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Posted 7/23/09 , edited 7/23/09
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---------------------Animegirl67213: Hi Hi Minna! it's my first fanfic! YAAAYY!!

Ikuto: What kind of Fanfiction is it?
Animegirl67213: AMUTO!!! -evil grin-
Ikuto: Awww Amu you know you're happy *Hugs*
Animegirl67213: Awww How Kawaii! Someone say the disclaimer! Tadase You do it!
Tadase: Why do I have to?

Animegirl67213: Because...I said so and i control ALL OF YOU!!! BWAHAHAHHA!!

everyone: *Sweatdrop*

Tadase: *sigh* Animegirl67213 does not own Shugo Chara, the characters, cats, chicken or umm Water!

Note: Ikuto is a very famous person since he works for Easter. Amu is 16 and Ikuto is 20.


One breezy summer day, Amu was sitting on her chair in her bedroom with the balcony door wide open. Amu's Mom, Dad and her sister Ami left to her grandparents for a week. Amu hadn't noticed a very familiar cat-boy walk in.
"UGGHH This is soo boring! I have nothing to do!!" She grabbed a pen and paper and started drawing random things like cats (A/N: hmmmm familiar huh? *wink)
Amu's charas just noticed Ikuto and was about to tell amu when ikuto snuck up behind her and put a finger to his lips signaling the shugo charas not to say anything. They obeyed but a giggle escaped their lips. Amu stopped drawing. "What are you giggling about?" She asked clearly annoyed "Awww Amu Don t be so mean to them!" . Amu turned around to find Ikuto standing before her. "IKUTO!?!?!?!?" she said shocked. "That's My Name!" he replied with a smirk.
"What do you want?!" she said in a rude tone. Ikuto ignored how rude she was being and replied. "You. Tonight. I will pick you up at 7." Amu blushed and put on her Cool & Spicy Character. "I swear Ikuto if you do anything perverted I will-" "You will what?" He replied still smirking. "I-I ll do something umm bad To you!" Ikuto chuckled. "Okay whatever I will see you tonight then. ." "Who said I was going? "
"ME" Utau appeared out of nowhere. "Utau?" "Utau agreed to help you get ready. See you tonight Koneko-Chan." He Chara-changed with Yoru and jumped off of her balcony. "Amu! We need to Get you ready! It s already 5:00!" "So what it's only 5:00 Utau. It doesn't take THAT long to get dressed!" "Well It will be since I'M helping you. You are NOT going to get away with wearing something simple for this date. Miki, draw Amu a new outfit to wear." "Already on it."

1 Minute Later "DONE!" Miki said as she help the picture up.

Suddenly Amu was a black skirt with ruffles that went down to her knees. She wore a red T-shirt that had little black skulls on it. She also wore a jacket with sleeves that went down to her elbows. She wore boots that went about 2 inches below her knees. For accessories she was wearing a pair of black and red star dangle earrings. She wore a ring with a big red star on it. She also wore some black and red bracelets and a black star necklace. Utau did her hair in a high ponytail with a black X clip on it and left some of her hair down. Utau curled her hair for a little something extra.
It was 6:59 and Ikuto would be here any minute. Suddenly the clock struck 7:00 and & there was a knock on the door. Utau opened it. "Come on in Ikuto Amu will be down in a sec." As if right on cue Amu walked down the stairs. Ikuto's mouth open like an idiot. (A/N: Me: No offense Ikuto Ikuto: some taken)
"ikuto ikuto IKUTO!! HELLO?!?!?" Utau screamed in his ear. Ikuto looked at Amu. "You look great!" "Y-You too" Amu said as she looked down. Ikuto was wearing jeans and a Shirt that ha paw prints on the very bottom of it (A/N: LOL) with a Suit jacket. "Are you ready Amu?" Amu blushed and nodded. Ikuto led her to a limo. "We are going in THAT?!?!?" Ikuto smirks and replies "Yep." Ikuto and Amu Get in the limo. Amu suddenly realized that she didn't know where he was taking her. "Nee~ Ikuto where are we going?" "Dinner" he replied. "O...k?" said amu.

They arrive at a VERY fancy restaurant with a big sign that read 'Chateau' . Amu's eyes widened. "IKUTO WE CAN T EAT HERE! IT COSTS SOOO MUCH!!" Ikuto chuckled. "I work with Easter remember? Famous?" Amu blushed. "O-Oh y-yeah right." she smiled nervously. They go inside and approach a waiter. "Hello I have a reservation under the name Tsukiyomi." "Table for two Correct?" Ikuto nods. "Right this way please." They arrive at their table. "May I get you anything to drink?" Ikuto replied "Water please". the waiter nodded and looked at Amu. "Water". she replied. The man wrote their orders down, bowed and left. They ordered their food ate.. And talked about normal what they were going to do during summer .etc. Amu would giggle when ikuto told a joke.
It was music to his ears.

Ikuto couldn't help but tell her now." Nee~ Amu Can I tell you something?" "Yes Ikuto?" "well.. I ve wanted to tell you this for a long time but-" "OMG ITS TSUKIYOMI IKUTO!!!" Suddenly a swarm of Fangirls run over to Ikuto and Amu"Oh no" Ikuto grabs Amu s hand and runs.

They end up in a alley panting. "Jeez! They never leave me alone do they?!" Ikuto said. Amu smiled and took a step back but fell in the process so she closed her eyes. But since ikuto was still holding her hand he fell along with her. Amu slowly opened her honey colored eyes and looked into ikuto sapphire eyes. He had landed on top of her.

"Amu.." Ikuto slowly leaned down kissed Amu passionately on the lips. Amu was shocked but she wrapped her arms around his neck. They stopped the kiss needing to breathe. Ikuto looked at her and said the three words she had wanted to hear for a long time.

"I love You"

. Amu blushed and looked into his eyes again and replied with a simple but happy "I love you too." They gave each other another passionate kiss and they got up.

Ikuto grabbed her hand saying "lets go Amu-koi". Amu blushed and rested her head on his shoulder and walked with him after saying "

Okay Ikuto-koi."

Animegirl67213:soo? How was it?

Ikuto:I liked it.

Amu: *cool & Spicy* I-it was okay...

Ikuto: you know you liked it...

Amu: *blushes & runs away*

Animegirl67213: I know it kinda sucked...well it was my first story so yeah...thanks for reading!Amu?....amu?

Ikuto:She ran away...can i do the r&r thing too?


Ikuto and Animegirl67213: R&R!!/Please Review!!
(My name is Animegirl67213 because i copied it from my yeah!)
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