Miscellaneous plot line questions
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Posted 7/19/09 , edited 7/20/09
1.Kyuubi has said Madara's chakra is more sinister than his own. Does this mean Kyuubi fears him or does it mean the Kyuubi has stronger chakra but it isn't as evil as Madara?

2.Why doesn't Naruto just talk to the Kyuubi to learn more about Madara's mindset? Madara maybe powerful and smart but he is overconfident. Madara relies on power and deceit to be strong but Naruto has genuine strength (as Haku said that someone is only genuinely strong when they have someone/something they want to fight for. I doubt he meant it in the context of fighting for vengeance like Sasuke does or regaining your Mangekyou Sharingan power like Madara): fighting for those he loves and his home. That's Madara's greatest weakness: lacking genuine power and his overconfidence.

3.Was the Sage of Six Paths supposed to good or evil?

4.Is Kishimoto slacking off with more details about Naruto's family (like if Kushina is dead or alive) or is one of those parts of the story that will be best answered later on? That is, is he being lazy in telling us Naruto's family history or does he have it planned so it's something best told later on?

5.If and when Sasuke attacks the village, what he will do afterwards? Throughout the series, he's served primarily to live on revenge and little to anything else.

6. Concerning strongest ninjas, it's a toss up between Sasuke, Madara, Naruto, and the Sage of Six Paths (Because he created the modern ninja world). In a fight between the latter 3 mentioned, I would say the Sage would win because he is essentially Shinobi Kami-Sama. Though Naruto should be able to easily kill the other two because the main character of manga/anime is supposed the strongest because they are the protagonist.

7. What was the bigger fight: the anticipated Sasuke vs. Itachi battle or the recent epic Naruto vs. Pein fight? Personally, I find the latter because Pein was much stronger than Itachi. Naruto was battling to defend his village and not fighting to avenge his family like Sasuke did to the point his essential sole purpose of living is vengeance.
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