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F / Riva
Posted 7/29/09 , edited 7/30/09
For Mini Missions

- This thread is for the execution/completion of Mini Missions given by your respective Captains in the Soul Society - Rukongai. You may pick any town unless stated otherwise where there is a specified town noted. State which mission you are completing, the town you are in and from which division you are from.

- Gotei Rules apply and as such you are expected to carry out your missions with decorum and comport yourselves.

- Have fun.

- May The New Gotei 13 live forever!

Unless the mission is carried out by more than one person it would be more suited if you completed the mission in one post
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26 / M / In fields searchi...
Posted 7/29/09 , edited 7/29/09
Ichi-sama Vc of 7th Divison Reporting in.

Mission is to gain Coffee beans somewhere outside of the gotei.
heads out the soul Society*

Posted 7/29/09 , edited 7/30/09
*vc Ed takes a note that is at his room door *
*reds note *
i bether hurry up , he might b in serious trouble ! if someone told me i cud go with him from the start ..

*leaves a note 2 taicho Sai , saing that i will go 2 on this mission *

*Vc Ed leaves the Soul society in search of Ichi *

.......................................................moments later ...................................

Ed find a coffee field , Ed search the area but nothing is unusual , in some sec. he ses's a trail , Ed walk near it and feels ichi's spiritual preasure near the area . Ed looks up and replys wile looking at the sky . '' ichi u bether b ok or else taicho iva will kill me ... ''
Ed folows the trail and see's an old house , he desides 2 go take a look .....
Posted 7/30/09 , edited 7/31/09
i dont thing noones is here !
>_> i dont feel any spiritual preasure or nothing that can tell me he is here ! i bether check from a taler plase !
if only he could make a sound or something that tells me were he is , it might be easier for me 2 help him ..

* Vc Ed apperars in the same area but in the sky , hes looking in every direction that he can *

whit a rorry voice he say , Ichi were are u !
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26 / M / In fields searchi...
Posted 7/31/09 , edited 7/31/09
Few hours past and still ichi lock up, wonder what to do to escape and now we join in.

'' Darn i wonder why i be help cop up here -.- i wonder do any1 missed me tho*slaps himself8 what im saying of course they do''.

Guard: Time to eat runt. *slips in a bread and water*

o.O thanks all they goin me to eat D:. Tsk no need for that <.<.

Ichi just realized he can perforom Kido

DUH! w/o the guard noticing his fake death.

Guard: O.O hey kid you alright, *shake him* hey wake up

-.- O.O *ichi perform Hakufuku*

''tsk that was easy now how im going to get out off here''

*Laids his palm in the air on calls out Isamu* '''rise Isamu Ice!!''
*his zp comes to his hand and thinking what to do not to be capture''

*look up and speaking to himself* If any soul reaper can hear me out there please i think i dont have much time left to before the inner side is realese thru me''.

to Be continted:
Posted 8/1/09 , edited 8/2/09
wile searching the area Vc Ed feels a small but noteseble spiritual preasere near were he was , he desides 2 use his shikai abillities 2 cover more area !

Ed realize his Zp ( kill and destroy sermizu ) ,
3 Ed's are now in a same plase , Ed # 1 gives the order 2 the other 2 to search the area and report back in this same spot .

Ed # 1 : i feel im near this spiritual preasure but i dont see were it is coming from ! i hope is ichi ! please be him !

Ed # 2 : ichi were in the world r u at ...........

Ed # 3 : >_> im near ! i can feel it !

in a minute all Ed's were in the same spot that before !
Ed # 1 : i thing Ichi is in that house , i know he is !
Ed # 3 ; yea but what if its a trap ? or its not him ? dont u think about that ?

Ed # 1 and # 2 dit not know what 2 do , in a second Ed # 3 say out lought ! what the hell is happening in here ? we r VC's we must know what 2 do at times like this ! The others figure out a plan in seconds , then deside 2 take a look in that misterious and what it seams 2 be a solitary house .

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26 / M / In fields searchi...
Posted 8/3/09 , edited 8/3/09
while ichi in shadows hiding, he decide to capture one of the gurads to pose as him.

'' Alright i think im close to the exit so what now''?

Gurad: Alright fine i going to check on the prison but you still owe to love lovely your sexy lady sis >:)

while ichi planning, he swoop in capture the gurad for behind that no1 is looking.

Hey what the f.... *ichi punch him the gut*

now then im going to ask you why ya'll capture me then? The gurad didnt respone to his question.

-.- *Ichi slice the man arm off completly*

Gurad: AAAAH!!! ur Batch.


Gurad: ok ok ok I tell you * crying like baby and wet his pants* the reason is * They talk over and over about there plans* '' I see now so thats why you guys wanted soul reapers so badly then.''

*ichi draws his zp*

Gurad: hey what you doing with ur zp *nervous looking*

''Oh you dont wanted to know what im going to do with you. nor ur captain here.'' *ichi gain his mask ontop his head and place it on his face*

Gurad: O.O no please dont i begging you D: 'To late for that''
*Ichi behead the Gurad and contacts the soul society*

''Attention soul soceity this Ichi-sama 7th divison Vc is any1 there''
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Posted 8/4/09 , edited 8/4/09
Toyoki Ryusei was watching all of this from a rooftop. He was completely undetected by the Vice- Captain below. The expression on the Captain's face was cold. His eyes narrowed as the shinigami beheaded the helpless guard...

Rukongai was known for delinquents and the like. However, he didn't really like the idea of a shinigami with immense reiatsu to take advantage of his more powerful abilities against those who have none. Toyoki SHOULD interefere, however it was because years of service in the Secret Mobile Corps that expanded his curiosity to know more. Thus, he held back so that he can observe more before engaging...
Posted 8/5/09 , edited 8/5/09
the 3 Ed's finally entre that solitary house , then a supise for Ed # 1 was near him , a subject with a hollow mask and the other on the floor , as fast as the otheres could the other 2 Ed's came near Ed # 1 .

Ed # 1 : who r u !
no asewer from the subject with the hollow mask .

the other Ed's r just stending there looking at the subject with the mask and calculating his next move , both of the Ed's with there rigth hand on the handle of there ZP .

Ed # 1 replys 2 the subject with the mask the same question , then he realise that that subject had similar things , that Ichi had !

Ed # 1 looks at the subject carefuly , then replys the name of Ichi . !
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26 / M / In fields searchi...
Posted 8/6/09 , edited 8/6/09

With then spritual pressure is feeling its closer Ichi remove the mask away,

'' I wonder this if this Blue spritual pressure''

Ichi wondering who it was and getting closer and closer every second.

''It must been Blue then, I'll bet the Taichou iva sent Blue to rescue me then'' Ichi just sit down and thinking. "Well if that a case then i have to see Blu.....

*Gun fire at Ichi side*

''Owwww!!'' >_< Ichi turned around and see more enemines have come

O.o dang, more these guys -.- thinking to use his mask again but again he think he save it for later. Ichi fought the enemines head on

Few hours later Ichi was badly wounded and still fighting headed on

Damn i think im not going to make to the coffee fields on time.

*drops on the ground slowly and speaking* Mai... Kiki... Fatal..... Iva im srry guys i failed u all... *ichi close his eyes and thinking what his old master said to him before he came a soul repear.

"' Embrace your dreams! If you wanna be a hero you'll have to embrace your dreams''

Ichi awakes,barely standing and speaking to the Heavens

Posted 8/7/09 , edited 8/8/09

OOC- im now confuse ! in my Rp, i see u with ur mask ! ?_? , but u chage the Rp compleatly ! ?_?
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26 / M / In fields searchi...
Posted 8/8/09 , edited 8/8/09

OOC: like i tho u cant tell which spritual pressure is mines?
Posted 8/10/09 , edited 8/10/09

OOC -lol yes but u know mine so y did u not take the mask out and escape with all the Ed's lol ?
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26 / M / In fields searchi...
Posted 8/11/09 , edited 8/11/09

OOC- i have gud feeling that some1 is watching us <.< >.> and plus i dont feel like using it. Oh btw let contine he show up and say something to us o.o
Posted 8/11/09 , edited 8/11/09

OOC - lol any how i will figure out sumthing , lol * puts brain 2 work * lol
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