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Post Reply Why Do You Like Keigo Atobe?
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Posted 10/11/08 , edited 10/11/08
I normaly hate arrogant guys and hated Atobe (just like everybody else) in the beginning because he was a stuck up rich guy but after a while you got to see that Atobe really works hard for the things he does which made me love him. XD he's arrogant but got the right to be
Posted 11/20/09 , edited 11/21/09
1)he's an awesome tennis player! X3
2he's drop dead gorgeous and smexy! X3
3)he's the definition of "awesome" and all words synonymous to "awesome"! X3
4)he's smart! X3
5)he's able to back up everything he says! X3
6)he's an awesome buchou! X3
7)he has a melt-your-heart smile! X3
8)he spends his wealth on his fellow teammates! (generous!! X3)
9)he's super cool! X3
10)he makes a very sexy seme! X3
11)he's strong! X3

what more can a girl ask for? X3
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