Moon Landing Was Real
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Posted 7/24/09 , edited 7/25/09
Lately I've been hearing alot of people say it wasn't true , oh god how can people get so stupid it did happen. The funnier thing is they say things like the flag waved but their is no air on moon and stuff , please they should THINK before asking these stupid questions.

1-Not Parralel Shadows In The Pictures.
Explanation: They are parrallel infact but the topography of the moon makes it seem like it isn't so it's possible to achieve not parallel looking shadows from 1 light source

2-Waving Flag
Explanation:It is not infact waving by any kind of breeze or anything just watch the video carefully the astronaut own force does it , he shook the flag actually the momentum of that action actually would make the flag move more than in a place with air.The momentum is enough to make the flag move!!!

Explanation:Yes those people even doubt this , the say footprints can't be distinct because their is no moisture but don't forget the dust on the monn is way different than the ones we have here on earth , the ones in the moons each particle is very sharp the ones on earth are very smooth , so on earth a footprint on dry sand collapses because the weather particles can't bind together without water but in moon the irregular and jaggered shape of lunar dust makes them stick together

4-Moon Walking Hoax uhhh just watch this I don't think I can shorten this

Ultimate Proof:
Posted 7/24/09 , edited 7/25/09
Moon Landing

Moon landing is real. It's damn real.
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Posted 7/24/09 , edited 7/25/09
When I first watched that video I thought the flag was plastic because it didn’t wave…it was all stiff.
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