Levels of Roleplays
Posted 7/24/09 , edited 7/25/09

There are 3 different levels of roleplays. Here you can navigate yourself & your level to find an suitable roleplay for you to enjoy.

Beginner Roleplays
Easy roleplays can be found here. Not that challenging and usually easy and fun. Roleplays here may or may not have character sign-up sheets. One-liners might be found here, but they are heavily discouraged. Roleplaying consists of more than one-liners; aim for a paragraph, at least.

Intermediate Roleplays
No one-liners should ever be found here. The roleplaying here should maintain the standard set by its creator. Creators of threads here have the right to dictate the minimum expected level of roleplaying quality here. Character profiles should be expected/created to join roleplays in this section.

Advanced Roleplays
A roleplay in this section should be led by somebody who knows how to take control of the plot, set the standard, and see it maintained throughout the entire roleplay. There should be a set plot (potentially with sub-plots in the future), a character profile sign-up guide, minimum roleplay requirements, and complete literacy here. Thread owners here have the right to reject anybody who cannot meet the minimum standards of their roleplay.

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