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Ello people you can post up your poems here they can be free style or anything you want them to be!
ill post my explain up too
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What I can see in the mirror is your reflection
Its cuts deep into my soul, breaking me to pieces
I vowed never to remember the past
Yet your memory, races through my head
I cant do anything to push you out of my mind
Your image is glued to my own appearance

Simply because I am your other half
I cant escape what reality has put in front of me
You are my past but you intervened with my present
You took the smile with you
You disappeared leaving me alone
Breaking the only faith I had in life

You were the changing seasons of my life
Bringing those joy full moments into my life
Giving me the hope and courage to live
Now that you aren’t here
Everything has fallen apart my heart misses you
I needed but now I don’t have you
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The day you told me,
you would have let me go
left me thinking and dreaming
what would have happened if you had.

My dreams turned restlessly
into nightmares
they were hoping it would come true,
I was hoping it wouldn't
but the day you told me
was the last thing I remember.

I woke up to an empty bed
clean sheets, me in them
no dent where you're head would be,
tears gather in my eyes
remembering what happened the night before.

The night you told me
"I'm letting you go",
I died inside,
I couldn't sleep,
nor could I eat.

All I could think about was you,
my love never faltered,
but the mistakes I made,
were my own.

Every day,
after the day my life ended,
my friends would walk by me
saying nothing,
knowing what happened
but couldn't gather the strength
to say anything, least of all I'm sorry.

Each day that passed,
I died more inside,
my soul slipping away
into a bottomless pit of depression.

I lost weight,
so much weight,
my friends and family were so worried about me
I didn't care though,
the one I cared so much for let me go.

The day you let me go,
was the day I died,
the very day that ended my life.

You were my life,
my very existence,
but I did something stupid,
and you let me go.

I woke up from that nightmare,
to find you lying there,
right next to me
I started crying and touched you're cheek,
I don't know what I would have done if you were to
let me go.

My life would end that day,
you are my life,
Don't let me go,
I'll fall into that bottomless pit.....

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The soft sound of the raindrops on my windowsil
calming,soothing,a hint of depression
grey,dreary,clouds hover over
asking me why I'm living like I am

A rut of depression
everywhere I turn,something's wrong
can't help but worry
asking over and over,like a broken record

Unheard,brushed to the side with the words
'Don't worry,it's fine"

Looking,watching the rain
listneing to soft melody it makes
drifting to sleep
waking from this nightmare
everything is alright

~ Marissa Anne 2009 (xEndlessDreamsx)
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