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Posted 7/23/09 , edited 7/24/09
Sign up Teachers!! and tell me about your self!! >_<

Rp Name:
Age (you can be any age from 5 to anything):
Type (if you want to a vampire, hunter, demon or normal):
Class you want to teach:

If you are going to be a Vampire, you will be going to the Night class (if you know VK you'll understand) with the pureblood - Kaname Kuran (from VK), Yuuki Kuran and etc.

If you are going to be a Hunter or a normal person, you will go to the Day class with Vampire Hunter - Zero Kiryuu (from VK), Haruhi and etc.

If your going to a Demon, you will go to the Evening class with Me, Naruto and etc.

Plz!! Put a pic in your profile (all you have to do is go to, go to search and get your picture!! ^_^
It's not that hard, I always do it.

Here are Classes you choose from "Weapon fighting, Hand to hand combat,archery, How to use and control ur powers, PE (gym), How to control your thirsts, Art, Karate, Kendo, Science, SS, ELA"

Even if you are a teacher, you can still have powers and tricks to behave your students (even me) just like Kakashi (from Naruto)!!
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