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Posted 7/25/09 , edited 8/9/09
plz fill out this form:
Name: the name that u want to be called as
About you: ur family, what you're like, likes and dislikes.
Picture: (in spoiler)

Do you want to be the vice president of this class? yes or no
If yes, why:
2 avii or banner examples:(in spoiler)

Note: Vice class Presidents do get to become a mod.

This is what the witch class student ID look like:

this is mine one:
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Posted 9/5/09 , edited 9/6/09
Username: sealdust
Name: Kaori
About you: My family was victim to a fire that spread through our house, I was at a friends house, I'm quite gentle most of the time, but I have a firey attitude and temper, I like my friends, but I cannot stand the mention of family, as my loss was quite recent, only a month ago.
Picture: (Can I use this picture?)

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