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Posted 7/23/09 , edited 7/23/09
Hello individualists of the group this where you can post up your stories. There can be about mostly anything you want it to be about. But please do restrain your self from posting up sexual things! Do no not steal others work and please follow the rules!

Ill start it off here is my own story do not take from it!
Posted 7/23/09 , edited 7/23/09

Your Modern Day Cinderella

So much for going to the movies tonight my mother crashed on my idea again. Oh joy I thought stuck at home again with parents whom don’t understand me and well only wish I was the most perfect child. Well sorry to them but that ain’t happening until hell freezes over. Meet me I’m Faith Everwood, I’m your typical average teenager, yeah no that ain’t my life. I am 15 years old moving to 16 years old. I don’t know what to tell you about me self well I don’t think there is much to me. But as much as you should know, I have two different color eyes that turn golden in the sun light. I have jet black hair that goes slightly past my shoulders with bangs that cover my eyes.

Me what can I say I’m not your average teenager I didn’t like to be girly going to the mall and hanging out with friends and stuff. I liked to stay home and be thrown into my own little world. Trust me when I say my own little world I really mean it. Anyways on with the story you will learn more about me as the story progresses.

“Faith!” yelled, my mother from downstairs.

I groaned to my self and began to drag my feet slowly downstairs trying hard not to show how pissed I was at them. I came down walking into the kitchen to talk to them, closing my eyes and stood there as they looked at me.

“Yes, mum.” I replied, coldly.

She gave me a stern look and then she turned to her husband, my mother was a mid age woman with long wavy but straight black hair not as dark as mine but dark, she has small beady eyes that were a coral black. Her lips had slight pink to them but for the most part were this dark brown color. I opened my eyes and looked at giving her an irradiated look. She started to bicker about me going out with my friends and doing stupid stuff that I shouldn’t be. At this point I had zoned out from listening to her and lost in my own little world. Once she finished talking I said alright and headed off to my room.

I sat down in my chair looking out the window gazing into the sunset wondering if I could ever disappear into that light. I just wanted to vanish from the planet at times knowing very well that wouldn’t happen I closed my eyes. I leaned my head on to the desk and began to just drift off into sleep. The next time I woke up it seemed like it was time for school, I grabbed my towel running into the bathroom and ran through morning routines.


“Faith!” shouted, someone.

I turned too look behind me to see my best friend running down the hall way to catch up to me. I slowed my pace a bit letting him catch up to me, he smirked and hugged me from behind. Holding onto me as I walked forward to my locker, I span my combine into the yanking it open almost hitting my friend in his head. I roughly grabbed my books throwing them into my backpack. Yes I was still pissed off from yesterday. My friend signed grabbing me and running me into the locker pinning my hands into the locker. I dropped my bag to the ground and the books from my other hand. I starred into his greenish, blue eyes signing softly, he leaned forward and pressed his lips into mine.

“Faith, its alright love.” he whispers, against my lips.

“Trent, its not fair.” I whined, I pressed my lips back to his.

He smirked slightly and pushed his body against mine, I groans and he knew what he was doing. Okay so maybe I didn’t tell you the whole story Trent is also my boyfriend, yeah I love this kid so much. I signed against his lips and laced my fingers with his. I pressed my palms into his pulling him closer.

“Faith class.” he signed.

I began to pout and he just grinned at me letting me go and grabbing my books up off the floor. He gave me them stuffing my books into my bag and grabbing my hand. Alright off we went to first period, we have all classes together our schedules are exact copies.
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