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Posted 9/2/09 , edited 9/2/09

itachi_hinata wrote:

yue was walking towards the weopon shop called "ULTIMATE GEARS" she opened the door and she saw an old man dusting the shelves "ohayo yue, what do you need??" he asked "jou-san i would like to buy a katana that's unique and strong and is the color blue" she stated "hmm.....aha! wait there i'll be right back!" he walked to the torage room and got the finest looking katana it was really nice, it was designed for a girl to hold and to keep. "how much jou-san?" "ahh that's a gift from me to you" he smiled "but jou-san" she insisted to pay "ahaha!! it's okay, and you have to go now i think you need to rest you look a little pale" he said "hai, and arrigatou jou-san" then she left.

*flies down* one of our brave warriors *smile* did u find every thing? but i must ask that u dont go around with it in plan sight it will make some of the gentler folk get nervouse or frighten *smiles again* ill let u know if we need ur help with anything
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