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I know many are interested in YUURAM - everyone is...

What is the ending? The anime left us hanging. >_< Will they end of together? I say - YES.

Hmmm... WHY? The novel reaches it's 21 volumes and mina-san they are still very much ENGAGED!!!

I love the novel - the author loves Wolfram (Who wouldn't love sunshine?) and they're so many hints and moments in the novel and in the Drama CD. The novel is not very much like the anime - it's dark, full of politics and yeah - there was a time that Yuuri slash Wolfram - he was blind that time - but stop when he SCENT Wolfram. Yeah, Yuuri can distinguish Wolfram's scent...

Here are some translations of the DRAMA CD (and yeah they're REAL!!! The same SEIYUU and all)

(from LJ)

Miyuchan is the best. Please visit her site to know more about YuuRam. Also if you find my thread a not good, please tell me and I'll delete it. All I want is share the YuuRam moments to you all...

(the honey-chan of Yuri to Wolf) thanks Miyu-chan... i wanna post this so whoever visits my page will know how truly GREAT WOLFRAM IS...

Maybe for people who are not used to the novel, the Wolf shown here will be a little "different" from the one you saw in the anime, but I fell in love with this Wolfram so much..I'm sure you'll love him.
Since it's was quite long to translate everything, like it happened for the novel, I'm summarizing some things, reporting some sentences and in the end I translated literally the most adorable part.
So..are you ready???
Here we go^^

It's another normal day in Shin Makoku...people are busy and Yuuri in his studio with in front of him a paper...
Wolfram comes in the room asking him what's up and Yuuri shows him what he was was something similar to the "crosswords puzzle" game...
Just that Yuuri couldn't answer to some questions because he didn't know the answer.(these are question about culture in Shin Makoku that's why he couldn't answer)
First thing for example was: a nickname that people use for their children...
He didn't know the answer, while Wolfram remembers that when he was a child, his mother used to call him his cute Honey-chan (yeah, honey^O^)
Apparently Yuuri looking at him thought it was a perfect nickname for him and decided that from that moment he would call him Honey-chan^^;;; ( realize you started to call Wolfram honey?? Honey???)
When Wolfram tried to explain that probably every child was called this way Yuuri was "ah is it so Honey-chan?"
It was too cute for words^O^
Then continuing, there is a question about a name for some mountain mice..that Yuuri didn't know..
Wolfram explained him the story, apparently it's narrated that in the Rochefort part of the country (Rochefort is one of the families like the Von Biefelt etc etc) people who used to leave their loved ones, left their messages to these little mountain order to let their loved ones know their words...
Yuuri didn't understand but Wolfram explained that it was done when those people were going to it was like..leaving to these mice a message of love and goodbye that they would bring to their loved ones left at home.
It was a sad story....and Yuuri remained a little shocked..

I'm starting to translate from here..because this is the part I loved the most^^ My comments and explanations are in the brackets

After Wolfram's explanation, Yuuri fell silent, in the room the time passed in an overflowing silence.
All those people that lost important relatives and lovers..their last message given to mountain mice, they got their story quietly...
Words of goodbye never said, feelings of gratitude that were never told.
Abruptly, a thought started to form in his head, partly due to a spur of a moment, Yuuri talked.
A feeling of uneasiness probably stirred up by a glowing flame.
Maybe he did it for this...
- Na, if I were to leave for there (earth) and never come back...what would you do? -
- What do you mean what would I do? -
- If we were never going to meet again..would you give a message to the mountain mice or cry...Would you cry a little? -
- I wouldn't cry -
Receiving an answer different from the one he expected, somewhere in his chest, something started to hurt slightly...
It was not just that he didn't expect it..but if it was up to him, he would fail..if it was up to him, he would have probably cried, that's why he felt disappointed receiving a different answer.
- What's this, you're cold, and here I thought you would at least feel a little lonely.-
- I would certainly feel lonely but I wouldn't cry -
Wolfram, slowly standing up from the table, started to walk to the window.
Standing across from the business table, he tilted his chin and crossed his arms. The finger tips that held charcoal earlier is slightly shaded in black.
With the sunshine directly on him, he was really honey color (he is referring to his hair)
- If I were to cry, you wouldn't be able to live happily there would you? -
- Wolf...-
- Moreover, you could decide to never go back to your family, because you are kind....that's why I'd definitely not cry -
Yuuri, without saying anything, looked at Wolfram and then placed his finger on the centre of the white paper.

- The verticle lines are in uniform. -
This is (what it means) to make your feelings merge together with the other.

Now my comment, feel free to skip them ok?

I think this was the sweetest and more...evident proof of the relationship that links Wolfram and Yuuri in the novels.
Reading them I got the feeling that Yuuri is the one who relies more on Wolfram and not vice versa.
Their bond is so strong that Wolfram knows perfectly what Yuuri thinks or what Yuuri would do.
And he acts manly, a lot more than in the anime.
People who watched the anime, remember what happened during the last episode ne?
Here it happens the contrary. Wolfram knows Yuuri, knows that Yuuri needs certain things or he wouldn't be able to make the right decision, he needs that support that Wolfram gives him unconditionally, Wolfram would give his life for him, as a soldier, as a friend and as a person who sees in Yuuri is most important person. He is ready to sacrifice his feelings, if Yuuri can be happy in this way. And Yuuri on his part wouldn't be able to be happy if Wolfram is not happy. (between the two I don't have any doubt, Wolfram is the strongest one, that's why he became Yuuri pillar since Conrad's bertrayal novel)
Their bond doesn't need reassurance, kisses, hugs, to make it more real.
It's in both their heart, and it's something that overcomes the physical touch. It's like, they feel secure and at peace when they are together knowing that they can believe unconditionally in each others without any doubt.
It's not the first time that Yuuri looking at Wolfram links his figure to the sun and specifically to the sunlight.
It happened other times in the novels that he compared Wolfram to sunshine, that he admitted himself that the blonde is blunt but also kind and that he would never lie to him.
I think that, in a situation where you can't believe in other people because they always hide something...(see Conrad or Murata, that are black enough to make you believe there is always something that they are not telling you) Wolfram is the only one that shines enough for Yuuri to believe unconditionally in him.
Their relationship is so strong and so lovely that...I feel a little bad now if I watch again the anime,because there you see a Wolfram who constantly reminds Yuuri of engagement and that chases him everywhere..
Novel Wolfram is very different, he is more mature,'s really a wonderful chara and I can see why Takabayashi sensei said he is her favourite.
Who doesn't like sunshine after all?

Wow this really does sound like a declaration of love^^;;;
I hope the novel will be translated's really completely another world.


Greta: I got you Yuuri!
Yuuri: Greta! Are you still awake?
Greta: Yes! Not getting enough sleep is bad for the skin, but you weren´t back yet, so I didn´t have another choice.
Yuuri: What? You were waiting for me to come?
Greta: Yes! That´s it.
Yuuri: You´re a good girl Greta. Oh, is that negligée a new one?
Greta: Right! I was waiting for you because I wanted to show it to you.
Yuuri: (moved) Really? I´m so moved. My daughter, such a cute girl, has been waiting for me just to show me her new clothes, staying up bravely even if she wanted to sleep...It really suits you, Greta!
Greta: You think so?
Yuuri: I do, I do. You´re absolutely lovely!
Greta: Great! You loved it too, Yuuri!
Yuuri: Yeah! Really loved it!
Greta: Wolfram! Yuuri says he loves it!
(Wolf´s room door opens)
Wolfram: Of course he does! I have first class taste for clothes!
Yuuri: (surprised) Wolf, you scared me..! Wait a... You too are wearing a negligée? (sparkling sounds) And you´re standing so proud in it...
Wolfram: Don´t make so much noise in front of my room!
Yuuri: Wait a minute. You and that negligée... You´re wearing the same one as Greta!
Wolfram: What´s wrong with sleeping in the same night clothes as my daughter?
Yuuri: There´s nothing wrong, but... Wolf, you know what? sparkling sounds and Yuuri speaking in a dreamy voice Ruffles really do suit you... Ah, no! That´s not what I wanted to say! You know? I feel bad for repeating the same all the time, but...Greta is MY daughter, not yours!
Wolfram: I think I´ve already made myself clear everytime you say that. Yuuri, Greta´s my fiancé´s daughter, so it´s for sure she´ll end up being my daughter too in a short future. Where is the problem, then?
Yuuri: Wait, wait! I haven´t confirmed anything about that happening “in a short future”.
Wolfram: You´re saying that disgusting things again... You´re just embarrased.
Yuuri: Listen, Wolfram, if you don´t correct that extreme "positive thinking" of yours, you´re gonna be crushed when you go out into society (into the real world).
Wolfram: For your information, I´ve been in society since I was in my fifties.
Yuuri: Yeah... Right... I forgot you mazoku would be already retired if you lived on Earth...
Wolfram: You are mazoku too!
Yuuri: (sheepish) Err... That´s right.
Wolfram: Don´t make me repeat myself everytime! This is getting old! You are this country´s owner, the leader of all mazoku... The Maou!! I won´t let you forget it!
Yuuri: I haven´t forgotten it! Ah... Well... softly Sorry, Wolf.
Wolfram: crestfallen Henachoko...
Greta: Stop the lovers quarrell!
Wolfram: Greta...
Yuuri: No! It´s not like that!
Greta: My ideal home is a pacific one, okay? If my dad and my dad quarrel, it´ll end up “like an apple tree”.
Yuuri: An apple tree?
Wolfram: It means the family will dissolve! And I don´t want that to happen! They say not even Kochis can't eat marital fights!
(Here goes an explanation to a confused Yuuri about the meaning of the expression. Kochis are like Kohis, but they have no wings and come out of tombs. And they´ll eat anything and can stand anything. So if a Kochi doesn´t like something it means is very bad.They also mention Anissina´s novel being included as a compulsory part of Shinmakoku education)
Wolfram: You got it, Yuuri? We have to build a pacific home for our Greta.
Yuuri: I don´t exactly agree to that...
Greta: Eeeeh? If you´re like that, Yuuri, I´ll be too worried to leave home and get married.
(Both Yuuri and Wolfram go ballistic at Greta´s suggestion. Yuuri even changes into the Maou for some seconds)
Greta: Are you okay, Yuuri? Do you feel bad?
Yuuri: No... I´m fine, Greta. You´re my princess. Daddy, you know?, Daddy will accept whoever your heart choses. Even if he´s a good for nothing... I´ll allow the marriage with a smile...Sniffing sadly With a smile... I can´t...
(Yuuri starts sobbing and saying how he imagines Greta working for a husband who does nothing in all day, living in a poor house, having an orange box for table and so on. Wolfram follows.)
Wolfram: I just imagined Greta abandoned in a street, holding three little kids in her arms. Every child is from a different father and all of them inherited the bad personality quirks of their respective fathers. The older one is stern and unfriendly, the second one is moody and a pushover and the youngest is an unruly handful and selfish to boot...And all of them together are...
Yuuri: You´re rebuilding your own family, Wolfram...
(the best part)
Wolfram: anycase!!As long as my eyes are black I'll never allow Greta to be the spouse of anyone!!()
Yuuri: Your eyes are green Wolf...
Wolfram: aaah yes, instead of giving her to some weird man, how about me marrying Greta?
Y:uuri how about...what? eto..that...well...that..
Wolfram: what with that Yuuri? what an ambiguous answer is that? for you it's like killing two birds with one stone...I could become rightfully husband and son.
Yuuri: wait...isn't this weird? Here is possible to be bigamy? And then...the difference of age is incredible..
Wolfram: If you think about the time of mother and Conrad´s father is not a big deal!
Yuuri: Yes...that's right but...but...somehow..I don´t think I like it
Wolfram: but why?
Yuuri: I don't know but..even if it's you I don't want for Greta to marry and're my conversation..I feel as if you are cheating on me!
Wolfram: but everytime I try to push the subject, you end up running away..
Yuuri: Yes..this is true know...I don't want!!
Wolfram: What are you saying?? You're really wagamama!!
Yuuri: Oh no, I don´t want YOU calling me that!
Yuuri: Wait a minute. Where is Greta?
Greta: I'm here! I went to my room to look for the knitted bearbee plushie you knitted for me, Yuuri!
Wolfram/YYuuri: Greta...
Greta: Kochi can't eat marital quarrels (Shinmakoku expression meaning something is very bad), so you have to reconcile. I know it because I heard it from Anissina. And to help you reconcile in these moments... She says parents and child have to sleep together forming "kawa no ji"
Yuuri: It has to do with kanji... It's three people sleeping together in line.
Wolfram: Okay, Greta. Let's trap Yuuri from both sides!!
Greta: Okay!
trapping Yuuri
Yuuri: Uah!
Wolfram: Today you're all sleeping at my place. Yuuri, Greta.
Greta: And we will become "kawa no ji" like that?
Yuuri. laughs Not exactly... (in the "kawa no ji" expression, the child is supposed to go in the middle, whereas here, they have Yuuri sandwiched in the middle) But, well... I guess it's okay like this.
Wolfram: Yuuri! What are you mumbling?
Yuuri: Nothing! Nothing! Okay, let's sleep together!
Greta: Yes! Waaaai! Kawa no ji! Kawa no ji!

()There is a popular japanese saying that is: "as long as my eyes are black I'll never allow this" and since japanese people have all black means that this person will never allow that thing ;;; But Wolfram's eyes are green XDDD
() "wagamama" means "selfish" it's the adjective always used to describe Wolfram.

A HAPPY FAMILY (drawn by the mangaka Temari-sensei)


I have read so many FanFics and I can tell you that all of the great authors are all in for YuuRam WolfYuu

Here are some suggestions... some made me teary eyed but all they are the best^^

The Diary by Lady Von Oncins THE DIARY by Lady Von Oncins

Wolfram finds Yuuri's diary while Yuuri is visiting Earth, Wolfram takes it upon himself to read it.


The Heat of the Moment by Princess Sin
The one that made me nosebleeds all over and makes me really cry and laugh and melts... by Princess Sin

made me WOW:

So Many Ways Alike by HARPGO by HARPGO

An accident in Anissina’s lab leads to something unexpected. Now, there are two sages, two "Wolframs," and two "Yuuris." Yuuri X Wolfram

she's a great author. visit her site and read more of her works:


To Raise a Demon King by Shirohane

Not only is Yuuri suddenly informed that he will be the next demon king, but he hopelessly falls in love with Wolfram, who ran away from home to avoid a political marriage. Wolfram is only too glad to raise a demon king, though unknowingly. Yuuram.


I'll Believe in the Red threat by Buzzbug82

“So what do you want to talk about Shibuya?” Murata asked, glancing at his friend.

Yuuri looked at him. “The last time, you said you liked Wolfram right?”

“Love, Shibuya. I said I love him.”

“Right,” Yuuri replied nonchalantly, as he neared Murata. “I just want you to know, that I will never let you win Wolfram’s heart that easily.”

“Oh, feeling protective? He doesn’t need that Shibuya. Especially from you.”

“Yes he needs it, because I’m his fiancée, and hence it’s my duty to protect him.”

“Suddenly declaring him as your fiancée? What’s this? Feeling threatened when somebody suddenly wants to steal your supposed property away?”

Yuuri growled. “Wolfram is NOT anyone’s property. And he’s a person. And I’m saying I’m his fiancée because I AM his fiancée. And yes Murata, thanks to your little love confession, I realized that I do love Wolfram and I don’t want to let him go.”

Murata’s face turned hard and cold upon hearing Yuuri’s words. He did expect the king to have at least the slightest feeling of affection for the prince, but he never thought that he would realize it so soon.

“Aren’t you being selfish Shibuya? He already loves you dearly, and so you will just take that chance to confess your feelings to him and hope that that settles it?”

“I will win his heart.” Yuuri sternly replied. “I will do everything he has done for me. Support him, love him, protect him, care for him, and be with him, everything. I will win his heart just like how he won mine. It’s not selfish… I will put him first in everything just like how he did me. And after I’m sure that I have done everything in my power to make him love me more, I will say how much I love him.”

Murata smirked. “Great plan, Shibuya.”

“And that’s why,” Yuuri cleared his throat. “I challenge you. From now on, we will be rivals in winning Wolfram’s heart. And this time, you have much to worry, because I love Wolfram.”

After finishing his little speech, Yuuri stomped away, not once turning back. Murata clenched his fists, trying hard to restrain himself from punching the wall to express his annoyance. Steadying his breathing, Murata walked away and headed towards the stable to ask for a horse to go back to the shrine.

“May the best man win, Shibuya.”

>> to know more read it ^^ <<

SPECIAL way of Loving Wolfram more:

Figuring It Out by Anonymous082

The blond couldn’t be more relieved, finally his love was back and the blond thought he could finally develop a deeper relationship with his wimp. Only if Wolfram knew what heartache lied ahead of him, he may not have wanted Yuuri to return.

A story that will show you how much Wolfram can love, suffers and how loyal he can be...

Seasons of Beautiful Wolfram by HARPGO reviews

Hope you'll enjoy the stories and do reviews them. these beautiful and creative people are the best ^^

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Posted 7/27/09 , edited 7/27/09

There - all images are drawn by the mangaka herself Temari Matsumoto-sensei.

All drawings/ images are from the novel and some artbook of Kyou Kara Maou. ^^

Enjoy them.
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Posted 3/8/10 , edited 3/8/10
even though this is not a Yuuram fic (i think?) this is a very great story

The heart of promise by weissfreya

plot: Yuuri ends his engagement to Wolfram by marrying his best friend, a half human best friend of Wolfram named Jasmine, Shinou then sent wolfram to earth where he met adam, the great grand son of Murata, as a year passed they had become the best of friends then blah blah blah just read it

my favorite part of the story (btw its not yet completed)

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