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Post Reply Who's your favorite yuri pairing in Aoi Hana?
Posted 10/22/09 , edited 10/22/09
Fumi & Akira FTW
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Posted 11/27/09 , edited 11/28/09
I can't take not watching more of this anime.I NEED & WANT MORE OF THIS ANIME! FUMI +AKIRA 4-EVER
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Posted 12/15/09 , edited 12/16/09
well since i never read the magna and only seen the anime i like sugimoto and fumi. but seeing the last ep i really like akira lol i dont kno which way to go because akira and fumi just seems so close of frends and how will akira respond?
Posted 1/3/10 , edited 1/3/10
Sugimoto + Manjome.

Hands down.
Posted 1/10/10 , edited 1/11/10
"do u remember your first love?"

akira and fumi all the way!!!!!!!!

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Posted 4/4/10 , edited 4/4/10
Yasuko x Fumi. I read the manga first, and I feel that the anime pushes the Fumi x Akira relationship much more, with the hand-holding opening sequence and all. At first, when I was reading the manga, I thought Fumi and Akira were just friends, with Yasuko being the major love interest, so I really rooted for that Yasuko and Fumi, but we all know how that turned out...

I don't want Fumi to be in relationship with Yasuko now - at least, not until Yasuko grows up a bit, but they still have(had) a nice relationship at some point.
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Posted 8/23/10 , edited 8/24/10
What... No Fumi x Kyouko? ;P Hahah... I know they haven't really had any scenes but I'm kinda hoping they go out at some point. ^^; I'm in the REAL minority there, huh? xD

Otherwise, I prefer Fumi x Sugimoto... Not at the moment, though. Sugimoto needs to grow some more. Akira just always seemed straight to me and how many anime can you think of that deals with childhood friends/first loves ending up together? =o=

@chocolatt13212: It's possible. I'm 22 and I've never been in love or involved in a relationship. ^^; I'm actually the opposite in that I don't see how people can so readily fall in love.
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