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Posted 7/25/09 , edited 7/25/09
Hi every1.
I've made this group along time ago & didn't really make a forum about the introducing stuff.

So i want 2 make this bfore it's 2 late.

Here i go:

My name is MyMy or Annie
U can call me those names or Leader.

I luv navy blue, red, black, white, silver & pink.
I am creatin this group cuz i like how the ulzzangs take their photos.
I luv musix & my laptop & my parents.

I'm 18 turnin 19 on october 11th.
I would luv it if peeps/members write me a message about the group.

Like wat wuld make it more active or funner if possible.
& 2 have members upload & write in forums.
I noe that ppl r busy wit their lifes. But if any1 have some free time, please do write me. thnks

BTW...any1 can write their intro differently than MyMy. It doesn't have 2 b like the creator intro.
But just an intro will do. hehehe
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