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Posted 7/24/09 , edited 7/24/09

Ironoside & The Increment of His Power

Friday 15/05/2009

(Ironoside block Ice Sword attack with his sword)
Ironoside - it’s too soon for me to see hell yahhhhhhh...
(Ironoside throw Shord back with the strong push from his sword , then he looked back and attacked Fitan with his second sword)
(But an Ice shield show up between Ironoside and Fitan)
(Ironoside looked back and saw Shord hand's is on Ice)
Shord - still not too late for you to have hell ticket I think
(From The Ice that was under Ironoside……….. Ice with sharp head was coming out so Ironoside jump into the sky but he saw he will fall on the sharp head ice)
Ironoside - {the only way for me to Survive is to fall in spectators.. but in that case I will lose the fight and this is the only thing that I don’t want to happen)
(Ironoside throw one of his swords on one of the Sharp head Ice and he jump on his sword then with one attacked he slash all of those sharp head Ice around himself)
Shord - {this guy…}
(VIP Place)
Fira - {…}
Onas - that’s right Shord and Fitan are good but that kid is strong even without Ultimate power
Kora - {he defeat Otara's Wood attack…. He even survived from my attack no wonder he is very strong}
Otara - by the way…. father after tournament we will keep Shord and Fitan in jail
Onas - why?
Otara - why????... Their father made my sister ice glass and you say why?
Onas - so what that has to do with those two?
Otara - because..,
(Fira got anger)
Onas - Otara what Brast done he done it by himself…..and it has nothing to do with those two so we have no right to put them in jail
Otara - ...
Onas - and Otara if you did that know Fira won't forgive us
(Onas Smiled at Otara)
(Shino and Shano came back and they sit on their places)
Shano - so that’s Ironoside boy?
Shino - yes
Onas - what is it Shano?
Shano - Shino want to fight in tournament as Ironoside’s partner
Kora & Otara - !!!!
Otara - Shino is that right?
Shino - yes
Otara - ...
Onas - hahahaha as you like
Otara - for real father?
Onas - why not? hahahahaah she want that so let her do as she want
(Shano Smiled at Shino)
Shino - {thanks...}
(Between Spectators)
Ayoma - what is it Dani …why you look over there?
(Dani was look at VIP place)
Dani - I must find a way to talk with Fira alone
Ayoma - huh? Why?
(Dani looked at Ayoma and with smiled said)
Dani - i must tell him my family name
Ayoma - huh? Idiot
(At Fighting Circuit)
(Fitan came near Shord)
Fitan - what to do now? This guy don’t want to die fast
Shord - ...{I don’t believe such man with this power has no ultimate power...)
(Shord straight his hand toward Ironoside)
Shord - Ice Attack ...yaaaaaaaa
(From Shord Hand's ices with high speed was coming out and all was going toward Ironoside)
(Ironoside was standing on one of his swords and while he was holding the other sword in his hand)
(With the sword that was on his hand he start to eliminate the Ice Attack)
(After a while Ironoside used all of his power at once and he eliminate all of Ices Attack)
Ironoside – yahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Shord –This is Impossinle
Ironoside - it's no use
Shord - at the beginning his power wasn’t like this….even now his power is increasing by time pass ….what’s going on????... is this is his Ultimate Power?????}
Fitan - ...{what's happening why he is very strong???...}
(From VIP place a voice came)
Shino - Ironoside go for it
Ironoside - huh? {this voice....}
(Ironoside looked at VIP place and he saw Shino Smiling and looking at him)
Ironoside - ...{Ren?...thanks god she is fine..}
(Then Ironoside saw Otara and he remembered)
...Otara - There you are kid .....
...Ironoside - you really wanted to kill me?
...Otara – just to know.. I won’t let you run like this.
(back to real time)
Ironoside - ...{Ren's sister is over there also}
(Then Ironoside saw Kora)
Ironoside - that guyyyy.....
(Ironoside Remembering)
...Kora - hey kid
...(but from behind a hand touched Ironoside)
...Kora - this is for dare to attack princess. Full Power Fire Attack
...(Ironoside body completely burned like wood that charred)
(Back to real time)
Ironoside - {he will pay for what he done to me last time)
(near the VIP Part there was a board ….Written on it…“Ironoside VS Aitono Shord & Aitono Fitan)
(Ironoside shocked)
Ironoside - is this is for real .........................

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter22

Writer : Ironoside
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Cemetery (UAE)
Posted 7/24/09 , edited 7/25/09
Good. Ren chan is going 2 be ironoside's partner its not like ironoside cant handle the Sora tournament alone , actually i was going 2 offer him my help wooow did u see how he dodges all the attacks thats wonderful ironoside boy u are awesome man keep fighting

& u writer i have 2 admit ur writing is getting better and better nice job boss . keep the hard work .cant wait 2 read the next chapter
Posted 7/24/09 , edited 7/25/09
anooooooooo am not the first one ...>> plus this mean i have 2 pay now ....welll writer i still broken so imgian that number 2 is out of paying also ...>> Daijyoubu desu...>>> u still silent YOUSH this mean u agee AROGATOOOOOOO :sweatingbullets:
LETS back to the story ^^
That "ironoside" well got partner finally ..shirimasen ...hmm i don't think he need any partner i think he able to defind any fight ..but lets see how the story will go ....Good ending ..A BIG shock 2 ironoside ...Totallllllllly making me over interesting
bakaaaaaaa writer .no extra hit for dani..then i will give this chapter 0/10 kidding ..i will give it 100/10 << is this fair enogh???? looking forward 2 read the next chapter ^^..<<< Writer ..When that ???????
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Posted 7/31/09 , edited 8/1/09
ooh keep going dont stop!
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