CAREFULL BELOW IS A RANT OF A ANGRY ANGRY GIRL***************


Can i make a comment to you guys...
YOU the MMORPG douchebag out there...

You know why you dont see much MMORPG girls out there?


~Because im tired of having my breast size asked (im not kidding, get asked all the time)
~Because i want to know if im really skilled and not being in a party or getting gears just because "I have the boob power"
~Because everytime we get something, there a frustrated 14 years old jerk that didnt got his candy that will say "she got it only because she is a girl/sleep with the leader.
~Because the first question i got asked is "A girl? really? are you cute?" WHO FUCKING CARE IF IM CUTE? no im big, ugly, greasy and dont shower! get away, this inst
~Because being a crazy stalker is NOT a good way to get girls
~Because no, i dont cyber with you
~Because NO, I dont want to cyber... EVEN for virtual money.
~Because when i actually happen to meet good person TO BE FRIEND WITH people start freaking fucking drama about who dates who. And there is jealousy from the crazy stalkers, And drama fucking sucks.
~Because i could go on with this list for ever.

So you know what? We play males characters. We kick just as much ass and are just as good. Minus the drama.

So guys, grow up, get respectuous and learn to treat us well... then the girls will come back...

Until then, fuck this. I'm proud to say i play male characters.


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29 / F / シャドーモセス島
Posted 12/28/07 , edited 12/29/07
^ There you have it guys. Well said.

I'm a female gamer. Have been for a long time. I have four brothers. They might have influenced me to play but somehow I think I still would have gotten into gaming even if I was the only child.

I play all genres of games; FPS, RPGs, Survival Horror, etc. (Some more than others.) My favorite being fighting. Killer Instinct, Soul Blade and Bloody Roar are old favorites. Guilty Gear is one of my best games.

Practically all my money goes into consoles, games and console acessories. I don't even like to shop... unless it's for games. Take me to GameStop and I am one happy person.
I don't ask for anything else when it comes to gifts. Birthdays, Christmas... hell, even Valentine's Day(even though I hate it). Get me a (good) game and I'm all smiles. XD

Heh, geeky, huh? Yes, I'm smart. Yes, I LOVE video games. So, what?

Offline games, I play a lot. Online? Not so much; meaning MMOs.

fireonimusha: Ha, wow.
I have a rule. Don't ever, I mean EVER "just let me win."
I like for people to play me with everything they have.
If you're a pro, I want to know it. Go ahead and kick my ass.
If you think you can. lol

I'm not going to lie. I'm very competitive. Losing is something I hate with a passion. BUT if I do lose, I'm not going to make any excuses like, "My eyes were closed and I didn't see you." XD No, that's just dumb. lol
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29 / F / Constantly change...
Posted 12/28/07 , edited 12/29/07
I'd NEVER thought I'd see a topic like this. I agree with Fireonimusha, I bet shes not even a girl, its a 15 year old guy who fails at life and has to resort to damsel in distress to feel good about himself. I also would agree with Hylia although I do NOT play MMORPGs.

I play just about any game spanning across 4 systems. I'm the oldest of the trio (younger bro and sis) and asked for playstation when I was 7 because it looked cool. Surprisingly I never got the "just let me win" from friends or family. I can assure you when they had an opportunity to kick my ass they did so with glee.

GameStop gift card FTW!!!
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27 / F / fair enough Calif...
Posted 12/28/07 , edited 12/29/07
the first game i actually played was Final Fantasy 7
i cried because i didnt know how to climb up the stairs.

then i had my brother show me. good days good days
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25 / F / Somewhere In Earth.
Posted 12/28/07 , edited 12/29/07
i'm a girl and i absolutely love gaming!!
gaming rules!!
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29 / M
Posted 12/28/07 , edited 12/29/07
MMORPG-Mostly Men Online Role Playing as Girls
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Posted 12/28/07 , edited 12/29/07
i like girls who play games...
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27 / F / In a big white ro...
Posted 12/28/07 , edited 12/29/07
I pretty much grew up with only guys so I guess they might be part of the reason I started playing video games but I still play while they have stopped a long time ago. Anyways, I like to play any kind of games from adventure/rpg to first person shooters (like CS).

I spend most of my money on games too so whenever someone asks me what I want for a present or w/e, I say GAMES!! And because of that my parents bribe me with games/new console to get good grades.
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