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Posted 8/14/09 , edited 8/14/09

Mageroyal wrote:

Username: Mageroyal
Name: Riri
Race: Demon
Age: 14
Gender: female
Position: Queen of the Demons
Personality: is very sensitive and can be easily misunderstood. Shes also very kind.
Bio: ever since birth, she was raised by 2 of the most powerful demons, but they were never recognized. her father had died due to warriors that wanted to take their home and use it as a base camp. They were cowardly and killed him in his sleep. When she reached 10, it was tradition in her family to send her away to start her own life. She eventually found Montrila and started her own life there. She now reigns Queen of the Demons.

Pic: Human Form

Demon Form

Have u uploaded 3 pictures: yes!

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Posted 3/30/11 , edited 3/30/11
Username(Link user) : 2magicgirl
Name : Kyouko
Age : 12
Gender : female
Position :
Personaltiy : Kind , wishs everyone would get along , stubborn
Picture :
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