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Posted 7/21/09 , edited 7/22/09
Someone above you will make a wish.
and then you have to corrupt it. (ruin it)

person a: i wish i could fly.
person b: Granted! but you became a bird instead.
I wish i could rule the world.
person c: granted! but you became a lonely person.
I wish i had a cake.
etc. etc.

1. don't post twice in a row

I wish i had a cookiie!
Posted 7/22/09 , edited 7/22/09
THE CR GAMES AND COMPETITION'S GROUP is Obviously just new... From the time I edited this post, we're now...35 min old

The real motive of this group is to get away from the repetitive group ideas of Avatar making, fashion clubs and pure anime fan's club.

A group were Image and comments rules everything! anime or a non-anime, asian or non-asian, this group is also labeled as a GENERAL group so general topics are also aloud..

1. Forum Moderator: NEEDED!!
Your task is to check and clean the forum's every once in a while! Remove bad post if there is one, and keep a thread alive as much as you can,. You will be give enough moderator power for the given task. And your name will be listed in the moderator list. Pretty self-explanatory.

2. Photo Moderator: NEEDED!
The task of this Mod is to keep the Photos on the Photo Album organize, put this to there and those in here. like that! (i think I'm lost...). I f a type of photo reached a desirable amount that it should be given it's own album then it's your job.. this is an imageboard after all...

3. Graphic Moderator NEEDED!!!
Currently the most needed Mod in here right now, we need it for the profile of the group and the so called membership card...

4. Recruiter IN urgent NEED!!
We need 2 right now, Show me a screenshot of your invite... if we liked the result we will make ou as a mod. You will have the authority to Control the wall posts in the group.. and ur name will be putted at the moderator's list.
Posted 7/22/09 , edited 7/22/09
you get a cookie but the cookie turns out to be expired and mouldy xD

i wish it doesn't rain
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Posted 7/22/09 , edited 7/22/09
GRANTED! I wish pigs could FLY! xD
Posted 7/22/09 , edited 7/22/09
Granted but now they cant stop

i wish i had no school
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Posted 7/22/09 , edited 7/22/09
wish granted, but you become dumb in every possible way.

I wish i never had to make any wishes.
Posted 7/23/09 , edited 7/23/09
granted but now you cant have anything

i wish i could speak French
Posted 7/27/09 , edited 7/27/09
granted but no one can understand it xD

i wish for long-lasting bread
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Posted 7/30/09 , edited 7/30/09
Granted but u ended up sick

i wish i had a kitten
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25 / F / westisthebest.
Posted 7/31/09 , edited 8/1/09
Granted but it had rabies and bit you and you got sickk~

I wish I had more money
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Posted 8/4/09 , edited 8/5/09
granted but it was all fake!

i wish i had a stuffed teddy bear!
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25 / F / CR
Posted 8/14/09 , edited 8/14/09
granted, but it will vanish *duhh*

i wish to sleep 24/24 hours
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26 / F / Canada all you ha...
Posted 8/31/09 , edited 8/31/09
wish granted you have horrible nightmares

I wish I wasn't sick.
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