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Chapter 1: A stranger in the night...

Sonic eyed the trinket Chip had left him. The green orb shone brightly in the welcoming daylight. All the same, he couldn't help but wonder what it was. He'd only seen it around Chips neck, and that to him, didn't mean much.

The only thing that Sonic knew for sure, was the fact Chip hadn't been the 'scardy cat' he was seen as. In actual fact his title was 'Light Gaia'. Sonic had never imagined that his dog-like friend held such power. Not to mention that 'Chip' had sealed himself away, as well as Dark Gaia.

Sonic could remember the battle easily, but his thoughts were interrupted when someone touched his shoulder.

"Sonic? are you alright? you seem... dazed."

He looked back to see Amy standing there, a worried expression on her face.

Sonic merely smiled, "Me? Heck no I'm fine. You'd be the same if you had to kick some purple lizards ass all the way to the core."

Part of this was true, he had just come back from what he hated to admit, the most tiring battle of his life. And he had just had the darkness literally ripped out of him.

He shuddered at the memory. God had that ever been painful as hell. He could barely mange his super form in that condition, even with the chaos emerald strength. He was lucky Chip had caught him before he hit the lava, or else he wouldn't be standing here at this, 'welcome back party.' Obviously, Amy's doing.

Amy smiled at him, then she walked off to get him a drink, even though he hadn't asked for it. Sonic sighed, and slipped the trinket back on his glove.

Later, at about 6:00pm, Sonic walked outside. The party was still taking place but he didn't really care. He just wanted to sit outside by himself, and to do this he jumped up on the roof, silent as possible. Lying on his back, he watched the sky slowly turn from blue, to purple, and then finally to pitch black. Stars twinkled brightly and the moon appeared from behind the clouds.

It was night time when Sonic felt empty. He had spent the last few weeks collecting the chaos emeralds, and turning 'wolf' by night. Although, he didn't exactly miss it, he had just grown used to it. Sure he scared the crap out of almost everyone, but in the end... it was still him. Eying the moon, he questioned why he had been turned into a 'werehog' and not a Nightmare. It would have made more sence to turn into those ugly snake spawn, then a were-beast. And yet, he didn't.

The wind moved silently through the trees as he thought. At least he thought it was the wind. But as he snapped back into reality, he realized... there was no wind. He sat up, and stared into the dark. Spagonia, didn't have much in the way of wild life, and the park wasn't all that big around the university.

If this was a couple weeks back, he would have assumed it to be Chip, or a Dark Gaia spawn. But with both Gaia's at rest and no wind... What could it possibly be? In the darkness, the outline of an animal stood. Watching Sonic silently. Sonic didn't know what it was, it was to dark to tell, and the figure was nowhere near the lamps. The only thing he could make out, were a pair of bright purple eyes... as they stared back at him.

Sonic eyed the being and examined the black shadow of it's figure. He didn't get far, except that they stood on four legs. The animal looked back him in the same curious manner. Seeming to look up and down at his features, as if trying to remember each thing about him, and save the info for later. Then the creature darted off into the forest, silent as a ghost.

The only thing Sonic heard was a howl, that sounded like music... And then the silence fell once more... With only the trees left to whisper...
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