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Chapter 3: Decision

"You let her do what?!" Jhemanithsai fumed. She stared at Evana with a serious glare. "Please lady Jhem, control your temper and let me explain my actions." Evana pleaded. Jhemanithsai still fuming sat down and said, "Alright let's hear it." Evana took a moment to collect her thoughts. "You see my lady, I thought that if Malicona witnessed the damage the king has inflicted upon Lethmenith, that it might knock some sence into her." Evana explained. Jhemanithsai took a deep breath and calmed herself. "Where did you say she could fly?" She sighed. Evana shuffled her hooves around swishing her tail and running a hand through her hair. "I, in all honesty lady Jhem, she took of before I could set a boundry. But I did tell her to stick to the trees." Evana admitted. Jhemanithsai groaned and placed a paw over her head. "Evana, next time Malicona want's something... don't give it to her." She muttered from under her paw. "A-as you wish lady Jhem." Evana said.

Evana slowly backed away and made for another chamber. "Got on Jhem's bad side again Evana?" Stelliana asked sympathetically. "I might have." Evana admitted. Stelliana smiled and glided to her side. Her smooth sapphire hair glistened in the dim light. Stelliana was Evana's older sister and Jhemanithsai's best friend. She always had a kind word to give. As with all centaurs, she was half human and half horse. Her horse half was solid black with a silky white tail. Her eyes were as bright as amber and her smile was kind and comforting. While Evana's horse half was pure white as well as her tail. Evana's hair was golden, and her eyes were bright purple. Evana's heart was always in the right place, but her problum was trying to make everybody happy.

"So what did you do this time?" Stelliana asked her eye's bright and filled with curiosity. Evana stroked her her hair again. "I gave Malicona permission to explore..." She said. Stelliana's answering laugh was soft and light as a feather. "Evana, Malicona is like a daughter to Jhem. She's stressed enough as is." Stelliana said. "I know... But I didn't like to see Malicona so down." Evana said. Stelliana gave another smile. "I know Evana. But you can't make everybody happy." She said. Stelliana hugged her little sister. "Just don't try to hard alright?" Stelliana insisted. Evana smiled softly. "I'll try." She said. "Would you mind giving me a hand? I have to clean all this armor." Stelliana asked. "Of course." Evana said.

Later that day...

Jhemanithsai paced outside the cave head down and thinking. "Where is she?!" Jhem thought to herself. almost a full day had past and Malicona had not returned. Her pacing quickened and her heart raced. "What's happened to her? Is she hurt? Has she been captured?!" She thought aloud this time. She was taken by sudden surprise when she felt someone beside her. "Don't go getting you tail in a knot." Nankil said as he approached. His eye's were soothing golden brown color. And his tone was joking. "Hello Nankil." Jhem sighed. "What's wrong Jhem?" Nankil asked. Jhem looked up at him and her emerald eyes were filled with worry. "Malicona isn't back!" She moaned. Nankil smiled and walked closer to her nuzzling her head. "Don't worry Jhem she's fine." Nankil assure her. "How do you know?" Jhemanithsai asked. "Because she's here." Nankil said. Jhemanithsai went wide eyed. She turned around and sure enough, Malicona had just landed. "But who's that guy?" Nankil asked looking at Saskotaro. Suddenly Jhem's expression went from joy to being serious.

"I"m back!" Malicona said as she galloped over to Jhemanithsai. "Where in the world did you go?!" Jhemanithsai snapped. Malicona took a step back. "I was just having a stretch, jeez calm down." Malicona said. Then Jhem turned her attention on Saskotaro. "And who is this?" She asked. Malicona blinked. She had forgotten all about Saskotaro. "Oh, right! Jhem this is Saskotaro. He said he would like to join us." Malicona explained happily. Saskotaro stepped forward and bowed his head down. "Nice to meet you." He said. Jhem said nothing. Malicona looked between them. "Is this true?" Jhemanithsai asked. Saskotaro lifted his head back up and nodded. "I would like to join you. My Clan was wiped out by Ariseth when I was only a year of age. I have no where to go." Saskotaro's words were truthful. "No." Jhemanithsai said. "Why not?!" Malicona demanded. "He's not telling the whole story." Jhem said. "You haven't even gotten to know him yet!" Malicona snapped. "I decide who stay's and who goes not you Malicona." Jhem said. Malicona stomped her hoof to the ground, "Get to know him then you can decide weather or not to kick him out!" Malicona suggested. Saskotaro stood there motionless. Jhemanithsai looked between Saskotaro and Malicona then sighed. "Fine prove your worth and maybe you can stay." Then she left for the cave. Saskotaro and Malicona followed. Then Jhem turned around and said, "You stay out here! Malicona come inside." Malicona watched Jhem fade into the darkness of the cave then watch Saskotaro as he flopped down on the edge of the cliff.

She decided to go talk with him before leaving. She approached slowly. "Hi." She said. Saskotaro lifted his head up and looked at her. "What do you want?" He asked. "Nothing." Malicona said. "Then why don't you leave me alone." He suggested. "Oh thats a nice way to treat someone who just helped you." Malicona muttered. "Ya it is." Saskotaro said. "Well excuse me for feeling sorry for you!!!" Malicona snapped. Saskotaro stared at her. "You what?" "Nothing!" Malicona said. She turned around and headed for the cave. "Goodnight!" She said quickly. Once she was at the entrance she stared back. It looked like he was asleep. She then started waking her head on the side of the cave chanting, "Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!!" Saskotaro opened one eye and chuckled. Malicona heard it and blushed bright red. She ran inside and went to sleep. "oww..." She muttered at the head ache she had created. Saskotaro laughed once more before going to sleep himself...
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