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Posted 7/28/09 , edited 7/29/09
Ok here you can create your character for the rp

you will need -



boy or girl:

Background: (Please dont make up something stupid like you are a god or something... And we can have polls for who we want to be kings and princesses ok, so dont say that either

Group: if there is a certain group you belong too (look in info for groups)

and finally Pics if you want

OK here is mine

Name: Alfonse "The Ripper" Treyarch

Age: 18

Boy or girl: Boy

Background: Loaner most of the time, he travels around as a mercenary even though most dont ever meet him. He is extremely hard to get close to. His only friends are those who follow him as his "Men" even though he treats them like brothers. He is a lover you could say because after every battle he sheds one tear for every person he kills. He was born into a poor mining family and struggled growing up. He only had friends that were girls because all the guys were scared of him. He loves to cuddle but hates extremely clingy girls. only ever had one girlfriend but she left him for killing. He now wont let anyone near him.

Group: Free mercenary not employed usually.


Posted 7/28/09 , edited 7/30/09
Name: Alex Kausolay aka Willhemn Rouge

Age: 17

boy or girl: girl

Background: She was born into a very rich family, but she absolutely hated her parents who were always gone and made false promises. After she found out she was adopted, Alex ran away at 14 and now roams around taking different identities. For the past few months she has been going by Willhemn Rouge. She takes on jobs as a mechanic when she needs more money. She has worked with several groups but never reveals any weaknesses of one group to another. sometimes she steals , but has found that working with artillery is much more profitable. She loves getting attention and is very persistent. Alex has been known to take strays in.her specialty is hot wiring but knows plenty more than that.
Group: none

appearance- well she has black hair that goes to just below her shoulders, green eyes, and slightly tanned skin

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Posted 8/14/09 , edited 8/16/09
Name: Lillian
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Background: Obviously born from a wealthy family, she barely has any "street" knowledge, but learned some from basic observation. Lillian was also trained in self defense just in case she was ever kidnapped or something. Her parents are overprotective of her so she has this special tiny box that can transform into anything she could imagine. The tiny box usually takes the shape of the black ribbons in her hair.
Group: None.
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