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1000 Swords-Man : his power was beyond of 10 Strongest in earth

Aitono Brast :Master of ice power and of the 10 strongest people in the earth. His power is the ice ultimate power which means he can freeze anything using his power. He show up on the story when he was looking for Ren and get on fight with ironoside and he defeated so bad

Aitono Fitan : princess of water mean she is level 2 in water power and she is brast's daughter
Aitono Nora: Master of water. she is the brast’s wife. We had only one chance to see how strong her power because she died when she tried to protect brast from Dark-ironoside attack.

Aitono Shord : prince of ice mean he is level 2 in ice power and he is brast's son
Ayoma : girl that meet ironoside in restaurant and she has cat called kai
Aku : little boy look like 5 years old
Black Blood : his real name Unknown. he was using 10 % of Darkness power 50 years ago and he was the strong one in earth that time
Dark-Ironoside : when Darkness power take control of ironoside body. all he want is take over ironoside body completely.until now he have 50% of Darkness power
Fira : his real name is Saiku Tera that no one except 1000Swords-man know.Master of fire and Kora's hero and the strong man in earth now . and if he check about something mean important thin happened .he have a lot of information about earth and he is the only one that know 10 strongest

Hayo Ironohide : ironoside's big brother. He also try to look after ironoside and try to keep him far from discover his power. He care about all of his Family member. His power is also still secret.
Hayo Ironoside : the main character . One day he got up to find himself on forest. Without remembering his name or anything from the past he started try to find out who he is ?? the only thing he know was a dream about a boy that look like him and a ma. he discovered that he have strong power called darkness after his first fight..does that is the first haunt for ironoside to discover himself and remember his past .??? and now he want to know why he choose darkness power too

Hayo Kagomi : ironoside's big sister, from time to time show up on the story. and she is looking after ironoside and trying keeping him far from discovering his past and from his memory. She always shows up in her big and dark castle in other side of earth. kagomi ultimate power is healing
Hayo shitoro : ironoside's father
Mady : look like little kid but he is Legendary Master and one of his student is Noto

Metlak : Master of Metal
Nos : A man with the Big Sword. Second opponent in Sora Tournament
Noto : unknown
Orsha Yabis : 130 years old man.Master of Feeling
Ox[ : A man with the Big Axe. Second opponent in Sora Tournament
Saiku Kora : one of the guardian in Sora Country. He is Student of Fira and his power is fira in level 2
Saiku Tera (Fira)
Shohiro : Master of Acid.One of 10 Strongest on earth
Storm : Master of Wind Power,One of 10 Strongest on earth ,Champian of Tournament
Toria Onas : king of sora country
Toria Otara : ren’s sister . She has the same Ultimate Power as ren which is wood ultimate power but in Level 2
Toria Shano : Queen of sora country.Master of Wood,one of 10 Strongest on earth
Toria Shino (Tori Ren) : her real name is Toria Shino, she is princess of Sora country , the first girl that ironoside meet her on the forest.She have the the wood ultimate power one of her ability she can use her power to connect with all tree.She is Level 1 now
Yasa Nirochi : Dani's Father. Master of of 10 Strongest
Yasa Dani :Prince of Electricity

Ultimate Power (UP)

Acid :
Darkness Power : It’s the strongest power that the people on earth saw it and the one who have it is ironoside.
Electricity : They can Attac With Electricity in Different Way
Feel : Feel Strong Energy and so many Other ability
Fira : they can attack with fire in different way
Hayo Power : Hayo mean "To Do Anything" Ironoside Original power, Strongest Power, Unlimited Ability
Ice : they can attack with ice and they can freeze anything too
Metal :
Ultimate power (UP): it’s especial power that the ultimate power user gains over the time from practice.on the ultimate power there are levels that the Ultimate power user can have which are Level 1 ,Level 2 (also Called Prince of Ultimate power), level 3( also know as master too)
Water : they can attack with water
Wind :
Wood : the users of wood UP can Attack with wood and also they can analyze forest (because they can connect to the three and if there wasn't there around them they cant analyze the place)


Hayo Castle : A castle that Hayo family member live
Green Castle : A castle that king of sora country live and its in midoriiro city
Midoriiro City : capital of Sora country
Oshitira Area : it is one of three country in earth but because it has no low and no king they call it oshitira area
Osthai Country : one of three Country on the earth
Sora Country : one of three Country on the earth,and this country green country too because it has alot of places green with tree and even the most the thing inside it is almost natural


kai : ayoma's cat
Zet : Unit of money,Currency
Normal People live around 65 years
Ultimate Power User Live around 150 years
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