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Posted 7/19/09 , edited 7/20/09
lol a weird name for a game dont ya think? welllllll... here's how yu play each lette of the word "PANTS" stands for something...

P = place
A = adjective
N = name
T = thing
S = song

all yu have to do is fill in the slots but heres the deal it has to start with the letter ur on! we'll be going in abc order soooo.. here's a example who those who STILLLL dont get it

P:: aqualand XD (<---- a place}
A:: annoying (<----adjective)
N:: Abby (<------ name)
T:: Apple (<-----thing)
S:: Around the world (<----- a song and yu better believe it)

A:: beautiful
T:: backpack
S:: be ur girl

aNd So On AnD sO oN.... OkAy?!
and like always i start cz im cool like tht
P:: alaska
A:: arrogant
N:: Allie
T:: Alligator
S:: Abc song o.o
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