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Posted 7/27/09 , edited 7/28/09
Hi (:
I just made this new topic because sometimes I just have things about SuJu that I want to share/ talk about but it doesn't fit in any of the topics ><
So I made this one ^^

What I'm thinking right now is:
Wouldn't it be nice if SuJu weren't all oppa and had some members around SHINee age?
I was watching videos of SuJu on youtube yesterday and i found an interview they did. One of the questions was about Super Junior and whether or not they think they'd still be in the music business 20 years from now. Only Leeteuk and.. someone else, I forgot ><" said they would be. It's sad to think about 20 years from now without a Super Junior )':

So what do you think?
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Posted 8/14/09 , edited 8/14/09
20 years... woah! , but would you really want to see them as 40 yr olds dancing on stage?? Ok, that might sound funny but..uh...~ Middle-aged men ~

Posted 8/20/09 , edited 8/20/09
i can't imagine the world without suju , but yah it would be funny if they r dancing and rapping in there 40's lol
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